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Teryx is Owen Edmundson's Archeops, and the fifth (later technically 14th, though he isn't officially counted as such) Pokemon he caught on his initial journey, as well as the fourth he revived from a fossil.

As of November 7th, 2022, he has been released and exiled from the team. He rejoined, out-of-universe, on February 7th, 2023.


In his mon form, Teryx resembles a regular Archeops.

In his human form (prospective name Dawson Douglas; seen below), Teryx appears as an approximately 13-14 year old boy, the third youngest-appearing member of the team behind Stipax and Saura. He has red hair and wears a green bandana on his head, along with a yellow scarf, undershirt, and either a yellow or a yellow-and-blue jacket. He also wears a pair of yellow sweatpants and red shoes, along with bright green socks. In his gijinka'd form, he is also seen with his familiar yellow-and-blue Archeops wings, even if he can't use them to fly.

Personality and characteristics

Every member of the Jura6 team is accepting of the concept of death and wants to live their new lives to the fullest as much as possible, and while Teryx is aware of the futility of life... he's not necessarily willing to accept his incoming second death. At least, not yet. On the surface, he is the exact opposite of characters such as Saura, Nautilu, and especially Chasmo, being a frantic, pessimistic defeatist (pun intended) terrified of just about everything under the sun that he thinks could kill him or his friends. In that regard, he is very much akin to Freddie in terms of personality-- but while Freddie was terrified of everything (including the thought of being caught by his Trainer initially) due to him being naturally timid and an ectrodactylc, Teryx's fears are much more specific and for a much more personal reason. Due to him seeing his family die in front of him and his initial death later on, Teryx is terrified of most Electric-type Pokemon, with the exception of Stipax. Upon meeting Tricky for the first time at the Jubilife Expo, he immediately cowered, and didn't seem to register Tricky's words upon her telling him off, only registering Travis' response that he seemed to be the scariest Pokemon there. Later on, upon seeing Team Lightning for the first time, Teryx was the first one to go back into his PokeBall. Teryx also has a fear of any Pokemon that he perceives as dangerous, as well as most loud noises, as they either remind him of his own death or (at least, to him) an omen of one of his friends' imminent deaths. He especially fears Tyrantrum and Aerodactyl for reasons related directly to his death- said reasons ultimately led to him attacking Tyrie and Rhamphor in a fit of PTSD-induced fear towards them and rage towards his Trainer for bothering to put a Tyrunt and Aerodactyl in front of him without thinking of the consequences first (and also in an effort of supposed protection towards his friends). Regarding his childhood circumstances (see "Background" for more), Teryx specifically seems to have a major case of PTSD-- he goes into frantic panic attacks upon seeing an Electric-type that isn't Stipax, and seems to not want to talk about the circumstances of his initial death to anyone else on the team. Whenever someone does bring up any memories of his initial death, it will immediately trigger an immensely intense flashback that often succeeds in pulling Teryx away from the present, as was seen when the Jura5 found Teryx in the Hoennian Secret Base and Chasmo mentioned Tyrunt and Aerodactyl, immediately triggering Teryx's PTSD. He canonically has nightmares and flashbacks to his parents' deaths as well as his own, and while Stipax and Saura have tried to get him to sleep, it hasn't worked thus far, as Teryx is so terrified of what could happen to him or to any of his friends whenever he is alone in the dark. Additionally, he is terrified of any cruel experiments, as seen when the group went to the Devon Expo for the first time. Upon seeing the stage, Teryx's immediate first thought was that it was being used for an experiment of some kind. While not as bad as Scramble, Teryx is also a bit of a pessimist, often willing to see the worst outcome in a situation, and has a great deal of shame towards the events surrounding both his and his parents' deaths, believing both of them to have been directly his fault. Even now, as a member of the Jura6 with a full team, he still sees himself as a bit of a burden, and has a desire to avenge himself for his supposed mistakes in the past.

Despite his fears and his PTSD, however, Teryx's initial death also instilled in him an extremely cautious and protective nature towards the rest of the Jura6. He is willing to try to overcome his fears in order to save his friends, and is very much against the thought of seeing any of them die in the same horrific manner that his parents did. Even in the event of his release, it's seen that Teryx still cared very much about the Jura6, as was seen shortly after his release when Teryx cried in Stipax's chest after the latter helped him through both a flashback and a sudden panic attack. Even if he tries to be brave, though, Teryx still does not have that much faith in his battling capabilities. When Tricky told him that he had a ton of powerful moves, Teryx seemed to not even pay attention to that line, and instead cowered upon hearing Tricky say that he was probably among the scariest members of the team. Most of the time, he will run away whenever danger presents itself to him in order to avoid dying-- the exception is when that danger is directly affecting his friends. Even then, though, the most Teryx will do is a U-Turn and maybe a Pluck or Ancient Power depending on the opponent. However, if he's thrown into a particular amount of rage, he will lose himself completely, with all signs of his normally timid personality ceasing to exist as he attacks the opponent and faints them beyond all recognition. Thus far, this has been shown only once in WAAPT-- it's the moment wherein Teryx attacks Tyrie and Rhamphor, and- later, when he grabs Teryx from behind- his own Trainer. Said attack also proved that, when he gets riled up enough, he is wholly capable of being among the strongest battlers on the team, aside from Stipax, Chasmo, and Gwana. Beyond that, though, Teryx is not the biggest fan of battling. He can't fly, as his parents never got the chance to teach him how-- all he can do is run around. That being said, though, he was eager and willing to take flying lessons from Pyra, and upon getting airborne for the first time was genuinely excited about it. However, he soon returned to his generally pessimistic personality after he promptly fell to the ground afterwards. Despite his lack of flight skills, though, Teryx is able to run extremely fast-- the RP showed that he was able to get from Solaceon Cave to Oreburgh City in the span of 5 seconds and beat both Mark and Travis there in the process.

Barring the attack mentioned above, Teryx is very much the kind of Pokemon to not get himself involved in conflict, preferring instead to avoid it at all costs. Even if he does end up flying into a rage as he did with Tyrie and Rhamphor, these kinds of attacks are extremely rare. Chasmo and Stipax both noted upon seeing the attack that something had to be very wrong with Teryx in order for him to attack them as he did, and even Owen noted that he'd never seen Teryx act even close to anything like this before. His usual timidity towards battling is most likely as a result of his Defeatist ability lowering his stats, along with his generally pessimistic nature towards many things. When he's not panicking over things that he perceives as dangerous, though, Teryx is awkward, shy, and sensitive. He naturally desires safety and security more than anything else, and is (for the most part) extremely accepting of new friends joining the team. He is great friends in particular with Stipax, Nautilu, and Chasmo, as all three have served to comfort him at some point. Stipax in particular is a major source of comfort for Teryx, and he will often cling to Stipax whenever he feels scared of things. Chasmo and Nautilu, meanwhile, serve as level-headed voices of reason for him, and according to Goldenheart388, the latter guided Teryx through his "pottery wheel" evolution process. Teryx also has an immense amount of love towards his Trainer, Owen, and would do just about anything to help protect him, including putting in safety measures to ensure that nothing happens to his Trainer. He only snapped out of his fit of rage when he saw that he had attacked Owen specifically, and was immediately horrified and apologized profusely to his Trainer. After his release, he was so remorseful about accidentally attacking his Trainer that he flat-out referred to himself as a Vow Breaker for it. Notably, however, he didn't seem to care about Tyrie and Rhamphor, his first two attack victims, bringing up another major flaw of Teryx's that is a result of both his PTSD and his general timid and pessimistic nature. Namely, he has a very hard time recognizing when something is not a threat, and can get extremely angry if he believes that anything he perceives as a threat is hurting his friends in any regard. Tyrie and Rhamphor were merely talking to the rest of the Jura6, and in terms of personality are a naive, innocent and slightly cowardly leader-in-training and a happy-go-lucky big (vegetarian) eater with a great deal of love and appreciation for his friends, respectively. Ergo, they are far from threats, however Teryx's PTSD and his previous encounters with said species led him to believe that they were, and nothing would stop him from thinking as such. Even after his release, it's shown from his thoughts that Teryx doesn't understand why Owen got so angry at him for attacking Tyrie and Rhamphor, as Owen also doesn't know them yet, and that whatever he knew, they could still be threats. That being said, however, as time went on during the release, he has gotten better in this regard, which was seen after Teryx talked to an Aerodactyl in the Veilstone City Pokemon Center. After realizing that said Aerodactyl actively sympathized with his plight, Teryx began to realize that he hadn't gotten the chance to know Rhamphor enough even if his PTSD told him that he was a threat, and subsequently regretted his attacks on him and Tyrie-- something he actively told Owen about when the two of them finally reunited one day after the release.

Aside from his timidity and shy personality, Teryx is also extremely cautious, always looking for some way to prevent any bad scenario before it even happens. Additionally, while far from the most intelligent member of the Jura6 (that honor goes to Nautilu), he is among the most intelligent members of the team, though he doesn't really show it all that much aside from brief uses of slightly long words. That being said, however, he is smart enough to know what a Vow Breaker is, as he declared himself one in the aftermath of his release, and also advised Cephalo against jumping off of any cliffs upon finding out he died in a cliff-jumping stunt (Cephalo, of course, paid no mind to this). He also adores comfy and soft plush toys, as they give him comfort, and Saura has routinely shared her teddy bear with him at night. Teryx is also a bit of an introvert, and prefers to spend time in his PokeBall and over Hasslemon if he can in order to avoid danger. He enjoys watching Marvel and Harry Potter movies in his spare time, as they have people in it that Teryx is able to relate to and look up to, and also enjoys watching game shows, both in his spare time and with the other members of the Jura6. According to Goldenheart388, prior to his release, he was an avid fan of British game shows in particular, and enjoyed watching Only Connect, Gamecube, and especially The Wheel, the last of which essentially served as his favorite game show of all time. Like Ananpi and Only Connect, Teryx was so good at The Wheel that he often would beat contestants on the show and was known to get crazy streaks of right answers, something that he was praised for by his fellow mons (much to his slight embarrassment). In the wake of his temporary release, this love of The Wheel remained-- upon seeing Teryx out on the streets, the remaining members of the Jura6 felt bad for him, and proceeded to take him to the Veilstone City Pokemon Center, where they watched the show together. This was something that Teryx greatly enjoyed, and he ended up participating a lot in the Wheel watch party. Later on, during Christmas, he was ecstatic upon getting the news, from Stipax, that The Wheel was coming to Unova (an in-universe equivalent of NBC broadcasting the US version of The Wheel for the first time). Teryx has not been used at all in battle thus far in WAAPT, but as already mentioned, he doesn't really do well in the heat of battle, most often tending to use U-Turn before any other move. He does, however, have a tendency to rely on his impressive speed stats to avoid any attacks that could hit him and cause him to drop below half health, thus activating his Ability.

His favorite musical artist, according to Goldenheart388, is Five for Fighting, and his favorite Gamecube game is Haunted House Party.


Prior to his revival and capture by Owen, Teryx was only slightly more optimistic than what he would end up becoming later on. He was born on September 11th, a date which, millions of years later, he would come to fear and disassociate himself with for obvious reasons. From the very beginning, he had very little faith in his battling abilities, in no large part due to his Defeatist ability. He also was incapable of flight, a trait which he retained past his revival and even post-evolution. His Archeops parents had faith in him and wanted him to be a strong battler, but understood that his Ability naturally made it hard for him. As a result of this, poor Teryx grew up feeling like a burden and a letdown to his own parents, yet he loved them a lot and genuinely wanted to be a strong battler for their sake.

However, merely a month after he was born, he witnessed something extremely traumatic. He and his parents were out practicing Teryx's skills in battle, and were going to teach Teryx how to fly for real, when a massive Tyrantrum suddenly appeared. Frantically, his parents tried to fly away, and motioned for Teryx to do the same, but unfortunately Teryx couldn't, so his parents never got as far as they could have. While Teryx did his best to battle the Tyrantrum off, his moves were too weak, and eventually, right in front of his very eyes, the Tyrantrum ate his parents alive, killing them right in front of him. Horrified and thinking he was to blame, the Archen did the only thing he could at the time-- ran from the Tyrantrum as far as he could and took shelter in a nearby cave. This incident ultimately served as the first impetus for Teryx's fears, sparking his fear of dangerous Pokemon and serving as the catalyst for his later desires to protect his friends from anything that might kill them. The second impetus came just a few days later. By that time, Teryx had taken shelter in a nearby cave, refusing to come out of it for fear of danger from the outside world. Unfortunately for him, though, there were dangers in the cave as well, in the forms of two Aerodactyl that were sleeping there. Upon them waking up and seeing him, they taunted him about the fact that he couldn't fly. While Teryx ran away and tried his best to defend himself, the two Aerodactyl kept teasing him and calling him a weakling, before taking him back into the cave, holding him in their jaws, and proceeding to use Thunderbolt after Thunderbolt until he had been electrocuted. After they had killed him, they left Teryx there. His initial death, on October 13th, gave Teryx the shortest initial lifespan of the Jura6 fossilmons.

Millions of years later, long after said cave had collapsed into the underground, Teryx's Plume Fossil was found and uncovered by Owen Edmundson, along with the fossils of three other mons. All four were revived on the same day- September 30th. Much like Saura later on, the first thing that Teryx wanted to do upon his revival was make up for the mistakes that resulted in both his death and the deaths of his parents. As such, he became very clingy towards the rest of the Jura6, not wanting any of them to die, and did his absolute best to try and fight for them. Unfortunately, the PTSD from his childhood combined with his Ability made him absolutely terrified of a lot more things than he had been in his previous life. He now had a crippling fear of Aerodactyl, Tyrantrum, and Electric-types, and Stipax was the only Electric-type Pokemon he could stand to be around due to the fact that he was a cuddly cute Galvantula. Any loud noises, experimentation, battling, dangerous Pokemon, and other Electric types brought him into a panic attack, and made him desire safety and security more than anything else. As such, he gained a massive love of plush toys and cuddly things. It also caused him to have even less faith in his battling abilities, since due to his parents' early death he was never taught how to fly. Everyone, including and especially Owen and Stipax, wanted to protect him and see him become braver, which ultimately led to Teryx's capture.

He wasn't used much during the Kanto League, obviously, but whenever he was used, he fought as hard as he could. His most used move by far was U-Turn, since it allowed him to run away from any battle. He was used during the battles against Erika, Sabrina and Bruno, and evolved himself during the Sabrina battle via the pottery wheel molding process.


In a similar regard to Stipax, Teryx made his debut on Hasslemon, where he nervously greeted everyone there before expressing concern about where Saura was. Unaware that she was still asleep, he assumed that she was somehow going to get hurt in Jubilife, and expressed concern that he was going to die there. Chasmo promptly told him that Saura was sleeping, which relieved him a bit, but Teryx still was concerned that he was going to die again. Stipax, in return, promptly reassured him that there was nothing to worry about, and that there was no way that he was going to die; Teryx promptly admitted that it may have been a bit too conclusive of him to automatically assume that going to a new area equalled death being just around the corner. After the intial Hasslemon conversation, Teryx wasn't seen again until after Owen and Stipax decided to go to the Techspo; it was there that he made his first onscreen appearance in WAAPT. He was brought out for the sake of being introduced to Mark and Travis' mons and, later, Minerva's mons, and immediately expressed fear towards Chopper due to Chopper being a Fighting-type Pokemon (Fighting beats Rock, after all) and, to an extent, towards Tricky due to her Electric typing (this would be touched on more later). He then expressed that same fear towards Fiore, Minerva's Beedrill, and begged for said Beedrill to not touch him. After being comforted by Stipax, Fiore, Nautilu, and Chasmo, Teryx hitched a ride on Chasmo's back (along with everyone else) to the Devon Corps section of the Techspo. Upon getting there, he was instantly startled by Chopper sitting on a chair and breaking it by accident (thinking he had split it in half), before noticing the stage in front of him and immediately (albiet correctly) assuming it was being used for some kind of cruel experiment. Later on, upon seeing Pips get manipulated on stage by Team Lightning's fake headband, Teryx immediately made the assumption that Pips had been possessed and that there were ghosts in the room, then got freaked out even further by the lights going out and Fiore using Flash, believing that there was an intruder and panicking and choking when Team Lightning announced their presence. In response to this, Travis tried to comfort him, but ended up accidentally hurting Teryx by telling him that he was the scariest Pokemon there, while Tricky told him to quit being such a baby and immediately assumed that he could fly (which was untrue). Saddened at the thought of being the scariest mon in the room, and not even seeming to register Tricky's words (in part out of fear of Electric-types), Teryx proceeded to return himself to his PokeBall, and wasn't seen again for the rest of the fight.

After the intial fight ended, Teryx returned for a little bit after Stipax sent him out, but he was naturally extremely panicked at the thought of a team known as "Team Lightning" and begged for there to be no more Electric-types. Nautilu tried to comfort him, but Teryx frantically responded that there was no way he could breathe when a team called "Team Lightning" was out there. Sure enough, at the next mention of said team's name, Teryx immediately returned back to his PokeBall. While Owen was initially confused, he ended up shrugging it off, which ended up serving as foreshadowing for his later conflict with Teryx down the line and his ability to simply brush off any signs of his mon's clear PTSD. For the rest of the Team Lightning boss fight-- and indeed, for the rest of the Techspo-- Teryx was not seen at all, and didn't appear again, either on screen or in Hasslemon, until after Owen had caught Steggy. Once Steggy was caught and joined the team, Teryx was seen again on Hasslemon, nervously greeting Steggy and welcoming him aboard the team as a new friend before questioning the reasoning behind why Steggy would put links in his typing quirk. Upon Owen reaching Oreburgh City, and keeping in tune with Teryx's penchant for not getting involved with battles of any kind, Teryx wasn't used at all during the battle against Roark, and while he wasn't seen congratulating Steggy on his evolution on screen, it is very heavily implied that he did so. Teryx, for his part, wasn't seen on screen in WAAPT again until after Owen revived Eurypedis, Anomalo, and Cephalo. Initially, Teryx expressed concern for Anomalo in particular upon seeing him cry, and then greeted Anomalo and the rest of the three new mons nervously, expressing sympathy with Anomalo in particular due to the fact that they both disliked battling. After the group decided to go to Hasslemon to get Anomalo's typing quirk and handle set up, Teryx told Anomalo his handle (diffidentDefeatist) as an example and then expressed concern that Anomalo's typing quirk would be too similar to his own. Once Anomalo got his typing quirk, however, Teryx approved of it, saying that it had enough of Anomalo's personality in it to make it distinct. From there, everyone promptly shared their backstories; Teryx, who was too terrified to share his, offered Chasmo the chance to be the first one to tell his to the three new mons. After the rest of the Jura6 sans Stipax told their respective backstories, it was Teryx's turn; however, Teryx remained too horrified to tell it, stating that it would likely give him nightmares (likely PTSD-induced ones). Fortunately for Teryx, however, the rest of the team told him it was alright if he wasn't ready yet, and Stipax in particular told him that he could be free to tell them his story whenever he felt ready. A grateful Teryx thanked them all.

Soon afterwards, the three new mons shared their backstories to the Jura6 and Steggy, including Teryx. Teryx was extremely horrified upon hearing Eurypedis' story, and expressed the most concern for Cephalo after he told his story to the group, telling him that as a friend he highly advised against Cephalo doing any dangerous activities. He then conceded that Steggy's suggestion of skateboarding was a bit safer... so long as Cephalo wore a helmet. Finally, upon hearing Anomalo's story, he was so traumatized upon hearing that Anomalo had been attacked by a group of Tyrantrum that he left the chat, presumably due to the fact that he was having PTSD-induced nightmares and visions of his parents dying in a similar Tyrantrum attack. Everybody was confused as to why Teryx had left, but didn't think much of it. Eventually, Teryx returned and apologized to everyone, stating that he was "startled by the circumstances surrounding anomalo's tragic demise" and refused to elaborate further. However, he did promise Anomalo and the other two new fossilmons that he would help them adjust to the modern world. Soon afterwards, Owen considered using Teryx in his battle against Gardenia, but quickly decided against it upon seeing Teryx shaking like a leaf. He instead decided to use Crina and Eurypedis as the final two mons for his Gym team. From there, Teryx was not seen at all in the battle against Gardenia, nor was he seen in the immediate aftermath greeting Mark and Travis. Teryx wasn't seen again until after Gwana was captured, during which, upon seeing her handle (acerbicAvenger (AA)), he became extremely nervous and apprehensive to speak to her, and desperately hoped that she wasn't on the team to hurt anybody. He then introduced himself to her, before once again ducking out, albiet expressing unseen confusion upon hearing that Gwana was heading off to brood. Teryx proceeded to not be seen at all during the battle against Maylene, only being seen in the immediate aftermath when Saura told everyone about her evolution, in which he expressed curiosity regarding what had happened to her.

However, that lack of screentime was soon made up for, as the arc afterwards proceeded to give Teryx the most amount of screentime he'd recieved thus far in the entire RP up to that point. His first big appearance screentime-wise occurred shortly after Pyra, Mark's Charizard, was released from her PokeBall for the very first time. Owen decided to send out Teryx to give him some training, and upon seeing Pyra for the first time, Teryx initially mistook her for an Aerodactyl, something that nobody picked up on. He was relieved, however, upon seeing that she was instead a Charizard, and soon questioned why Pyra was planning to fly them to Oreburgh. Stipax then told him that Owen had gotten some new friends; Teryx seemed intially somewhat excited to meet them, unaware at the time as to what their species were. He then expressed concern that he couldn't fly, prompting Stipax to suggest to Pyra that she teach him how to do so. Pyra agreed, and an eager Teryx watched as Pyra taught him how to fly for a few moments above ground. Teryx copied Pyra's movements, and for a few moments actually managed to achieve flight, causing him a rare moment of unbridled happiness... that quickly left him as he soon found himself falling to the ground upon being left dizzy after attempting to copy Pyra's loop. He soon settled for being running transport, and managed to get Owen and Stipax to Oreburgh City in the span of an impressive 5 minutes, beating both Mark and Travis there. Teryx was then returned to his PokeBall, and Owen proceeded to revive the mons that would ultimately be caught and named Archie, Tyrie, and Rhamphor-- unbeknownst to Owen, those last two mons were the species of mons that Teryx feared the most. Those three mons were promptly introduced to the secondary mons-- and then the Jura6 came out. Initially, Teryx was far off in the back and thus couldn't see the three new mons. He initially expressed active curiosity in wanting to see them, and Chasmo let him come closer-- only for Teryx to soon notice the presence of a Tyrunt and an Aerodactyl in front of him. Immediately, he started to have PTSD-induced flashbacks to his parents' death-- and his own death-- in front of the new mons and the entire Jura6, which was quickly followed by a massive panic attack that only Chasmo and Stipax picked up on. Right as Stipax was about to tell Owen about the panic attack Teryx was going through, though, Teryx's fear suddenly turned into rage, as he promptly assumed that the Tyrunt and Aerodactyl that were in front of him were the same ones that killed his parents and him millions of years ago. Still remembering the event vividly, and wanting to protect his friends and Trainer from mons that he percieved as threats, Teryx promptly burst into a massive fit of rage and went on the attack.

The event shocked everyone present-- Mark, Travis, the Jura6, the new mons-- but especially stunned Owen, who had never seen Teryx act anything like this before, and Stipax, who instantly knew something was wrong and who tried in vain to calm Teryx down. Teryx, meanwhile, flew at Tyrie and Rhamphor in a fit of rage, accusing them of being out to hurt his friends and Trainer eventually. Tyrie and Rhamphor tried to protest that they didn't know what Teryx was talking about and that they had done nothing wrong, but Teryx refused to listen, saying he'd fallen for that trick before and wouldn't do so again. This was then followed by him attacking and fainting both Tyrie and Rhamphor with a Stone Edge. Owen, horrified, walked up to Teryx and tried to grab him from behind in order to have his mon get his head on straight, but Teryx-- still in the midst of his PTSD-induced rage-- instead promptly turned around and accidentally shot out a Dragon Breath directly at his Trainer, causing Owen to get knocked backwards. It was this event that finally caused Teryx to snap out of his rage state, immediately running over to his Trainer in horror and desperately apologizing to him, saying that he didn't mean to attack Owen. However, Owen was now refusing to hear it, not seeming to recognize Teryx's side of the issue and believing that Teryx had attacked him with full intent. Owen immediately got furious at Teryx, demanding that he apologize to Tyrie and Rhamphor; all the while, Teryx argued that Owen shouldn't have just thrown a Tyrunt and an Aerodactyl in front of him and just expect him to get along with them given his awful past and his PTSD. Owen, however, just heard nothing but random Archeops cries due to not speaking a single word of Archean Monese, and instead continued to berate Teryx and demand he apologize. However, much to Owen's-- and the team's shock-- Teryx refused to do so, stating that Owen didn't know him as well as he thought he did and pointing out that Owen did grab him from behind in the midst of Teryx having a PTSD-induced panic attack. All the while, he remained completely adamant in his belief that Tyrie and Rhamphor were threats. Stipax, Chasmo, and the rest of the Jura6 were so shocked and confused by the event, they didn't even bother asking any questions about what happened. To Owen, however, it just looked as though Teryx was refusing to cooperate for the sake of it, and that truly set Owen off. Before Teryx's own eyes, Owen proceeded to take out Teryx's PokeBall and smash it to bits in front of him, much to Teryx's shock and horror, before coldly telling him to leave the team, explaining he was releasing him as a punishment for both the attack and his insubordination towards his Trainer.

This event shocked everyone, particularly Teryx himself, who pleaded with his Trainer to let him stay and told Owen that he was only trying to protect him, even if he ended up being misguided in doing so. However, Owen refused to give in or give Teryx any safety or leeway, telling him to leave into the night and that he was no longer welcome as a member of his team. He explained that if Teryx continued to attack his friends and Trainer, he'd end up being the dangerous one eventually. Seeming to recognize that his Trainer wasn't going to give in no matter how hard he tried, and also realizing just how awful he'd been for attacking his own Trainer (though still believing firmly that Tyrie and Rhamphor were threats), Teryx finally gave in, sadly accepted his punishment, and willingly left the Jura6 in disgrace, but not before waving goodbye to his former teammates. Unbeknownst to Teryx, however, the Jura6 were on their way to find him-- and find out the truth about what happened. That night, in the cold of the streets and with nothing to do, Teryx, now a wild Pokemon on his own in Sinnoh, dug a hole in the ground and then proceeded to use his hole as a makeshift bed for the night. Now fully considering himself a VowBreaker for his actions, he cried out into the night and began shivering with sobs as his character theme, "Superman (It's Not Easy)" by Five for Fighting, played in the background. A few hours of desperately trying to go to sleep later, he decided he needed more comfort, and proceeded to dig a hole in the ground all the way to Veilstone City, where he was found by Kris, who promptly took him to his Secret Base for the night. An immensely grateful Teryx told Kris why he had been released, but begged Kris to kill him in the morning; Kris, naturally, refused. Teryx was offered a spot on the couch in Kris' Secret Base, and while he accepted, he told Kris (and Pat, who was within earshot), to not get alarmed if he had nightmares and screamed and cried throughout the night. That night, that is exactly what ended up happening, as Teryx had a horrifying nightmare in which the Tyrantrum and Aerodactyl from his childhood returned and brutally killed the rest of the Jura6; the nightmare was so disturbing that Teryx, in a massive panic, ran out of the secret base and screamed in complete agony. He was unable to sleep for the rest of the night.

The next morning, as Teryx was getting up and saying hi to Pat, the Jura5 arrived, desperate to ask him questions about what happened regarding the attack on Tyrie and Rhamphor. Teryx, naturally, was intially delighted to see them, but that delight turned to terror as he naturally believed that the Jura5 were planning to kill him for his Vow Breaking and was confused when the Jura5 insisted that they were just there to pick Teryx up and ask questions. After Nautilu informed a suspicious Pat about their intentions, the Jura5 pulled Teryx out of the Secret Base. Teryx waved goodbye to Pat, before turning his attention to the Jura5, begging them to kill him. This move shocked the entire Jura5, particularly Stipax, who all recognized it as wildly out of character for someone who normally fears death so much he preemptively made preventative traps to avoid the apocalypse. After the Jura5 assured him that they were not there to kill Teryx, he admitted to them that he didn't know if he could fully trust himself anymore and was getting worried about hurting the people he loved. He then mentioned Tyrie and Rhamphor as exceptions, causing Chasmo to ask what he thought was wrong with Tyrunt and Aerodactyl. This instantly triggered Teryx's PTSD, causing him to have an intense flashback that concerned everyone. With help from Nautilu, whose theories about Teryx having PTSD were confirmed by this, Stipax calmed Teryx down, taking him through a sensory-based grounding exercise. Once Teryx had returned to the present, he expressed confusion over Crina having brought out a beef cookie, before the sudden thought of what could happen in the present caused him to have a brief panic attack. Stipax calmed him down from it, and a touched Teryx thanked him. As the rest of the Jura6 crowded around him for a hug, Teryx, having finally realized just how much he needed the rest of the team in his lives, finally got the courage to tell the rest of the Jura6 his backstory.

The Jura5 were absolutely horrified upon hearing Teryx's story, immediately realizing how much sense Teryx's attack-- as well as all his past behavior-- made. Nautilu, meanwhile, promptly recognized this as the traumatic event that ended up triggering Teryx's PTSD, and subsequently taught the rest of the Jura6, as well as Teryx himself, about it while urging Teryx to go and get help and see a professional. Saura, however, realized that the first thing they had to do was get Teryx some food, as he'd probably been starving all day, as well as give him something fun to do. Stipax invited Teryx to a Wheel watch party, to which Teryx immediately responded yes. The group headed off to the Veilstone City Pokemon Center, and on the way there, Teryx was reassured by Stipax, who told him that his parents' death wasn't his fault and that he was far braver than he thought. Teryx, touched by this statement, began to realize even more how much he needed Owen and the team in his lives. Upon the group arriving at the Center, they got Teryx a bed and a massive plate of food, while he-- along with the rest of the Jura6-- sat down and watched an episode of The Wheel. As was per the usual for Teryx, he answered a lot of the questions correctly, and during the watch party, he got a full meal for the first time in hours. After the episode was over, the Jura5 headed off to talk to Owen and tell him what they found, and invited Teryx to come with them. Teryx, however, declined, believing that Owen wasn't going to forgive him after the attack. The Jura5 promptly headed off, but not before Teryx admitted to Stipax that he needed him and Owen. A few hours later, the Nurse Joy came up to check on Teryx, bringing in another Aerodactyl as a patient. Naturally, Teryx's alarm went off, and he tried to attack again, but this time, the Aerodactyl calmed him down. Teryx, albiet with massive hesitation, told the Aerodactyl about what happened. To his surprise, the Aerodactyl sympathized with his plight, and the Nurse Joy that was there immediately caught the symptoms of PTSD and began asking Teryx questions. She effectively diagnosed Teryx and gave him a card to go and see a psychiatrist, with the Aerodactyl expressing his sympathies. This ended up catching Teryx completely off-guard, and he started to realize that he may have been in the wrong for attacking Tyrie and Rhamphor without even getting to know them first.

After several hours, steeped in regret over his decisions to attack Tyrie and Rhamphor, as well as him attacking Owen, Teryx was jolted awake by a knock on the door-- it was Owen, having returned from beating Crasher Wake at the Pastoria Gym, getting a Sliding Scale Choker, turning into a Bunnelby, and subsequently gaining a new understanding of his Pokemon. Having heard Teryx's backstory from Nautilu and Eurypedis, and regretting having released Teryx himself, he apologized to Teryx for the release, and explained that he could now understand Monese fully due to his mon transformation. Teryx, in turn, apologized for his attacks, and Owen responded with him saying that he understood and would be willing to help Teryx through any PTSD attacks in the future. He then pulled out a Luxury Ball, welcoming Teryx back to the team, and Teryx promptly rejoined the team. He then met with the others on Hasslemon for the first time in two days and apologized to Tyrie and Rhamphor for attacking them, which Tyrie and Rhamphor were quick to forgive him for. From there, he confessed to the entire team the nightmares he'd been having, before the group, Teryx included, headed off to bed-- although Teryx didn't notice Tyrie holding on to his PokeBall in an attempt to comfort him. The next morning, Teryx- along with the rest of the team- was told of Owen's plan to take a bit of a break and go back home to Pewter City for a few months to understand his Pokemon better and prepare for his battle against Fantina. He, along with the rest of the team, promptly went back to Pewter City.


  • Met: Pewter City Museum
  • Birthday: September 30th (revival date); September 11th (initial birthday prior to death)
  • Age: 3 (chronologically); 13-14 (in human form as Dawson Douglas)
  • Ability: Defeatist
  • Favorite Move: U-Turn
  • Nature: Bashful
  • Characteristic: Quick to flee
  • Likes: His Trainer, his friends, Stipax, Nautilu, Chasmo, stuffed animals, cute cuddly things, feeling safe and secure, not getting involved with battles, watching Marvel movies, watching Harry Potter movies, watching game shows, cuddling Stipax, the music of Five for Fighting, the game show The Wheel
  • Dislikes: Being reminded of the circumstances surrounding his death, the thought of him dying again, the thought of any of his friends or his Trainer dying, anything that he thinks could kill him or people he loves, seeing his friends and Trainer get hurt, battling, cruel experiments, flying, loud noises, dangerous Pokemon (or what he perceives to be dangerous Pokemon), Electric-types (barring Stipax and other Galvantula), Tyrantrum and Aerodactyl, the thought of him accidentally scaring his friends at all, Tricky, the actions that led up to his release from the team, his one-day period of release from the team
  • Ball: Poke (prior to November 7th, 2022 out of universe and March 2022 in-universe); none (November 7th, 2022-February 7th, 2023 out of universe and March 2022 in-universe); Luxury (February 7th, 2023 out of universe and March 2022-- one day after release-- in-universe)
  • Nickname origin: From Archeopteryx
  • Hasslemon typing quirk: eovoerything is in lowercase lettering and all "qu"'s are replaced with "qw"'s, barring the caovoeat that the next letter ovoer is removoed (so, for example, the word "quick" would become "qwck" and the word "quiet" would become "qwet"), additionally all words containing a v in them haovoe the v become "ovo" to resemble a bird face (i.e. "covoer", "abovoe") except when the letter v starts a word, this rule also applies to wheneovoer a "v" is surrounded by the same vowel on either side, finally, all periods (except for elipses) are replaced by commas a la taovoros to represent teryx's general nerovousness,
A prospective fullbody Teryx gijinka, as done by Goldenheart388.


  • Owen Edmundson: Owen is Teryx's Trainer, and Teryx has shown an immense amount of love for him. He is willing to go to great lengths to protect Owen from just about anything he perceived to be a threat, and served him well in the three Kanto League battles that he was a part of. He fears hurting and scaring his Trainer, and was absolutely horrified when he did end up hurting him by accident. Despite that, though, he wasn't above questioning some of his Trainer's decisions, such as deciding to grab Teryx from behind in the midst of his panic attack. Unfortunately, however, this questioning was seen as insubordination by Owen, which led to Teryx's release from the team. Post-release, Teryx still loved and cared about Owen, and while he initially considered himself a Vow Breaker for hurting his Trainer, he eventually realized that he desperately needed Owen. After Owen got his SSC and learned to understand his Pokemon, and then bought Teryx his new Luxury Ball, it didn't take Teryx long for him to decide to rejoin Owen's team.
  • Mark Stroud: Teryx isn't really that big of a fan of Mark for the most part. He fears Chopper, due to him being a Fighting-type Pokemon, despite Chopper's overall friendly demeanor, and he is horrified by Mark's approach to battling. Thus far the only member of the team that Teryx has been shown to get along with is Pyra, who gave him flying lessons (unfortunately, it didn't go so well for Teryx when he tried to imitate Pyra's looping move).
  • Travis Renault: Teryx has pretty much the exact opposite opinion on Travis as he does with Mark. He likes Travis and feels more comfortable around him (though he was terrified of Travis' suggestion that he was the scariest mon on the team), and appears to like Haxx and especially Wingo. That being said, though, he is terrified of Tricky, refusing to interact with her and crying out in agony when Tricky, enraged by Teryx attacking Owen, attacked him with a Shock Wave move.
  • Stipax: Stipax is the member of the Jura6 that Teryx gets along with the most. He enjoys cuddling with Stipax at night, to the point that after he's released (at night, for the record), he laments the fact that he has to make a bed out of dirt instead of having Stipax near him. Stipax is almost always the first mon who is willing to comfort him, and while Teryx didn't register it at the time due to his attack, Stipax was the only member of the Jura6 that actively tried to calm Teryx down. The two will often watch movies and TV shows together, and according to Goldenheart388 they will often have competitions to determine which mon was better at The Wheel (it was always Teryx) or Only Connect (it was always Stipax). Later on, after his release, Stipax comforted Teryx through both a flashback and a panic attack, something that Teryx was immensely grateful for, and eventually helped to bring Teryx back onto the team by relaying what had happened to Owen.
  • Nautilu: Nautilu is another mon that Teryx gets along with fairly well. Nautilu has not only served to comfort Teryx whenever Stipax is not present, but also served to teach him multiple things about the world. Out of all of the mons on Owen's team, Nautilu was actually the first mon to propose PTSD in his mind as a suggestion for why Teryx was so scared of Aerodactyl and Tyrunt/Tyrantrum, and post-release, he relayed much of the PTSD information to the rest of the Jura5, while also helping to calm down Teryx multiple times.
  • Crina: Teryx and Crina have a slightly more... not necessarily hostile, but moreso "charged" relationship as co-members of the Jura6. Teryx enjoys laughing at all of Crina's jokes and puns, but fears her pranks and especially doesn't trust her saying that she won't use any electric-based pranks on him. While Crina has promised to never scare or hurt Teryx with her pranks, she can get a bit annoyed by Teryx's constant fear of things, and outright called Teryx out upon seeing him attack Owen (the only member of the team willing to do so). After Teryx's release, however, Crina proved just how much she cares for Teryx, by initially pretending to not want to forgive him before admitting she was kidding and asking Stipax what he was planning to do. She then later helped him through the sensory grounding exercise by providing him two things he could smell, though given her nature, one of those things was ultimately revealed to be a beef cookie.
  • Chasmo: Chasmo and Teryx have the second-best relationship out of all of the members of the Jura6. Teryx looks up to Chasmo for guidance and comfort, and often feels more secure whenever Chasmo is around him. Chasmo, in turn, is willing to respect Teryx's wishes and knows full well if something has gone wrong with him. His reaction to seeing Teryx attack Tyrie and Rhamphor was for him to immediately deduce that something was wrong with Teryx, and even before the attack he was one of two mons (along with Stipax) to notice that Teryx was having a massive panic attack. Post-release, Chasmo has helped Teryx out multiple times, and was one of the first mons to comfort Teryx in the wake of him having his panic attack.
  • Saura: Prior to her evolution into an Aurorus, Saura spent the vast majority of her time asleep, but even so, Teryx enjoyed having her around. Whenever Saura was awake, she was always willing to give Teryx advice, and Teryx in turn looked up to her as a protector. He would often cuddle with Saura's fluffy orange teddy bear in an attempt to get him to sleep (this never worked, but Teryx always appreciated it), and the two of them would watch game shows together. After Saura's evolution into an Aurorus, she stayed awake more often, meaning that she was willing to comfort Teryx more often; upon seeing that Saura had evolved he flat-out asked her if she would still help him sleep at night. Her reaction to Teryx's release was a sad hum of acknowledgement and acceptance, and she helped to find and bring Teryx back onto the team later on.
  • Cephalo: While Teryx and Cephalo have yet to appear much on screen together, Teryx appears to have a somewhat cautious view towards Cephalo's lifestyle, and given his penchant towards safety and security he is always looking to keep Cephalo as safe as possible. Upon hearing that Cephalo died from performing cliff-jumping stunts, he cautioned Cephalo against doing any more stunts in the future, then told him that Steggy's suggestion of skateboarding on a rink was slightly more safe, as long as Cephalo wore a helmet. Later on, he seemed extremely happy when Cephalo told the group of mons that he had won them the Veilstone Gym Battle.
  • Anomalo: Teryx and Anomalo have a very good relationship with each other, despite the fact that they haven't been on screen that much. Teryx in particular sympathized with Anomalo due to the fact that he wasn't the biggest fan of battling, and offered to teach Anomalo more about the world around him. Additionally, he was absolutely horrified upon hearing that Anomalo was killed and blinded within two days of his life by a Tyrantrum attack-- the second part in particular caused him to leave the conversation, presumably due to him having a PTSD-induced panic attack.
  • Tyrie and Rhamphor: While Tyrie and Rhamphor are mons that Teryx would like to know about, unfortunately the fact that they are, respectively, a Tyrunt and an Aerodactyl is preventing him from doing so. It was Teryx's attack on both of them that led to his release from the team, as Teryx considered Tyrie and Rhamphor to both be immediate threats, believing them to be the same Tyrunt and Aerodactyl that killed A) his parents and B) him, respectively, all those years ago. After his rejoining of the team, he's since regretted his attack on Tyrie and Rhamphor, and is slowly starting to try and make friends with them and improve their relationship. He has a slightly better relationship to Tyrie, since he's only a Tyrunt and not yet a Tyrantrum. Despite this, however, he still fears them, and his PTSD sometimes tends to intervene whenever he's around them.

Known Moves

  • TypeDragon.gif: Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Outrage
  • TypeRock.gif: Ancient Power, Rock Slide, Stone Edge
  • TypeFlying.gif: Pluck, Tailwind, Air Slash
  • TypeBug.gif: U-Turn


  • Teryx's name is derived from a shortening of Archeopteryx.
  • According to Goldenheart388, Teryx's Hasslemon handle is diffidentDefeatist (DD). "Diffident" is a synonym for bashful or timid, referencing Teryx's shyness, PTSD, and panicky behavior in battle, whereas "defeatist" references both Teryx's pessimistic nature and his ability Defeatist.
  • According to Goldenheart388, Teryx's English character theme is "Superman (It's Not Easy)" by Five for Fighting. The song serves as a reference to Teryx's willingness to, according to Goldenheart388, "not be seen as a burden, to be braver in the face of adversity, and the fact that, due to his ability Defeatist, it makes life for him all the harder". His Japanese character theme, meanwhile, is "Diver" by NICO Touches the Walls, the 8th opening to Naruto Shippudden, his Broadway character theme is a reworked version of "30/90" from tick, tick, BOOM! (with every reference to "30/90" being replaced with that of his actual birthdate), and his headcanon voice is that of Samuel Vincent as Edd (AKA "Double D") in the TV series Ed, Edd, n' Eddy.
  • Teryx is the third and final member of the Jura6, after Stipax and Chasmo, to have a Five for Fighting song as his character theme, as well as the third team member overall.
  • Originally, Teryx's "v= ovo" part of his typing quirk only applied to words containing "ov" in that order, such as "cover", "remove", and "above". Later on, however, it was expanded to include words containing "vo" (if the "vo" doesn't start a word), and then further expanded to affect all instances of the letter, primarily because it looked cuter to Goldenheart388 and partly so that the typing quirk would be able to show up more prominently if the lyrics of "Superman (It's Not Easy)" were written in it (i.e. "eovoen heroes haovoe the right to dream").
  • Teryx's human name, "Dawson Douglas", shares its initials with that of his Hasslemon handle diffidentDefeatist, with both of them abbreviating to DD. This pattern applies to every member of the Jura6 and every member of Owen's team with the exception of Steggy.
  • Teryx's revival day, September 30th, is the day on which, in 1861, the first Archeopteryx fossil was discovered; his actual birthday, September 11th, is obvious. He is the only member of the Jura6 to have both of his birthdays (initial and revival) occur in the same month.
  • Teryx shares his Characteristic, "Quick to flee", with Freddie.
  • Teryx has the shortest initial lifespan of all of the fossilmons in the Jura6, being born on September 11th and dying one month and 2 days later. His death date was on a Friday the 13th. This is the explanation behind a lyric in his Broadway character theme, "30/90", being changed from "Turn 30, 1990" to "one month past 9/11", since it was one month past that date that his parents died, and one month and two days later that he died.
  • Teryx is the first Pokemon that Goldenheart388 has written for to have been released onscreen, and simultaneously the first mon to actively rejoin the team.
  • Teryx is, as of his rejoining, the first mon that Goldenheart388 has written for to have been caught in a special PokeBall (i.e. not a Poke, Great, Ultra, or Master Ball; in this case, he was caught in a Luxury Ball).
  • Teryx's favorite book (or, rather, books) of all time is the entire Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, and his favorite food is Honeycomb cereal. His favorite TV show is The Wheel and his favorite movie of all time is Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3.
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