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February 7

February 12

  • The group fights David and Daisy's sister, Leena.

February 15

  • The group fights the Anomaly at the top of Mt. Coronet.

February 17

  • The group explores Snowpoint Temple.

February 18

February 22

February 23

February 26

  • The group confronts Missingno in its layer, the Glitch calling upon the trainer's worse fears in an attempt to break them.
  • Missingno is killed by the proto-J-Team with the help of the legendaries, Mewtwo in particular killing its core, before being buried.
  • Palkia restores the group to their humans forms, at which point they discover that they can still understand Pokémon.

February 27

  • Ho-oh gifts Luke with another Rainbow Wing.
  • The group hands over the research on the other world to Professor Rowan, before splitting up in preparation for meeting in Unova.
  • Crewe is introduced.
  • Tagg decides to take a trip to Hoenn in order to find an Unown ruin.

February 28

  • Tagg makes it to Slateport and meets up with Jane and Anom,
  • Gamer heads to the Turnback Cave to find Giratina the First.

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