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August 1

August 2

  • Nothing much happened.

August 3

  • Nothing much happened.

August 4

  • Nothing much happened.

August 5

August 6

  • Nothing much happened.

August 7

  • Nothing much happened.

August 8

  • Poppy reads an e-mail from the Rangers asking her to visit the Slateport Ranger Base to receive a gift.
  • Jess meets fellow School experiment Pat, who happened to be in the same hospital ward.
  • [TS] Tagg arrives at a special mon's home.
  • Boron and Chloe meet an elderly School escapee asking to see Chiyo.

August 9

  • [TS] Akira tells Risky and co what he knows about Victor.
  • Hoops defeats Grusha and earns the Ice Badge.
  • Chiyo tells Chloe that she has no desire to try making Maurice a Templar double agent.

August 10

  • Nothing much happened.

August 11

  • Nothing much happened.

August 12

August 13

August 14

  • [TS] The bandits are chased off by Maylene.
  • Battle in the Skies Above.
    • Whitt is revealed to have obtained a Delta Runerigus from Gabriel.
    • Brie manages to escape Nitrogen and Whitt, to the former's rage.
    • Nitrogen and Whitt proceed to argue about who was at fault.
    • Whitt suggests leaving the School, an idea that Nitrogen seemingly accepts, before revealing it was all a ruse.
  • Atrin challenges the Veilstone Gym.
  • Rebecca wakes up with her new Deziree-brand cybernetics.

August 15

August 16

  • [Meta] Paldea Arc begins.
  • Desmond and Atrin meet an old man asking for help getting a trinket from the Veilstone Game Corner.
  • Iridium shows up unannounced at Lydia's apartment, only to meet her "friend" Ben.

August 17

  • Deziree interviews Rebecca for her new job as security detail.

August 18

  • The Rangers gift Poppy with an egg before she leaves for Kalos, and she meets up with Sophia in Coumarine.

August 19

  • Battle in the Skies Above.
    • Nitrogen has Beck try to burn Whitt alive.
    • Whitt uses the Ferrocaine in an attempt to save his own life, but it ends up semi-backfiring when he's unable to finish Nitrogen off.
    • After Whitt proves more unkillable than expected, Nitrogen attempts to use the air to choke him out.
  • Mitchell arrives in Paldea.

August 20

  • Kai calls Brie following her escape.
  • Whitt collapses from complications of all the damage he's suffered and 10% of his body melting.

August 21

  • Kai and Brie share their stories of being attacked by Molybdenum and Nitrogen and Whitt respectively.
  • Gabriel saves Whitt's life and has him taken back to his base.
  • Gale and Flamel are attacked by Angelica, Magical Girl of Tyranny.
  • [TS] Isaac takes Akira off Risky's hands, but is revealed to have been a creation of the School's the whole time.
  • Kai tells Brie that they gained possession of a mysterious Pokémon.
  • Aislinn goes to visit her mother's grave and is met by Melida, Aveline's Hatterene who she thought dead.
  • Tagg gets set up in his Academy office and discusses his plans to gather Herba Mystica for the Curse cure.

August 22

  • Kai discusses their desire to defeat another J-Teamer in battle.
  • Desmond challenges Maylene for the Cobble Badge and wins, only for the arrival of Maylene's dad to damper celebrations.
  • Mitchell arrives at Naranja y Uva Academy.

August 23

August 24

  • Roxy and Silas arrive at the hospital.
  • Battler eliminates the largest pockets of School presence in Paldea in a decapitation strike.

August 25

August 26

  • Nothing much happened.

August 27

August 28

  • [TS] Silas explains the nature of beskar to Ludmilla.
  • E-bike manages to defeat Chi-Yu.
  • Daydre tells Kai about how she obtained her two not-quote Doublade.
  • Gabriel reveals that he has control of Whitt through trigger phases.
  • Roxy comes out of treatment alive.
  • Pelly joins Tagg's team.

August 29

  • Hoops defeats Brassius and earns the Grass Badge.

August 30

  • Silas notices that Roxy's body has undergone changes following the treatment.
  • Alexa does a debriefing with Nitrogen, along with an added compliance surgery.

August 31

  • Roxy is revealed to have turned purple in Sylveon form.
  • Chiyo, accompanied by Chloe, faces Totem Araquanid.

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