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Oshawittle is Ian's Oshawott, and the second Pokémon Ian has befriended.


Oshawittle is brave and chivalrous, like a knight. He always vows to protect every female Pokémon he meets. Some say he's a chip off the old Brock. Others believe that he has read one too many books about the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of The Round Table.


  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Met: Nuvema Town [Gifted]
  • Ability: Torrent
  • Held Item: None
  • Favorite Move: Razor Shell
  • Nature: Brave (Chivalrous)
  • Ball: Poké
  • Likes: Ian, his friends, honor, adventure, chivalry, Dot
  • Dislikes: Those who would threaten his friends, Liars, Pokémon abuse, Those who fight without honor
  • Speech Color: blue

Battle Strategy

Oshawittle likes to fight honorably with sword and shield, in terms of the moves Razor Shell and Protect. He also relies on his friends for combination attacks such as combining his Ice Beam or Piku-chan's Thunderbolt with his Razor Shell to create Elemental Shell Blades, or combining his Aqua Jet with Raru's Hypnosis to generate a Hypnotic Veil.

Known Techniques

Movepool for Oshawittle
Type Move Acquisition Performance ??? Notes
TypeWater.gif Razor Shell Natural ★★★★★ Oshawittle's favorite move, Very Versatile
TypeIce.gif Ice Beam TM ★★★★★ Can be combined with Razor Shell and Aqua Jet
TypeNormal.gif Protect TM ★★★★ Raises his scalchop like a shield
TypeNormal.gif Swords Dance Natural ★★★★ Draws his Razor Shell (or whatever Shell Blade attack he's using) and dances hypnotically to raise his Attack
TypeWater.gif Aqua Jet Natural ★★★★ Learned during the battle with Brock, can combine with Ice Beam
TypeNormal.gif Retaliate Natural Learned during the battle against Kolemm, used to avenge Dot when she fainted
TypeWater.gif Hydro Pump Natural ★★★★★
The list above may not be exhaustive. ID=Oshawittle


Ian first met Oshawittle when he turned 10. Ian chose him as his starter Pokémon and went with Ian and Piku-chan to start his Pokémon Journey.


  • Assisted his trainer and the J-Team in the defeat of Necrozma.
  • Helped Ian and Bastion defeat The Nameless.
  • Fought alongside his trainer in the battle against the Mobius Society (controlled by Izaya) at the Ultra Badlands.
  • Fought alongside his trainer during the battle against The Fanatic.
  • Helped his trainer in the battle to save Santa Claus from the IDPD.


  • Ian is Oshawittle's trainer, whom he tends to see as his liege.
  • Piku-chan is one of Oshawittle's first friends outside of Ian and his family. Both Piku-chan and Oshawittle are Ian's Starter Pokémon and have been with him since Ian started his journey.
  • Dot is Milagros' Vespiquen of whom he vowed to protect. The two had fallen in love since then and Oshawittle refers to her as "My Queen".


  • Oshawittle was the first of Ian's Pokémon to appear during Ian's Sign-Up Test.
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