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A listing of Shadow Pokémon known to the J-Team during the Orre Arc initially compiled by DS.

Known Shadow Pokémon
Name Species Saved Purified
Maekrite Nidorino Yesnote Yes
Abra Abra Yes Yes
Ricin Grimer Yes Yes
Neptune Vaporeon Yes Yes
Crewe Sneasel Yes Yes
Beelz Houndoom Yes No
Dagon Kingdra Yes Yes
Regina Gardevoir Yes Yes
Shedinja Shedinja Yes No
Seviper Seviper Yes Yes
Tide Prinplup Yes Yes
Staravia Staravia Yes No
Diane Staraptor Yes Yes
Hyp Rampardos Yes Yes
Duke Lucario Yes Yes
Prism Togekiss No No
Excadrill Excadrill Yes Yes
Minccino Minccino Yes Yes
Balthazar Hydreigon No Yes