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March 1

  • DS and Luke get Unovadex upgrades among other group members.

March 3

  • Anom is forced to fight a Tentacruel/Old Man (Not OLD MAN) hybrid.

March 4

  • The Hoenn group enters the Underwater Temple. where the Unown teleport them to the Sinhoh Ruins.
  • Palkia shows up to fix the Unown's home dimension after everyone is teleported to the Sinjoh Ruins, after which they see visions.
  • The Unown teleport Anom to the Ruins for the lulz.
  • Palkia shows her mural.
  • Jane gets freaked out by less than pleasant sexual imagery.

March 5

  • Tagg and Jane have a 1 on 1 battle upon reaching Blackthorn proper, which he loses.
  • People start heading over to Unova.

March 6

March 7

  • The group battles the Striaton Trio for Trio Badges.

March 8

  • Anom's hair is dyed green by Cilan.
  • Tagg catches Throh.
  • The group battles Lenora for Basic Badges
  • Rebecca goes with Virizion.

March 9

  • The group finds out about Attributes
  • The group battles Steven under the control of 'M.

March 11

  • Tagg battles Burgh for the Insect Badge, revealing that he'd caught a Roggenrola offscreen.

March 14

  • It's decided that part of the group will head to Anville Town in an attempt to get Clay away from Driftveil.
  • Part of the group is attacked by Zoroark en route to Anville Town, and Anom and Crewe are seriously injured. Yanmega is lost in the chaos.

March 15

  • Goggles evolves into Krokorok.
  • Part of the group fights a 50-foot Clay possessed by 'M.
  • Tagg catches Vanillite.
  • The group starts talking about where they came from.

March 16

  • Tagg, DS, Jane, and Luke meet Terrakion, Cobalion, and Keldeo deep under Driftveil after going down there to free them.
  • Anom and Wolf find what remains of his Yanmega after the Zoroark attacked it.
  • Meddler starts travelling with the group.

March 17

  • Yanmega is buried.

March 18

  • Musashi and Vanillite evolve into Samurott and Vanillish respectively within Twist Mountain.

March 21

  • Tagg and Gamer double battle Iris and Drayden for the Legend Badge.

March 22

  • Slouch wins against Drayden offscreen.
  • Tagg's Vanillish fully evolves.
  • It's revealed that 'M has possessed Alder.
  • The group enters Unova's Victory Road.
  • Tagg meets a Deino that tries to take a bite out of his leg.
  • Caitlin's Musharna allows the group to enter the Dream World (Or a special pocket of it) in order to rescue the Elite Four, where they are again assaulted by their greatest fears.
  • Jane and her mons are revealed to be possessed by 'M, and attack Caitlin's Musharna while everyone else is unconscious.
  • Keldeo I reveals himself in order to help the group.
  • A three way fight between the group, Team Plasma, and Jane and co possessed by 'M erupts in the League lobby.
  • Wulfric evolves into Lucario after rescuing Woolly.
  • Sniffles evolves into Beartic.
  • Due to meta issues, the group, Team Plasma, and 'M actually sit and chow down.
  • Flashbacks are had.

March 23

  • Even more flashbacks are had.

March 24

March 25

  • Tagg, Luke, and DS talk starters.
  • Wolf, Jane, and Pentigan are revived by Arceus.
  • Audilith evolves into Gigalith after Tagg trades with Gamer.
  • 'M splits apart its cores, the bio core heading to eastern Unova.
  • Tagg officially catches the Deino.

March 26

  • The group again discusses making T-shirts based on their experiences.
  • The group enters N's Castle in order to destroy 'M's digital core.
  • Mira evolves into Mienshao.
  • 'M's digital core is destroyed by Gamer's Charmander in anti-climactic fashion with the help of the Unovan Elite Four. Gamer then smashes the remnants.
  • The group ends up in the E4's secret candy supply.
  • Pentigan and Daisy become an item.
  • Portales and his friend from Celestial Tower briefly reunite.

March 27

  • Father and son reunite.
  • The group saves some Patrat and Magikarp from slavery under their owners.
  • The group splits in half in order to scour White Forest and Black City for paths to the Grey Ruins.
  • The Black City group finds an abandoned sewer tunnel, but the White Forest group has to go through a gauntlet of tests.

March 28

  • The group heads into Glitch City in order to kill 'M.
  • Keldeo I, Zekrom, and Reshiram show up as backup.
  • 'M is killed due to Anom willingly letting himself be absorbed by the Glitch in order to rid it of its anti-legendary barrier, allowing them to destroy it.

March 29

  • The group is summoned to the Hall of Origin, where Arceus decides that it is going on vacation due to its inability to stop 'M.
  • OLD MAN is named god of the universe in its stead.

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