Auric Sol Tournament

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Exposition battle tournament carried out in Holon, showcasing the mechanics of a new battle scheme derived from the Golden Sun games.

Overall description of mechanics:

  • Battles are based on the triples format with 3-on-3 or 6-on-6.
  • For 6-on-6 battles, teams are divided into a Front row and Back row.
  • Front row goes first and once it is defeated, Back row steps in.
  • Switchout (voluntary or forced) is not permitted.
  • Possibility to run 4-on-4 battles using two-rows Doubles.
  • Usage of in-battle items is permitted. Don't abuse Revives though.
  • Two Pokémon in the same "row" can not have the same tem equipped.

In-RP introduction here.

See also idea introduction post.


  1. Fiery Girl Jenna (Mezzo)
  2. Self-Proclaimed Pokémon Genius Jacob (Verax)
  3. Pokémon Breeder Joseph (Dogs)
  4. Eris (Jho)
  5. Team Glacier Admin Pianissimo (Mezzo)
  6. Anonymous Entrant (????) Genie Gofer Sticy Lips (Crowlover)
  7. Gene (Sandslash) (Tracer)
  8. PEFE Researcher Silent (Venia Silente)


The runner-up gets to choose between the following two items:

  • Antivenom Earring (from FF XI) -- halves damage from Poison as well as chance of being inflicted PSN.
  • Peace Ring (from FF VI) -- protects against Confusion, Infatuation, Torment and other mental volatile effects.

The winner gets to choose between the following two items:

  • Protean Ring (from FF XI) -- increases the damage output for long-range attacks (beams and projectiles).
  • Guard Bracelet (from FF VI) -- the wearer acquires Reflect and Light Screen of normal duration when starting the battle.

(See Imported Items)


Holon ‘Aureal Sol’ Demonstration Tournament
- Opening Round Semi Finals Final
Sticy Lips Link -- Sticy Lips Link (1) (2) -- Sticy Link -- Jacob (sorta)
Coronation and Prizes
Silent Link (1) (2) -- Eris
Jacob Link -- Jacob Link -- Jacob
Gene (Sandslash)
Pianis Link -- Joseph
  • All rounds are carried out in 6-vs-6 dual rows modality.
  • All rounds are carried out in either 3-vs-3 or 6-vs-6 according to interplayer agreement.


  • As a tournament prize Jacob receives the Guard Bracelet.
  • As a tournament prize Sticy Lips receives the Antivenom Earring.