Veðrfölnir and Giant Braviary

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Veðrfölnir and the Giant Braviary, or Vedfolnir, were a cyborg duo consisting of a normal sized Staraptor and a giant Braviary, and the third cyborgs faced by the J-Team during the PEFE Arc



Both were regular members of their species before being transformed by Pokefutures Inc. into cyborgs. Much like the others, they were put in stasis and any information pertaining to them was wiped during the PEFE takeover.


Vedfolnir and his partner were first encountered by members of the J-Team in a darkened eyrie at the top of the facility, the former perched on top of the latter's head. Upon both parties noticing one another, the Braviary blasted a hole in the roof before both birds flew out, heading towards Kanjoh. Tagg's group ended up tangling with the Braviary thousands of feet above the facility, while Diane's group fought Vedfolnir in the canopy of the forest surrounding PEFE HQ.

After taking enough damage and getting knocked in the forest the Braviary underwent a form change and tried to kill Tagg's group with lasers, only to be interrupted by Garchomp and Tropius. With their help, Tagg's group dealt fatal blows to the Braviary, causing it to crash into the Sea of Kyogre and explode. At the same time, Vedfolnir attacked SleepyHead in the canopy with pecks aimed at taking both her eyes out, only for Diane to beat it to a pulp with Close Combat, the cyborg being finished off by a Psybeam from SleepyHead right after.

Powers and Abilities

Both cyborgs could use the abilities granted to both their species, and could also share information with one another through a wireless connection. The Braviary was armored and was armed with lasers, while Vedfolnir could emit a blinding light from its cybernetic eye.


  • Veðrfölnir and the Giant Braviary are based on the birds on the top of Yggdrasil from Norse mythology.
  • The Braviary lacking a name is a direct reference to the fact that the eagle in the Poetic Edda also lacks a name.