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August 1

August 2

August 3

  • Nothing much happened.

August 4

  • The child attempts to kill Ama again at her shack but fails.

August 5

August 6

  • Chiyo ponders the PEFE's Schoolkid degeneration treatment pills.

August 7

August 8

  • Nothing much happened.

August 9

  • [TS] Shadow Crowley offers to give the Thieves a tour of the factory.
  • Jackal argues with Delta.

August 10

August 11

August 12

[TS] * Suiko is revealed to not be an ally.

August 13

August 14

August 15

  • Logan tells Adelinde about Minds of Crystal.
  • The child tries killing Ama over the course of the week.

August 16

August 17

  • Nothing much happened.

August 18

August 19

  • Cid discusses how annoying the School is to fight with Ophelia, who is revealed to be a Mind of Crystal with memories of the AU.

August 20

  • Tagg meets Apple-A-Day and Percy and tells them about how Chiyo is currently holing herself up due to Vana's death.
  • Walking Mountain.
    • Lucrezia curses Dune's continued shredding through her forces.

August 21

August 22

  • [TS] Chiyo discusses her feelings regarding Vana's death.
    • Chiyo goes over the first time she killed someone and why she chose to stay away from Tagg after their first meeting.
  • Walking Mountain.
    • Deziree fights one of her sisters who turns out to be a Delta Magnezone.
    • The fight with Pandora is interrupted by the Stranger using an Ultra Wormhole to summon Duninator for her to fight instead.
  • Ama teaches Strontium more about illusions.

August 23

  • Nothing much happened.

August 24

  • [TS] Tagg talks about the first time he ever killed someone in an attempt to commiserate.
  • [TS] Meat Palace.
    • Shadow Crowley shows shows off the center of the Palace.
  • Walking Mountain.
    • Lucrezia reveals that the Walking Mountain was where Numidium's heart was originally created, before Heart-Swapping with an Original Heart Magearna and attacking.
  • Silas gives Rory access to the J-Team groupchat.
  • [TS] Whitt rejects the offer of a cure, while Xaster visits Hoops in their room on the Stormchaser.

August 25

  • Nothing much happened.

August 26

  • [TS] Chiyo cottons on to Nasreen and Percy listening in on her conversation with Tagg.
  • [TS] Meat Palace.
    • Crowley is revealed to be working with the School in order to secure his cloned meat.
  • Walking Mountain.
    • Dune and Deziree defeat Lucrezia and break the Walking Mountain's time field.

August 27

  • [TS] Pef discusses augmenting Neodymium to give them a higher chance of passing her exams with Ramona.

August 28

  • Nothing much happened.

August 29

  • [TS] Olivia and co reach Lavender Town, only to find it suspended on a pillar of rock.
  • Pavo obtains a Swablu.
  • (No longer) Walking Mountain.
    • Dune and Deziree attempt to get the Magearna Lucrezia was possessing working again.

August 30

  • Haru and Rhoda's domestic life as escapees in more ways than one is interrupted by Tellurium coming to warn them that Adelinde is on her way.
  • Walking Mountain.
    • As Rill explains to the assorted Steel-types what to do upon leaving, and Selene teaches the Daughters about the rights of sapient beings besides themselves, the Magearna expresses their desire to head out... somewhere.
    • Magearna expresses missing Enamorus.
  • Chiyo expresses the desire to see Vana's body after getting things handled.

August 31

  • [TS] Haru and Rhoda briefly argue over how to handle Adelinde's imminent arrival.

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