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Blitz: "And I thought this would be a quiet place for a vacation..."

Rio: ~Vacations are for normal people.~

-page 14846, following an impromptu chase scene through Snowbelle.

Blitz is a somewhat shy boy whose appearance in the RP began with being gifted a vacation to Kalos for his 19th birthday. Despite his embarrassment at beginning his travels and pokemon training later than most J-team members, Blitz has made something of a name for himself as the Ninja-Hero Gekkobi, and Were-Greninja Shinobi.

Name: Derek Blitz Thorne
Gender: Male
Sexuality: -
Age: 22
Ethnicity: -
Birthday: April 22, 1995
Home: Route 117, Hoenn
Nickname: Blitz
Pokéform: Greninja
Starter: Ammon


Blitz v1.png

Blitz has short brown hair and brown eyes. He typically wears Jeans and T-shirts of varying colors, mostly grey. When it's colder he can be seen with a green or blue hoodie type jacket, though the hood is rarely used. He also has a leather satchel to carry his supplies in during adventures. The only really unique physical feature he has is a scar on his right side following an attempted assassination on his pokeform by Leng.

As a Greninja, his appearance is much the same as any other member of his species aside from a thin scar along his right side.

As Gekkobi, Blitz wears a dark and light blue bodysuit patterned after a Frogadier with a motorcycle-like helmet reminiscent of the shape of a Frogadier's head with an opaque yellow visor. In addition he wears a white scarf and a belt with compartments for several of his hero tools.


Blitz is generally a laid-back and cheerful guy who's mostly content with his station in life and believes a good attitude and a bit of humor will get you through any situation. He has a sense of justice and can be protective of others, especially when his big brother instinct kicks in. Has had a habit of thinking of himself as nothing special.


The Thorne family has been running the Daycare on Route 117 since Grandpa Thorne's days, so Blitz has spent most of his days helping out in some form or another, and life had been pretty quiet overall. When Blitz was 10 he received his first pokemon egg, with an explanation that a person's most valuable possession was their bond with their pokemon. Eventually the egg hatched into a Growlithe that was named Ammon, but it would be some time before the pair were ready to go anywhere.

Unfortunately during that time Blitz's Grandfather (and then owner of the Daycare) passed. The family grieved for some time, but there were still pokemon to care for and a business to run. As Blitz's father took the lead of the Daycare Blitz found himself torn between getting ready to set out on a journey and staying to help the family sort things out, family ties won, and Blitz threw himself into the daycare business. At least until a fateful vacation to Kalos...

History in RP

First exposed to the J-team in Snowbelle during a vacation.

Somehow got on the wrong plane and ended up in Fiore instead of Hoenn.

Ran into Noir in Fall City, and got cursed with Lycanthropy for declining her offer to "help".

Joined the GreNinja Squad using the name "Shinobi" for his Pokeform.

After some training as Shinobi and an accidental reveal to Sakura, he joins Shingeko as the sidekick "Gekkobi".

"Officially" Joined the J-team after sitting in at a meeting in Fall City

Spent most of the Ranger-2 arc training both his team, and himself in and out of pokeform. While occasionally assisting the J-team in dealing with the Illusion project

Blitz's Team


Pokeform Details

  • Species: Greninja
  • Nickname: Shinobi
  • Ability: Protean
  • Nature: (Unknown)
  • Ball: Heal Ball
  • Known TMs
    • TypeWater.gif Scald
    • TypeDark.gif Dark Pulse
    • TypeGround.gif Dig
    • TypeIce.gif Ice Beam
    • TypeIce.gif Blizzard
    • TypeRock.gif Rock Slide
    • TypeGrass.gif Grass Knot
    • TypeFlying.gif Acrobatics
    • TypeWater.gif Waterfall
    • TypeWater.gif Surf
    • TypeFighting.gif Power-up Punch

(Naturally learned moves to be added later)

Potentially Important Stuff

  • Globe of concentrated Obscura given by Munn, supposedly creates illusions when smashed.
  • Tablet with Gamma's Pokemon translating program installed. (Currently on loan to Tori)

Random Semi-Interesting Things

  • A "Blue's Brothers" style suite, complete with fedora and glasses. Worn to Ren's Birthday party
  • The [costume] of a villain he wore during an opera hijacked by Ultros


  • Tori: This is Blitz's sister, they grew up together at their family's Daycare on Hoenn Route 117. They've always been friendly with each other, but since joining the J-team their time together has been somewhat limited. She harbors suspicions that Blitz's friendship with the GreninjaSquad may be related to Shingeko, but hasn't looked into since Blitz's initial denial... Yet.
  • Derek and Laura Thorne: These are Blitz's parents, they maintain a fairly healthy relationship despite adjusting to the fact their son is potentially a pokemon half the time, and have trouble communicating with him as a Greninja. Blitz hasn't decided what to tell them about his adventures as Gekkobi or with the J-team because he doesn't want them to worry about him being in danger, for the time being they think he is travelling with Sakura to find a cure for his weremon curse. They tend to call Blitz by his first name, Derek. Much to his embarrassment.
  • Sakura: Blitz's girlfriend, and partner/leader in ninja heroic as Shingeko. They first met as Blitz's Kalos vacation was winding to a close in Snowbell when the Greninja squad decided to practice their ambush tactics on him in the snow, leaving him quite curious about the pink-haired girl. After being cursed by Noir and joining the Greninja squad he learned about Sakura's ninja identity and was invited to become her partner as a human. Eventually he realized his interest in her was more than just a fascination with ninjas, and after much teasing/encouragement from his Greninja friends he admitted his feelings to her, eventually they started dating.
  • Lyuri: Blitz's girlfriend's sister.
  • Duke: Blitz's girlfriend's sister's boyfriend, and Shinobi's "trainer".
  • Blitz has met Ren.
  • Blitz is practically best friends with Jason :after joining the J-team around the same time and various shared shenanigans.
  • Blitz considers Aline sort of like a little sister, especially after hanging out with her as a member of the Greninja squad.
  • Blitz is friends with Eridanus and Al
  • Blitz is friends with with Super Nerd, though they don't talk a whole lot. Gave him a copy of the Monese translation program.
  • Blitz is Friends with Sarah, who is the only non-hero that knows about Blitz's identity as both Gekkobi and Shinobi so far.
  • Blitz is friends with Crewe, though he is slightly confused by the idea that Titan is her father-figure at the moment.
  • Blitz knows Tagg a little. He thinks it's a little weird that he doesn't talk much, but so far has a good opinion of him
  • Blitz knows Crow a little. Was pretty suspicious of him at first due to probing questions about Shinobi's status as a pokemon.
  • Blitz met Jacob once during a raid on Zrone's volcano base. Details are ambiguous

Relationships with Pokemon

  • Blitz has a good relationship with his team and treats them like family, especially after learning Monese
  • Biltz Is good friends with the GreNinja Squad, and a member
  • Haruka was invited to Join Blitz's team, and may be traveling with him while after discovering Haruka seems to belong to a pokeball already
  • Blitz is somehow friends/texting buddies with Mew Prime.


  • Is in the process of learning how to better control his lycanthropy, hoping to eventually turn the curse into a blessing.
  • Has joined in the super-hero business as "Gekkobi", but is still in training.
  • Helped drive Kusaru out of Jason's mindscape. Participated in a few other Mindscape trips
  • Helped raid Zrone's lab in Boyleland, releasing the Heatran that Zrone had captured in the process
  • As Gekkobi, assisted in the raid on Neo-Galactic HQ that lead to Titan's arrest
  • Assisted in the final raid on Illusion HQ in Oblivia


  • Blitz's name was chosen as a mix of the TVT handle BlitzTrain and the name of a character from his creator's father's amateur writings
  • IRP Blitz was named after his father, but prefers to go by his middle name to avoid being called "Junior".
  • Blitz's Trainer ID number is 48592.

Blitz's Team
On Hand : Ammon059Mini.pngStark306Mini.pngDown177Mini.pngMondo035Mini.pngTomahawk628Mini.pngJuste458Mini.png
Boxed : None
As last seen in: Alola