Draconic Uprising

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The Draconic Uprising was an event in the AU in which the Seven Jerk Dragons, leaders of several Dragon Clans, decided to try to usurp control of the world from humanity and place themselves above all other mons. To get around the Vow, which would compel the legendaries to punish them like the Alakagross, the dragons used Mon Bombs reverse-engineered from Numidium to turn 99% of the human population into Pokémon, as the Vow had no provisions for intermonal conflict as long as it didn't endanger the world.

In the timeline that became PMD-B, while the dragons were eventually defeated, the destruction to PEFE HQ left the researchers incapable of restoring the monified humans back to normal. Most of the Seven Jerk Dragons ended up getting killed in the counter-uprising, and the Dragon's Den was slaughtered by Inka.

Known Casualties of the PMD-B timeline

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