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Stipax is Owen Edmundson's Galvantula, and the first Pokemon that he caught on his initial journey.


In his mon form, Stipax appears as a regular Galvantula.

In his human form (prospective name Justin Patterson, seen below), Stipax appears as an approximately 11-year-old young boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He is usually seen wearing a purple undershirt with a bright yellow jacket over top of it, along with a pair of purple shorts, under which are long brown legging socks. He wears black shoes and purple goggles, and often times is seen carrying either a book or a shovel depending on what he is doing at the moment.

Personality and characteristics

If there's one thing that motivates Stipax, it's the idea of living life to the absolute fullest. If there's another thing, it's knowledge, and if there's a third, it's love. Stipax is eternally optimistic and eternally curious, motivated by a desire to discover everything he can about the world around him. He enjoys asking questions to both his Trainer and his fellow mons about how the world works, and if they can't answer the question for him, he tends to look in either a book or on the Internet to get the answers he so desires. In the wake of the revivals of Eurypedis, Anomalo, and Cephalo, he directly asked Owen how the revival machine worked, and numerous times he has asked for information regarding the backstories of his friends. While said backstories have often times horrified him, as Anomalo's did, it hasn't seemed to decrease his desire for knowledge any further. He even asks questions of his opponents in battle from time to time-- most notably, he asked Roark's Aerodactyl if he was able to Mega Evolve during Owen's Oreburgh battle, and during a Team Lightning battle he asked a Spark's Porygon-2 how their Conversion worked. Prior to being caught by Owen, the number of questions he asked his family was massive. It was from them that he learned about basic questions such as "why is the sky blue", "how does [X] work" (a question he still tends to ask to this very day), "why do Pokemon evolve," and so on, but also asked extremely meaningful questions. The most notable of which, as detailed both in his backstory and his character theme, were "what is the meaning of life" and "who am I in the grand scheme of things?", questions that, once answered, directly influenced his view of life that he has now. Despite his persistent curiosity, though, he's not by any means nosy. He will back off from asking a question of someone if they don't want to answer it at the moment, as he did when he asked about Teryx's backstory and Teryx, naturally, didn't want to tell him for fear that it would be too horrifying, both for Stipax and for himself. However, due to his extreme curiosity, Stipax has a tendency to be very naive about certain things, as a reflection of his nature. Similarly to 9-Volt (which whom he shares said nature), he has a tendency to view things as they are (he didn't even suspect that something was going wrong at the Techspo at first, and thought that Roark's Aerodactyl's item was an Aerodactylite rather than a Scope Lens). According to Goldenheart388, he also canonically would view Newspeak in the same light as Orwell and he also has a tendency to assume that certain things from a person's past led to their present state, no matter who they are (this extends to people such as the members of Team Lightning, despite his outward dislike of them).

Stipax has an immense amount of love and loyalty towards the people he cares about, and is willing to help them throughout any circumstances they might have. This tendency also spawns from his childhood, when he was still living with his kindhearted Galvantula family; his grandfather, in particular, taught him numerous things about the world around him as well as some of his moves. Most notably, he helped Stipax master his egg move, Lunge. Stipax has an immense amount of love for his grandfather in particular even after the latter's death, often mentioning him directly and reminiscing on his memories with him whenever something that reminds him of one of those memories is brought up. In the present day, he has grown to be kindhearted and loyal towards his Trainer in particular, often being seen outside of his PokeBall and protecting Owen whenever he's attacked or hurt by anyone. He extends this compassion towards his friends repeatedly-- in particular, he has been seen comforting Teryx and Anomalo, and was one of a few mons to suggest the need for adaptation regarding Hasslemon in the wake of Anomalo's capture due to Anomalo being blind. Later on, he not only helped to comfort Teryx through a flashback by returning him back to the present via a sensory grounding exercise (with help from Nautilu and, to an extent, Crina) but he also comforted him through a panic attack. Besides Teryx, however, Stipax has also been seen extending his compassion for other mons to Chasmo, which was most notably seen when he made a makeshift umbrella for him when Chasmo complained about the possibility of fainting in the rain. He also has a tendency to teach his friends and his Trainer about certain things; in battle he's usually the first to notice and describe the effects of a certain item or Ability, and he was the one who introduced Anomalo to the rest of Owen's team after Anomalo was caught. Later on, he similarly introduced Archie, Tyrie, and Rhamphor to him and Owen after they were revived, and similarly tried to introduce him to the rest of the team before Teryx had his panic attack (and later on, his actual attack). To Stipax (and his whole family by extension, as detailed in his backstory and "The Riddle"), the idea of finding out as much as you can about the world and putting as much love into the world as you can is the true meaning of life, and so long as you form relationships with people and live life to the fullest, your life has been fulfilled. Despite his compassion towards people, however, there are a few Trainers and organizations that Stipax despises, most notably Team Lightning, especially after Team Lightning was discovered to be the ones that killed Gwana's parents prior to her being caught by Owen. That being said, however, he is very quick to forgive other people and mons, especially if said mons are his teammates. This was shown most effectively with his reaction to Teryx's attack on Tyrie and Rhamphor. He was one of two mons (the other being Chasmo) to recognize something was wrong with Teryx before the attack (and the only one of the two to attempt to tell his Trainer about it); he was the only one of the Jura6 who actively attempted to calm Teryx down; he was notably extremely shocked and confused upon seeing Owen smash Teryx's PokeBall to shreds and actively questioned if he was absolutely sure about his decision; and perhaps most notably, he was the first mon on the Jura6 who actively rallied the rest into trying to find Teryx to get his side of the story. The last thing in particular was something he was so serious about that he dropped his typing quirk in order to do so, something the others took notice of.

In conjunction with Stipax's immensely curious nature, he has an immense love for riddles, puzzles, game shows and mysteries. Aside from the riddle he was given in his youth (and outlined in his character theme) that led to him discovering the meaning of life years after the death of his grandfather, according to Goldenheart388 Stipax is an avid fan of the TV shows Gamecube, Only Connect, and Jeopardy!, and enjoys watching educational television shows. Prior to Owen's debut in WAAPT he and Owen would often go to escape rooms together and Stipax would have fun solving the riddles and puzzles that awaited him there. He enjoys solving jigsaw and logic puzzles, and particularly enjoys puzzles that are particularly challenging so that he can figure out how to do them, hence his love of Only Connect (i.e. one of the hardest British game shows of all time). In his spare time, when no one is around, he enjoys digging up treasures and solving mysteries; he has not only done multiple scavenger hunts, but he also sometimes serves as a detective character within the group of mons, trying to find out how and why certain things have gone wrong. This love of his has led to a further love of crime drama shows, such as CSI, Law and Order, and Criminal Minds-- the latter especially. He has also been seen watching Murder, She Wrote in the RP-- notably watching it with Owen in the 20 minutes that led up to the revivals of Archie, Tyrie, and Rhamphor. Stipax mainly enjoys digging up fossils, and it was in fact this trait that led to him getting noticed and ultimately caught by Owen. He was responsible for the initial digups of the fossils of Nautilu, Crina, Chasmo, and Teryx, all of which were revived on the 30th of September. Due to him being taught how to dig by his father, he's extremely useful, and is able to dig extremely fast-- Chopper in particular complimented him on his ability to dig up treasures when Owen, Mark, and Travis were in the Underground. However, despite this, he can be a bit clumsy when it comes to his digging skills, due to him not knowing Dig as an actual move.

Speaking of moves, in battle, Stipax is the strongest member of Owen's team besides Chasmo, and barring Teryx (who has not been shown battling on screen as of yet), he is also the fastest member. He is extremely agile and is able to use his knowledge of the opponent's moves to his advantage, often improvising strategies to get around supereffective attacks that would otherwise hit him (especially if he was already hit by them the first time). Besides using Bounce to avoid the opposing Pokemon's attacks (as he did against Maylene's Hitmontop), he also has a tendency to use Electroweb or String Shot to trap opponents, Thunder Wave to paralyze opponents, Gastro Acid to prevent their abilities (as he did with Roark's Tyranitar to stop the Sand Stream), and Giga Drain or Leech Life to drain opponents of their energy. His favorite move to use in battle, however, is his egg move Lunge, which he has used countless times over as a finisher move. In more friendly battles, he will often Lunge on the opponent before hugging them, which he doesn't do in Gym Battles or in battles against Team Lightning.

His favorite musical artist is Shinedown, and his favorite Gamecube game is a three-way tie between Sketch Pad, Mug Shots, and Captain Bones.


Prior to being caught by Owen Edmundson, Stipax lived in a Galvantula colony in the Unova region along with the rest of his family. Unlike Ringo, however, who had a terrible childhood and was bullied by everyone he knew at every turn, Stipax had a caring and kindhearted family who taught him many things about the world around him. His mother taught him a lot about the dangers of the world around him and when to avoid them, and his father taught him most of what he knew about the world at an early age (things such as why the sky is blue and why Pokemon evolve). His father was also the one who passed down Lunge to his son and who taught him to dig up treasure in their "backyard", a skill which Stipax steadily honed. However, the family member that Stipax got the most information from- and the one who taught him the most- was his grandfather, who he absolutely loved. His grandfather would tell Stipax all about his childhood, and had a vast amount of knowledge about Pokemon. He taught Stipax about items and abilities, knowledge that Stipax has kept to this day, and also would be the one to teach Stipax life lessons whenever his parents weren't around. Stipax grew to love and respect his grandfather as a result, and developed his kindhearted and compassionate nature as a result of it. After about 5 years, however, one day everything changed.

As Stipax grew older and learned about the world around him, he began to wonder about the answers to far bigger questions: namely who he was in the world, and what the meaning of said world (and his life) was. He planned to ask his grandfather about this one day, after his parents took him to Nimbasa City for a day of fun and excitement, when all of a sudden, his life changed forever. That day, when his parents got finished with their Nimbasa City exploits, the family suddenly noticed one of Stipax's relatives running towards them in a panic. Immediately recognizing something was wrong, they asked what was happening, and they were shocked to hear that Stipax's grandfather had collapsed. They immediately ran back to their home, and as outlined in Stipax's character theme, "The Riddle", found Stipax's grandfather, collapsed on the floor and about to die. Realizing that this was his last chance to ask him, Stipax went up to his dying grandfather and asked him what the meaning of life was, as after hearing about the death of a Pokemon he absolutely loved, he was starting to wonder why he'd ever want to live in a world as cruel as this one. His grandfather, with his dying breath, told him to continue to live his life to the absolute fullest, and told him that the world wasn't cruel and that it could be better if he did something about it. Stipax promised him that he would, and then Stipax's grandfather, in response to his question about the meaning of life, gave him the riddle outlined in his character theme. Having never listened to Five for Fighting before, and not recognizing the riddle, Stipax was confused, and begged his grandfather to come back, thinking that "there's a reason for the world: you and I" meant that both of them had to exist on the earth in order to survive. His grandfather, tragically, didn't answer, soon afterwards dying at the ripe old age of 95 years old.

After the funeral, Stipax tried desperately for many years to try to find the answer to his grandfather's riddle. His parents, who were more experienced than him, already knew full well what it meant, but didn't tell him the answer, wanting him to find it out for himself. Stipax became convinced that his grandfather had to be on the Earth in order to keep it healthy, and did as much research as he possibly could into his foray. During this time, he started school, learned to invent objects, and started gaining an interest in detective books, mystery novels, and crime dramas. In the midst of his endeavors he started to grow a bit more distant from his family, and go out on his own more often, helping the mons around him solve mysteries and digging up treasures (and, eventually, fossils) for other Trainers and leaving them behind for them to find. He also tried to create multiple machines made out of batteries in order to try and bring his grandfather back that didn't work. Eventually, due to this, Stipax started to become paranoid that something would end up happening to the world unless both he and his grandfather were on it. At 7 years old, in the middle of the night, in desperation, he dug up his grandfather's bones and travelled to Nacrene City in the hopes of reviving them. Unfortunately, the curator did not speak Monese, but still got the gist of what Stipax was saying regardless. The curator promptly gave Stipax the harsh truth: the revival machine didn't work that way. It couldn't bring the bones of a non-fossilmon back from the dead (at least, not at the time), and even if it could, it wouldn't quite be the same Pokemon; there would be alterations to its body that it didn't have before that could end up causing the Pokemon to have a shorter lifespan than it did when it was still alive. Dejected, Stipax finally realized that what he thought was the answer to the riddle actually wasn't, and learned to accept that the world could exist without his grandfather in it. Now having finally accepted his grandfather's death, he returned back home to his family-- only to find, to his horror, that they had discovered that he had dug up his grandfather's body.

Stipax was promptly confronted by his horrified and somewhat angered parents, who had absolutely no idea as to why Stipax would try to dig up the body of his grandfather. In response, Stipax broke down into tears, profusely apologizing to his parents and explained that he thought that the fossil center could revive his dead grandfather, because he believed that in order for all to be right with the world, both of them had to exist. His parents promptly comforted him, explaining that death was a very difficult process, and that they were all still grieving the death of his grandfather in multiple ways. They explained to Stipax that even though his grandfather was gone, they could still remember him in spirit. Eventually, however, they sent him back to bed-- but not before ordering him to re-bury his grandfather and punishing him with a week's worth of grounding for sneaking out of his bed at night. After re-burying his grandfather as he was told, Stipax marked his grave with an electric pole; said pole still remains to this very day. The next week's worth of grounding was actually not that bad for Stipax; even if he couldn't go outside and was confined to his home, it didn't mean he still couldn't learn about the world. He read countless amounts of books, discovered what would ultimately become his two favorite shows in the world-- Doctor Who and Murder, She Wrote, and, of course, tried to find another answer to his grandfather's riddle now that he knew that reviving both of them wasn't the answer. It was during his week-long punishment that the second event outlined in "The Riddle" occurred: his father picked his son up after school, and upon asking him if he had learned anything, Stipax confessed that he felt lonely, admitting that he felt as though he and his family didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Even so, however, he begged for his father to play with him, to which said father agreed. At the same time, he reminded his son of his grandfather's riddle, causing a young Stipax (who still didn't fully understand the answer to said riddle) to promptly ask the second question that would forever change his life: "who am I, really, in the grand scheme of things?" (realized, in "The Riddle", as the lyric "When you get right down to the/Reason for the world/Who am I?"). To this, his father had no answer, other than "well, I'm sure you'll find out one day". Naturally, this left Stipax unsatisfied.

After the week-long punishment was over, Stipax spent the next 3 years of his life with his parents trying to find out what to do with his life. He tried out tons of things, all the while helping as many people as he could with their problems via his detective agency and showing as much love for his family as he could. He also found numerous treasures and fossils and took an interest in game shows. All the while, he found himself greatly enjoying it all, especially when he hung out with his parents- not realizing, at the time, that he was inching ever closer to finding out the true answer to his grandfather's riddle. Eventually, Stipax's tenth birthday arrived, and it was the day when his parents decided to emancipate him, and let him out into the world so he could find a Trainer. Stipax was extremely grateful, thanking his parents for all they had done. While his parents were clearing out Stipax's section of his cave, they found a note that had been left behind by his grandfather, presumably a few minutes before his death. Stipax took the note and read it over, and it read two things. The first was the line outlined in the bridge of "The Riddle"- "I love you free"- and the second thing was a link to a YouTube video. As Stipax would later find out, this was the video for Five for Fighting's "The Riddle". However, since Stipax did not have a computer or did not know anyone with a phone, he couldn't look it up. Regardless, however, the phrase "I love you free" intrigued Stipax, and he decided to keep the note. One goodbye party later (complete with cake and presents, including tons of informative books), Stipax finally left his parents' house and went out on his own.

In the next few months, Stipax traveled around the Pokemon world, making note of the things around him and subsequently making friends with a ton of Pokemon. He eventually got to the Kanto region on the back of a Lapras, and on September 29th, he made it to Pewter City, where he eventually ran into paleontologist Owen Edmundson, who at the time was on a search to find a Helix Fossil. Stipax offered to dig up said fossil, but Owen couldn't understand him. Regardless, Owen liked the Galvantula and thought he was cute, and asked Stipax if he wanted to help. Stipax agreed, and what happened next impressed Owen to no end. One day later, on September 30th, Stipax had come up big, having dug up not just a Helix Fossil, but also a Root, Armor, and Plume Fossil. Owen was overjoyed, and told the curator of the Pewter Museum about Stipax. The curator suggested he catch him, and eventually Owen agreed, catching- and naming- Stipax, much to the latter's delight. A week after that, Owen caught the four fossil Pokemon that had been revived from the fossils, completed his internship, and was offered a job at the Pewter Museum. However, he declined, having realized the value of love and deciding instead to go off on his journey and become a Trainer. The museum wished him luck, and Owen promptly took his new friends to the Kanto region, with Stipax naturally being the most excited to learn about all of the Pokemon there. Ultimately, however, having a Trainer ended up doing something else to him-- something fairly important. During the Kanto League, Stipax forged friendships with every other mon on the original team. He enjoyed learning about the 13th century from Nautilu, who was always there to answer his questions; he enjoyed Crina's pranks and jokes; he absolutely loved listening to Chasmo's stories and thought Chasmo reminded him a lot of his grandfather, and he had a very close relationship with Teryx, who he helped to comfort through (what at the time were unbeknowst to him) PTSD-induced nightmares and panic attacks. He also helped encourage Teryx to battle a bit in the League, and enjoyed watching game shows with him.

During the League itself, Stipax was used against every member of the Kanto League. His Grass-type moves helped immensely against Brock and Misty, he resisted Lt. Surge, his Bug-type moves helped against Erika, Sabrina (which would prove to be a huge help), and several of Blue's Pokemon, and he took neutral damage against Janine's Pokemon, but helped to defeat her Flying-type Crobat. The only member of the first 8 Gym Leaders that he had trouble with was (naturally) Blaine, so for that battle, he was only used against Blaine's Houndoom (who he demolished; he also similarly demolished Blaine's quiz). After the Gym Leaders were all defeated, however, the major moment arrived. During a night training montage, and as detailed in the last verse of "The Riddle", Stipax took Owen's phone and finally typed in the YouTube link that his grandfather's note had contained; instantly, Five for Fighting's "The Riddle" began to play. Stipax was taken aback by the lyrics of the song, noting their striking similarity to his life, but really got hit with a bombshell when the words "there's a reason for the world/you and I" were sung. Recognizing it as the riddle proposed by his grandfather, he realized that said grandfather had been referencing "The Riddle" this whole time. He looked back on his life, and slowly began to realize that he had gotten more enjoyment from finding out about the world and forming relationships with other mons and people than he had ever gotten otherwise. One glance up at his Trainer later, while flashbacks played in his mind, he finally realized the answer to the riddle: that the meaning of life was what you did with it. The relationships you formed. The experiences you made. So long as you had fun with your life, and had people you cared about, it was worth living. At that moment, Stipax finally realized the true meaning of the words "there's a reason for the world/you and I", and the true answer of his grandfather's riddle-- the meaning of life. After the song ended, Stipax proceeded to snuggle up against his Trainer and told him he loved him. Owen didn't quite understand why, but snuggled up against him anyways.

A few days later, it was time for the Elite Four. Against the Elite Four, Stipax proved to be extremely well-matched against Will and Karen (for obvious reasons), Bruno (due to Flying-type moves), and Koga's Crobat (again). Against Lance, he put up an even more impressive showing, and knocked out all three of Lance's Dragonites with multiple powerful Electric-type moves. Ultimately, it resulted in Owen winning against Lance and entering into the Hall of Fame. Once this happened, Owen decided to see if he could find more fossils, and eventually went back to Pewter City, where Stipax dug up a Sail Fossil. Said Sail Fossil was promptly revived into Saura, who Stipax got along fairly well with. Shortly afterwards, Owen decided to head off to another region to take on their League, and picked Sinnoh due to the existence of the Underground. Stipax, now knowing full well of the meaning of life and wanting to live his life to the fullest, happily joined in, and the two of them promptly made headway for Jubilife City.


Stipax made his debut on Hasslemon, when his Trainer, Owen Edmundson, was in Jubilife City on his way to Oreburgh, where he was planning to face off against Roark. He happily greeted everyone, telling them that they had nothing to lose in Jubilife and that there was plenty of excitement to discover, before promptly proceeding to calm down a frantic Teryx who believed that he was going to die. Shortly afterwards, a dance competition started up, and Stipax and Crina emerged; during this, Stipax met Mark and Travis along with their Pokemon while they were in line for a Techspo. He promptly greeted them, not realizing that Travis didn't speak Monese, before Tricky corrected him and a dancebreaking competition started, during which Stipax showed off his breakdancing skills and found out about Travis' hurt leg. Soon afterwards, Stipax, along with his Trainer Owen, found out about the Techspo. Initially, Owen declined going to said Techspo and instead decided to head straight off to Oreburgh City. Stipax, however, was curious about the things happening at the Expo and ultimately convinced his Trainer to head there rather than going straight through to Oreburgh and getting some Pokemon to combat Roark's competitively-viable mons. Their first stop was a PokeBall exhibit, where Silph Co. executives showed off a new Poke Tesseract. During it, Stipax reunited with Mark, Travis, and their Pokemon and was immensely curious about how the technology worked. He then watched as the mon that would ultimately be given to Travis and named Wingo was caught in a PokeBall, with Stipax expressing concern for the Starly. Soon afterwards, Stipax went to a Holographic Pokemon booth, where he ran into a Bug-type Trainer named Minerva and specifically took a liking to her Beedrill Fiore (who he immediately wanted to know more about) and her Joltik Livio. Eventually, the group went to a Devon Corp exhibit, and it was during this exhibit that their lives would change forever. During the Devon Corp exhibit, a member of the corporation showed off a Pokemon translation device on his Piplup Pips. While it worked at first, the device soon got taken over by an unknown entity-- and then that entity made itself known to Stipax and the rest as Team Lightning. A massive battle promptly ensued, during which Stipax made a very impressive showing. He used Lunge to defeat a Porygon2, while the rest of the group defeated the rest of Team Lightning. After the battle ended, Stipax would help find Hailee's Grookey, Banjo-- only for another battle to happen, against Team Lightning's boss. During said battle, it was revealed that the TV Man had his own Galvantula, which Stipax fought against, using Lunge and X-Scissor to take down Webber. He also tried to take down the Porygon-Z that would ultimately be caught by Travis and named Haxx, but Haxx fainted before he could. Soon afterwards, Team Lightning finally left, and Stipax was promptly introduced to Steggy for the first time. Owen proceeded to catch him, before Owen would finally seperate from Mark and Travis and head off to Oreburgh City at last.

Upon reaching Oreburgh City, Owen headed straight to the Gym and went up against Roark immediately. Stipax was the very first Pokemon he used, against Roark's Aerodactyl. He used a barrage of Electric-type attacks against the Aerodactyl, including an Electroweb and an Electro Ball, before a Stone Edge from the Aerodactyl sent him backwards. He took notice of the Aerodactyl's Scope Lens before a Roar sent him back into his PokeBall. After Saura defeated Aerodactyl, Stipax was used again against Roark's Tyranitar after a Roar from him sent Nautilu back into his PokeBall. Against the Tyranitar, Stipax used Lunge and Leech Life to do damage and heal his HP after a Crunch attack, while all the while withstanding the effects of a Sandstorm made only worse by the Tyranitar holding a Smooth Rock. However, Stipax promptly made two big moves against Roark's Tyranitar-- he first used Gastro Acid to supress and stop Tyranitar's ability, which was then followed by an Energy Ball that knocked him out. Stipax wasn't used for the rest of the battle, but did congratulate Steggy upon finding out that he had evolved into a Shiny Grotle. After Owen's victory against Roark, he finally went to the Oreburgh Mine and used Stipax again to dig up some fossils, and soon Stipax had dug up a Dome, Claw, and Skull Fossil. Owen, overjoyed, took them to the Mining Museum, where they were subsequently revived after 20 minutes into Eurypedis, Anomalo, and Cephalo. Stipax greeted them all, only to be stunned upon finding out that Anomalo was blind and thought he was still in prehistoric times as a result. He soon found out from Eurypedis after Anomalo ran off to try to find his "parents" that Anomalo had gone blind, rather then having been blind from the start, and soon went off to try and find Anomalo. Upon finding him, he comforted him a bit, and soon afterwards Owen went and caught all three of the new fossilmons. Shortly afterwards, he sent everyone out, and Stipax, along with Chasmo, helped to comfort the panicked Anomalo, while also breaking to him the news that his parents were likely dead. He then introduced Anomalo to Saura, and along with Chasmo also introduced him to Hasslemon and the concept of a Hasslemon handle, approving his eventual handle of harmoniousAnomaly (HA). He then introduced Anomalo to the concept of a typing quirk, though it was Chasmo who ultimately helped him come up with it (Stipax did approve of the quirk, though).

From there, Stipax promptly asked the new mons about their backstories. He was saddened by Eurypedis' tragic tale of loss (though was very excited upon hearing that he did manage to evolve into a Kabutops), mildly amused by Cephalo's story (in which he died after performing a cliff jumping stunt, though he did question why Cephalo would do such a thing), and absolutely horrified upon hearing that Anomalo only lived for two days before being killed and blinded. He then vowed to give Anomalo the best life on Earth possible. Shortly afterwards, everyone left, and Owen promptly headed straight for Eterna City, his next Gym destination. Upon getting there, he walked straight into the Eterna City Gym and began to fight against Gardenia. As before, Stipax was the first mon he used, against Gardenia's Jumpluff, and Stipax immediately took notice of the Heat Rock that said Jumpluff was holding as well as her Ability, Chlorophyll. After a Giga Drain from the Jumpluff hit him, Stipax retaliated with a Leech Life that regained his HP, before dodging a Sleep Powder and finishing the Jumpluff off with a combination of a Compound Eyes-boosted Electroweb and a Signal Beam. Unlike the battle against Roark, Stipax stayed on his Trainer's shoulder for the whole battle, commentating everything. He made note of Eurypedis' strength against Gardenia's Sunflora, as well as Breloom's Poison Heal ability, and also sang along to the audience-performed parts of "You Give Love a Bad Name" during the final confrontation between Nautilu and Gardenia's Roserade that ultimately resulted in a win for Owen. During this, and unbeknownst to Stipax, Mark and Travis returned, and watched the end of the Gym Battle. After the battle ended, Owen and Stipax left with intent to go straight to the Underground to find more fossils, and ended up running into Mark and Travis again. Stipax happily greeted Chopper and got introduced once again to Haxx and Wingo, now both members of Travis' team, and told Chopper all about Steggy's performance of DARKSIDE back in Oreburgh. Soon afterwards, he got healed up at a Pokemon Center, during which Owen found out about the Noize Destroyz concert, before Stipax was once again let out and promptly headed straight through to the Underground.

It was in the Underground, now expanded, that Stipax ran into and met a sarcastic, cynical Cubone named Gwana, whose parents were killed by Team Lightning and who was now on the hunt looking for them in revenge. She initially mistook Owen and the group for members of Team Lightning, taking note of Stipax specifically. Once Stipax explained that they weren't members of Team Lightning, he offered Gwana a spot on the team, to which Gwana ultimately accepted- but only if Stipax knocked her out first. Stipax and Gwana promptly went into a capture battle, during which Stipax survived a Flamethrower from Gwana before retaliating with a Giga Drain. Gwana, however, promptly used Belly Drum and knocked away Stipax's Energy Ball move before retaliating with Rock Slide. However, Stipax remained undettered and proceeded to jump onto Gwana's next Rock Slide attack before fainting her with Giga Drain. Soon afterwards, Owen continued on-- only for him, Mark, Travis, and Stipax to run into multiple members of Team Lightning, including the member that had killed Gwana's parents. A battle with them promptly ensued, with Stipax being one of the mons used in said battle. After teaching Gwana what a Vow Breaker was, he started the battle off by Lunging at an Elekid, before using Electroweb on all of the mons there and then using Bounce to avoid Gwana's Earthquake that finished the Lightning gang off. From there, once Team Lightning had retreated, Owen finally caught Gwana, and then made an immediate move for Veilstone City for his next Gym battle. As before, Stipax was the first mon that he used against Maylene, and Stipax went up against her Hitmontop in particular. He first used Bounce to avoid the Hitmontop's first attack, discovering in the process that Hitmontop knew Rock Slide, before being hit by another Rock-type move after landing. However, Stipax was undeterred and used Electroweb soon afterwards to trap Hitmontop, which was then followed by another Bounce that ultimately finished Hitcontop off. Stipax then stayed on Owen's shoulder for the rest of the battle and commentated. He was the only mon to actively witness Saura's evolution, via the Pottery Wheel Method, into an Aurorus (the first of its kind in WAAPT), and actively encouraged her to step onto the wheel as well as cheered her on while she formed herself into her new body. He also was the most distraught upon seeing Nautilu get knocked out by Maylene's Infernape, and was absolutely bewildered upon seeing Chasmo come in and destroy said Infernape as well as Maylene's Medicham. Finally, he helped to put on "Sure Is Fun" for the final battle performance between Cephalo and Maylene's Lucario, which ultimately resulted in a massive win for Owen.

After the Maylene battle, Owen decided to go and find some more Fossils, with Stipax by his side. With approval from Mark and Travis, they went to a cave on Route 214 to start finding fossils. In said Maniac Cave, Stipax found and dug up a Cover and Jaw Fossil as well as an Old Amber-- and also attracted the attention of some wild Geodude that started attacking the group. Stipax promptly defeated one of them with an Energy Ball (and with help from Cephalo, Eurypedis, and Steggy). Once the group of Geodude was defeated, they left the cave, and proceeded to find a way to get to Oreburgh City. During this, Stipax met Mark's Charizard, Pyra, and asked her if she could help teach Teryx (who never learned how to fly) to fly. Pyra agreed, and tried to teach Teryx how to fly, but on his first attempt he crashed face-first into the ground. Owen was forced to go to Oreburgh City on foot-- but Teryx could run extremely fast, so he ended up beating both Mark and Travis there. Once Stipax and Owen made it to Oreburgh City, the group walked inside the Mining Museum and Revival Center and Owen promptly revived the fossils that would end up becoming Archie, Tyrie, and Rhamphor. Stipax happily greeted them and introduced them to the modern world as well as the rest of the team-- but during said introductions, something happened that neither he nor anyone else could have expected. When Teryx was introduced to Tyrie and Rhamphor in particular, he proceeded to have a PTSD-induced panic attack, recognizing their species, Tyrantrum and Aerodactyl, as the same ones that killed his parents and him respectively. Stipax was one of two mons to notice it, and the only one who tried to alert his Trainer that something was going on with Teryx-- but then all of a sudden Teryx attacked Tyrie and Rhamphor in a fit of rage.

Stipax, like everyone else there, was horrified, and desperately tried to get Teryx to calm down, but in the midst of his rampage Teryx didn't listen. Numerous questions promptly began forming in Stipax's mind about why Teryx was doing this-- and why he was doing it to Tyrie and Rhamphor in particular. Ultimately, he became even more shocked when Teryx promptly attacked Owen with a Dragon Breath when the latter grabbed him from behind. Stipax helped his Trainer up-- only to be absolutely taken aback when Owen suddenly became just as enraged as Teryx had been prior. Stipax promptly watched in absolute shock as Teryx and Owen had an argument, filled to the brim with words he couldn't quite catch, before Owen ultimately crushed Teryx's PokeBall and released Teryx from the team as punishment for both the attack and his insubordination. Confused and concerned, Stipax proceeded to question Owen on this, asking him if he was really sure he made the right call, with Owen responding by saying that he hadn't been so sure of something in his entire life. He promptly forced Teryx off of the team, and Stipax watched sadly as Teryx sadly gave in and left, waving goodbye to his former teammate before Teryx headed out on his own towards Route 216. However, despite that, Stipax still didn't think it was right, and knew something had to be up. He promptly returned to his PokeBall while Owen went to heal Tyrie and Rhamphor and rallied the rest of the Jura6-- now the Jura5-- into coming with him to go find Teryx and find out what was going on, in the process abandoning his Hearthome quest and the concert. The rest of the Jura5 agreed, and while Owen was at the Pokemon Center, Stipax (and the rest of the Jura5) popped out of their PokeBalls. Stipax told Owen that they wouldn't be going to Hearthome and would be going off on their own adventure, to which Owen, unaware of their true motives, agreed. Stipax promptly headed off, along with the rest of the Jura5, on their quest to find Teryx, and in the process dressed up in his detective hat for the first time, his role as "Detective Stipax" now in full swing, before telling everyone that they were going to find Teryx- and the truth about what happened- no matter what.

After a bit of travelling, Stipax, along with the rest of the Jura5, came across the tunnel that Teryx had dug to Veilstone City. Stipax used his magnifying glass to find Archeops tracks and immediately deduced that Teryx had dug a tunnel, before encouraging the rest of the Jura5 to follow said tunnel to wherever it ended, believing that they would find Teryx there. Eventually, the group stopped in Eterna City, where they talked a bit before deciding to head off to sleep for the night. However, it soon began to rain, something that Stipax didn't mind due to Electric being strong against Water, but something that Chasmo wasn't the biggest fan of, since he figured he'd faint in the rain. Stipax, not wanting to see his friend on the ground by the next morning, grabbed a stick and promptly used String Shot, Sticky Web, multiple Electrowebs, and Gastro Acid to create a makeshift umbrella for Chasmo. Chasmo was grateful, and the Jura5 promptly slept. The next day, the Jura5- including Stipax- continued on their trek, eventually ending up in Veilstone City where the tunnel stopped. Sure enough, there was Teryx in a Secret Base. Stipax was among the first mons to say hi, but in the process was chewed out by a suspicious Pat. Stipax, who hadn't realized that Secret Bases were people's homes, frantically apologized, but quickly learned that Pat didn't speak Monese and also was horrified upon hearing that Teryx believed that the Jura5 had come to kill him. After Nautilu explained everything to her (he could speak English), Stipax pulled Teryx out of the base. Soon afterwards, Teryx got confused, asking the Jura5 why they hadn't killed him yet before sadly telling them it was okay for them to do so. This move immediately stunned Stipax, who recognized this as a major out-of-character moment for Teryx (normally so afraid of death to the point of making preemptive traps for any threats). He promptly assured Teryx that the Jura5 would not kill him. However, he was soon caught off-guard when Teryx, upon hearing the names of Tyrunt and Aerodactyl spoken aloud, began having a profuse and vivid flashback to the circumstances surrounding his death. Confused and concerned, Stipax asked Nautilu what was going on, to which Nautilu promptly told the rest of the Jura5 that Teryx was likely having a flashback.

Stipax, who was stunned by this, asked Nautilu what he meant by that. Nautilu proceeded to explain it, before Teryx went up to Stipax and began rambling about his parents. Realizing that Teryx's parents were almost certainly dead by now, Stipax asked Teryx what year he thought it was. Teryx explained that all he knew was that he thought it was October 13th. While Stipax didn't realize the significance of the date (October 13th was the date on which, MYA, Teryx died of multiple Thunderbolts in an Aerodactyl attack), he was able to put two and two together and discern that something must have gone wrong on that date. He then calmly told Teryx that it was not October 13th and that no Pokemon were out to get him. However, shortly afterwards, Stipax found himself at a loss, and turned to Nautilu for advice. Nautilu, who by now was fully confident that Teryx had PTSD, told Stipax as such in a whisper that wasn't shown onscreen, to which Stipax wondered aloud why he hadn't thought of that before. Nautilu then told Stipax about the 5-4-3-2-1 sensory grounding technique, which Stipax promptly used to calm Teryx down and bring him back to the present. Even so, however, he still struggled a bit with it and didn't know what things Teryx would be able to smell or taste when he was A) in Veilstone City and B) likely starved. Despite that, however, it still worked, and Teryx was successfully calmed down and brought back to the present. However, Teryx was promptly overloaded with fears once again about what would happen, to which Stipax gently reassured him that they were only there to ask him questions and not to kill him. He then calmed Teryx down from a panic attack; a grateful Teryx promptly sobbed and hugged Stipax. Stipax returned it, and in the midst of a Jura6 group hug was promptly informed by Teryx that the latter was ready to tell them all his backstory.


  • Met: Pewter City
  • Birthday: November 23rd
  • Age: 12 (chronologically); 11 (in human form as Justin Patterson)
  • Ability: Compound Eyes
  • Favorite Move: Lunge
  • Nature: Naive
  • Characteristic: Highly curious
  • Likes: Finding out new things about the world, travelling the world, making new discoveries, solving mysteries, digging up fossils and treasures, his family, his friends, playing games, sharing his knowledge with everyone, puzzles and riddles, the music of Five for Fighting and Shinedown, the movies History of the World, Part 1 and Jurassic Park, the TV game shows Gamecube, Jeopardy!, The Wheel, and Only Connect, educational TV shows and YouTube channels, nature documentaries, battling, cuddling Teryx, crime dramas, Galarian children's television shows
  • Dislikes: Anyone who hurts his friends or Trainer, Team Lightning, getting an unsatisfying answer to a question he has, the state of the modern-day education system, seeing any of his friends sad or hurt, seeing Teryx sad, the disturbing nature of Anomalo's backstory, the circumstances surrounding his grandfather's death, seeing Teryx get released from the team
  • Ball: Poke
  • Nickname origin: Stipax triangulifer, an extinct species of spider
  • Hasslemon typing quirk: =D(Every) (sentence) (begins) (with) (a) (shovel) (that) (also) (resembles) (a) (smiley) (faCe,) (representing) (Stipax's) (optimistiC) (personality.) (All) (words) (are) (sUrroUnded) (by) (parenthesis) (to) (resemble) (holes) (in) (the) (groUnd,) (and) (all) (U's) (and) (C's) (are) (Capitalized,) (as) (they) (are) (the) (two) (letters) (that) (look) (the) (most) (like) (shovels.)
A prospective fullbody Stipax gijinka, as done by Goldenheart388.


  • Owen Edmundson: Owen Edmundson is Stipax's Trainer, and thus serves as his closest friend. The two of them are almost always seen together, with Stipax often riding on his Trainer's shoulder. Stipax sees Owen as more of a friend and big brother-esque sort of figure than a parental one (probably in large part due to his immensely loving parents), but even so, he loves his Trainer exponentially and will always be there to protect and support him in times of need. He also serves as a bit of a teacher for Owen, as it's thanks to him that Owen knows a bit of Galvantulan Monese. Despite his love of his Trainer, however, his naturally curious, naive, and sweet demeanor also doesn't stop him from questioning some of Owen's more morally gray decisions. Most notably, he was utterly shocked upon seeing Owen smash Teryx's PokeBall, and actively asked him if he was absolutely sure about Teryx's release upon seeing Owen tell Teryx to get out.
  • Mark Stroud: Stipax views Mark in more or less the same way as Owen does, enjoying his company despite the fact that Mark has a very tough-as-nails demeanor on the surface, and particularly enjoying the company of his Pokemon as well as fighting Team Lightning alongside him. He particularly enjoys talking to Chopper, due to their similarly naive and kindhearted demeanors, as well as Pyra-- when he met her for the first time he bombarded her with questions about what it was like to fight in the Kanto League and later on was the one who convinced her to try to teach Teryx to fly.
  • Travis Renault: Of Owen's two main traveling companions, Stipax enjoys talking to Travis and his mons only slightly more than talking to Mark and his mons. While he enjoys Chopper far more than Tricky, he absolutely adores Haxx and especially Wingo, and finds Wingo in particular to be cute.
  • Nautilu: Along with Chasmo, Stipax views Nautilu as a teacher of sorts, and he is usually one of two mons that Stipax will come to with any questions he may have about what is going on. When the two mons first met, Stipax was very eager to learn as much as he could about the 13th century (the time during which Nautilu lived), and Nautilu, in turn, was willing to answer his questions. Due to this relationship, Stipax is very protective of Nautilu; he was extremely concerned when the latter was knocked out during the battle against Maylene's Infernape, and was subsequently relieved when Chasmo came and finished the job for him.
  • Crina: Crina and Stipax get along fairly well with each other. While Stipax does find some of Crina's odd behavior somewhat off-putting (namely, her constant belief that her eyes are in fact her teeth), he remains nothing but patient towards her, and is willing to engage in some of her crazy fantasies and get to know the reason behind why she thinks those things (even if he does have a tendency to question them from time to time). He also loves listening to all of Crina's jokes and will often engage in harmless pranking with her; he's notably the only one of the Jura6 besides Saura to not be taken aback, scared, or offended by any of her pranks, instead viewing them as nothing more than good fun.
  • Chasmo: Out of all of the members of the Jura6 besides Teryx (see below), Stipax takes the most liking towards Chasmo, and the two of them are the most likely on the team to be seen together. Chasmo's laid-back nature lends itself well to Stipax's naturally curious personality, and he will often very patiently answer all of Stipax's questions. Stipax, meanwhile, enjoys listening to all of Chasmo's rambling stories about his past life, and believes that Chasmo reminds him a lot of his grandfather as a result. This helps explain why they are seen together more often than not, and usually are the first two mons on the team to come to the same or similar decisions about something. Stipax has been also seen to help Chasmo on multiple different occassions, most notably when made Chasmo his makeshift umbrella.
  • Teryx: Teryx is the member of the Jura6 that Stipax arguably has the closest bond with. He is willing to cuddle with Teryx at night (something Teryx greatly enjoys) and tries to help him go to sleep, unaware of Teryx's PTSD-laden nightmares. The two of them enjoy watching movies together. During the Techspo, Stipax was one of the first mons willing to comfort Teryx when he got scared after Team Lightning arrived, and later on down the line was willing to listen to Teryx upon the latter stating that he didn't want to tell Stipax his backstory. Arguably the biggest indication of their bond, however, was Stipax's reaction to the events and aftermath of Teryx's release, as well as his entire demeanor towards Teryx in the aftermath of the Jura5 finding him again (see "Personality and characteristics"/"History" for more).
  • Saura: Due to Saura's constant narcolepsy prior to her evolution, she and Stipax haven't gotten that much interaction together. The few times they have directly interacted, though, they are very close with each other and enjoy talking to one another. Stipax has often been seen cheering Saura on during Gym Battles, and notably was the only mon on Owen's team to see Saura's evolution in the flesh during the Maylene battle in Veilstone. After Saura's evolution, her staying awake more often means that she and Stipax have interacted a bit more. Both of them were equally just as shocked and saddened to see Teryx be released, and they were among the first mons along with Chasmo to agree to head off on their own to find him.
  • Anomalo: In much the same way that Teryx is the member of the Jura6 that Stipax has the closest relationship with, the same thing applies with Anomalo in regards to the secondary team. Aside from Steggy, Stipax has been seen most often interacting with Anomalo out of the entire secondary fossil team. He was notably horrified upon finding out Anomalo's backstory (he lived for only two days before he was blinded and killed by Tyrantrum), and was one of two mons, along with Chasmo, to try to find a way to accomadate Hasslemon to account for Anomalo's blindness. He also helped to introduce Anomalo to the rest of the team, allowed Chasmo to tell Anomalo the truth about his parents (due to Anomalo waking up blind and only having lived for two days, he still assumed he was in prehistoric times and was frantically searching for his parents, who he thought were still alive), and subsequently comforted Anomalo when he got sad about the fact that his parents were very likely dead.
  • Stipax's grandfather: While Stipax's grandfather has yet to be seen in WAAPT, Stipax has mentioned him from time to time and has recounted fond memories with him. Prior to being caught by Owen, however, Stipax had a great relationship with his grandfather, and would often listen to him tell stories about his life. His grandfather was also the one who taught him how to recognize the value of certain items and abilities, something that Stipax has kept to this day. His death, and the subsequent Five for Fighting riddle that came from it, greatly affected Stipax for many years. Not only did he end up being so in denial of his father's death that he tried digging up his body and taking it to a fossil revival center, but he spent much of the remainder of his life before meeting Owen trying to figure out the meaning of what his grandfather had told him, something that took participating in the Kanto League with his Trainer and listening to "The Riddle" itself for the first time for him to finally understand. Once he did understand, however, it ended up shaping Stipax's character to this very day.

Known Moves

  • TypeBug.gif: Lunge, Signal Beam, Leech Life, X-Scissor, Bug Buzz, String Shot, Sticky Web
  • TypeElectric.gif: Electroweb, Electro Ball, Thunder, Thunder Wave
  • TypeGrass.gif: Giga Drain, Energy Ball
  • TypePoison.gif: Gastro Acid
  • TypeFlying.gif: Bounce, Acrobatics


  • Stipax's name comes from the extinct spider species Stipax triangulifer. Originally, his name was going to be Gulliver- after both the species and from the protagonist of Gulliver's Travels- but the idea fell through when Stipax's general curiosity overtook his love of travel.
  • According to Goldenheart388, Stipax's Hasslemon handle is jovialPaleontology (JP). Besides being a reference to both Stipax's joy and his love of paleontology and discovery, the handle's abbreviation is the same as that of the initials of the famous book-turned-movie Jurassic Park, which, according to Goldenheart388, is one of Stipax's favorite movies (his favorite movie period is History of the World, Part I).
  • According to Goldenheart388, Stipax's English character theme is "The Riddle" by Five for Fighting. Originally, it was going to be "World" by the same artist, and both songs were in contention as a character theme for either Stipax or his Trainer Owen. However, "The Riddle" ultimately went to Stipax and "World" to Owen because, according to Goldenheart388, "Owen is mainly concerned with how the past and present can affect the future, and is more likely to ask questions such as 'How can we avoid making the same mistakes as we did in the past?', 'What can we do now to change the future?', and, indeed, 'What kind of world do we want to live in'? Stipax, meanwhile, is curious about things as they are, and is more likely to ask questions such as 'How does this work?', 'What does this do?', 'How did this happen?', 'Why are we here?', and 'What is the meaning of life?'". Lyrically, and similarly to that of Chasmo's theme "100 Years", Stipax's character theme details his backstory, with the roles of the father and son switched in order to make it work (the first line of the song, for the record, is similarly changed to "There was a man that was 95/Whose heart ran out of summers", rather than the original "There was a man back in '95"; according to Goldenheart388 the change was made due to plot convenience, as had Stipax's grandfather died in 1995, Stipax would be over 30 today). Due to the song detailing Stipax's backstory, it also delves, by proxy, into his curiosity towards the world around him and his love of his family and, later on, his Trainer. His Japanese character theme, meanwhile, is "Chiisa no Bokura ni Ooki na Heart", the first opening to the Dinosaur King anime series, and his headcanon voice is that of Colleen O'Shaughnessy as Miles "Tails" Prower from the Sonic franchise.
  • Stipax is the first member of Owen's team and one of three members of the Jura6 to have a Five for Fighting song as his English character theme (the other two are Chasmo and Teryx).
  • Stipax's birthday, November 23rd, is shared with his author, Goldenheart388. The date also doubles as the world premiere date of Doctor Who (one of Stipax's favorite television shows) and 3 days after the release date of the original Jurassic Park book (November 20th, 1990).
  • Stipax's love of crime dramas comes both from his love of mystery novels and due to the Criminal Minds episode "The Fisher King, Part 2", which famously ends with Stipax's character theme, "The Riddle" by Five for Fighting, playing in the background.
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