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October 1

October 2

  • [TS] School Base Raid.
    • Gabriel has his Dark Troopers attack.
  • The School pulls up files on Dune's parents.

October 3

  • [TS] School Base Raid.
    • Brad Mega Evolves his Tyranitar with and Awakening Seed before shooting Tagg after he makes fun of the Templar's title in order to spite Chiyo.
    • Victor and co retreat after Chibi manages to take out Pavo.
    • Brad's Tyranitar is fainted as Tagg's mons proceed to attempt to maul the Templar.
    • Damien asks Zee to be taken to the woods to see what's go great about not being part of the School.
  • [TS] Kim and co reach the Ultra Megalopolis.
  • [TS] Amity evolves to Drifblim during the Nessa battle.

October 4

  • [TS] School Base Raid.
    • Gale Dynamaxes Tyrantoth Rex by using the Pen to convert the Aura of the ley line flowing below into Galar particles.
    • Megan is taken and forced to confront Molybdenum again.
    • Tagg and co manage to decisively defeat Brad, though the Templar manages to escape despite his critical injuries, and get the warning regarding Adelinde.
  • [TS] After Rhoda tells Adelinde that she's an inferior successor to Melinoe, Adelinde proceeds to literally take her, Haru, and their mons to pieces, before heading over to the School Base.

October 5

  • [TS] School Base Raid.
    • Ama gets seriously burned while fighting Bren.
    • Chiyo makes a speech calling for unity between Schoolchild and Templar in favor of fighting the true enemy, the School leadership, making a direct challenge to the Principal.
  • Kim writes a blog post on her UBese findings.

October 6

October 7

  • [TS] School Base Raid.
    • The combined forces of Ananpi, Rory, Mason, and their teams subdue Dr. Circhester's team. Ciara offers to parley and takes custody of all three of Circhester's Pokémon.
    • Hiro duels Adelinde.
  • Senator Anderson arrives to check out the Battle Academy.
  • Dune finds out that Dr. Kaminko created both a sapient android trainer and resurrected an extinct pokémon.
  • Chiyo, Abe, Zee, and Chloe discuss the events of the raid via text, along with future plans.

October 8

October 9

  • [TS] Chiyo and co meet Diamond again, who explains how he escaped the School and how his powers work.
  • Dune and his mons chase a vagrant Hisuian Braviary.
  • [TS] School Base Raid.
    • Molybdenum learns about the mask currently being in Tagg's possession from scanning Daydre's Mindscape.

October 10

  • [Meta] Indigenous People's Day.
  • [TS] Diamond asks Chiyo to spar with him, revealing that she's a Mind of Crystal.
  • Bela returns to the Safehouse only to meet PEFE!Every.
  • Jade explains the nature of Chibi being a Pikachu-Zapdos hybrid to the J-Team.
  • Ama decides to cut her hair due to it getting burned by Bren in the aftermath of the Base raid.
  • [TS] School Base Raid.

October 11

  • Pentigan asks Kai if there's any truth to Whitt's accusations of her being a School spy.
  • Pavo enthralls Mitchell into becoming Machamp Major in order to fight the J-Team and capture both Neon and the Aelfric siblings.

October 12

  • Nothing much happened.

October 13

  • [TS] Diamond asks Chiyo if she thinks her personal qualities are enough to defeat the School, which she answers.

October 14

  • Dr. Ozwald demonstrates the abilities of Angelica, The Magical Girl of Tyranny.
  • [TS] Chiyo discusses with Diamond her AU memories.
    • In return it's revealed that AU!Echo died sometime in her teens, while Diamond's genes come from Volo.
    • Diamond reveals that most incarnations of the School end getting destroyed because they tried taking Mewtwo's DNA.
  • Hoops decides they want to leave Sinnoh to challenge the Alola League.
  • Tagg and Chiyo visit Uxie to ask her questions, primarily about the Oracle Mask.

October 15

  • [TS] Uxie tells Tagg and Chiyo the story of the Oracle Mask and how it came into the ownership of Aislinn's family line.
  • The Robo-Trainer gains sapience.
  • Astatine decides to start going by Austin.

October 16

  • Tanya's squad is reassigned to dealing with the Phantom Thieves.
  • [TS] School Base Raid.
    • Hiro collapses part of the building on Adelinde in order to escape.
  • Kec decides to be a mon advocate.

October 17

  • Nothing much happened.

October 18

October 19

  • Nothing much happened.

October 20

  • [TS] School Base Raid.
    • Baakwu agrees to convince the rest of Daydre's Aspects not to kill Molybdenum, in return for her not having Daydre harm Megan again.

October 21

October 22

October 23

  • After Shift explains how Pent's meta awareness works, they attain their Evolved Personas, Gentleman and Illapine respectively.

October 24

  • [TS] Kai tells Pent that Gale wants to define herself separately from him.

October 25

  • Whitt decides to stage a breakout from the PEFE facility he's imprisoned in.

October 26

  • Adelinde goes to the Counselor's office.

October 27

  • [TS] Adelinde and the Counselor discuss recent events.

October 28

  • [TS] Adelinde brings up Rhoda to the Counselor.
  • Neo learns that she won't be graduating.

October 29

  • [TS] Whitt manages to escape the Jubilife facility.

October 30

  • [TS] Uxie explains the nature of the Yellow Eyes to Tagg and Chiyo.

October 31

  • [Meta] Halloween.
  • Tanya is ordered to keep away from the Battle Academy.
  • Jade reads the tale of the legendary beast.

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