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Ratatoskr, or Ratatosk, was a cyborg Pachirisu, and the second experiment faced by the J-Team during the PEFE Arc



Ratatoskr was a normal Pachirisu before being taken to Pokefutures Inc. and being lobotomized into a cyborg. Its main purpose was to facilitate communications between Nidhoggr on the ground and Vedfolnir in the sky. Like the other experiments, it was put into stasis and its data wiped following the PEFE takeover.


Unlike Nidhoggr Ratatosk was a constant presence during the J-Team's journey to the second generator room, always observing them from afar before battling them in a darkened forested module. The Pachirisu proved to be a difficult opponent, using the advantage of its size and speed to attack from various angles. Upon taking enough damage, Ratatoskr disabled the party with a high pitched scream, Elise and Vrang showing up at the same time. Upon Vrang's remarks resulting in Ratatosk firing a Thunderbolt at him, Mach got enraged, and together with Odie put an end to the experiment.

Powers and Abilities

As a recon unit, Ratatoskr's augmentations were mainly based on stealth rather than power like Nidhoggr. It was capable of creating soundwaves that interfered with Aura Sense, and had an anti-psychic barrier to avoid psychic detection, and could also emit a disabling high pitched scream. Apart from that it was no different in terms of power from a regular Pachirisu.


  • Ratatoskr gets its name from the squirrel from Norse mythology.