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April 1

  • [Meta] April Fools Day.
  • The very first April Fools based shenanigans begin.
  • The group has a brief skirmish with Ghetsis in the Sunken Ruins, but he and the Shadow Triad manage to get away.

April 2

April 3

April 4

  • The group fights Ghetsis, who managed to Shadow Kyurem, before DS and Wolf use the Grey Orb and their abilities as Minds of Crystal to de-shadow him.
  • Ghetsis is rendered insane by his failures and is then hauled off to prison, but not before revealing that Ardos was one of his benefactors.
  • Tagg and his mons make a vow on Yanmega's grave to always protect their friends.

April 5

  • Mew shows up at the Lacunosa Pokémon Center in order to fix Anom and Jane's DNA mix-up.
  • Tagg gets a letter from a mysterious person.
  • The legendaries hold a party for the group for destroying 'M.

April 17

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