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(This page is a Return to AU Arc primer WIP)

Arc Brief

Things were peaceful in the AU after the defeat of Cyrus… until…

Egad! The ninjas dragon clans are uprising! They have betrayed everyone and turned humanity into mons! PEFE would try to help but their hands… er, paws, are full! Chaos and disarray are the order of the day as the dragons move out to assert their dominion everywhere! Are you a badass enough character to stop them? Because if not… humanity will be extinct and PMD-B will happen!

Major Synopsis

(Moved to the arc page)

Known Operational Details

Details from here are much more technical and are subjected to change. None of this should be taken as an official decision unless it is stated as such in the Discussion Thread!

The Draconic Council (aka the 7 Jerk Dragons)

At the head of the Draconic Treason lie the seven Dragon Clan Leaders, each one upholding power over a section of dragon mon population. These characters are the ones to pull the strings and originate all the ruckus, though they do not necessarily oppose our characters directly (so some of them work as "Bigger Bads").

The identities and plans for those characters are as follows:

(Extracted mostly from this discussion post)

  • AU!Alduin (Hydreigon). Leader of the Topaz Wing but eventually promoted to overall leader. Handler: Umbramatic.
    • Purportedly holds the view that humans are inadequate and dangerous a species to have a focus in the Pokéverse.
    • Most likely will not be faced directly, an unexpected (in-universe) heel face turn is planned for him.
  • Seshirou (Garchomp). Leader of the Diamond Horn clan. Closely allied with Fuuma, to the point of considering him a "brother."
    • Goes by the draconic name of Odyol.
  • Fuuma (Flygon). Leader of the Ruby Flame clan. Closely allied with Seshirou, to the point of considering him a "brother."
    • Goes by the draconic name of Fusgol.
  • Transformed!AU!Pentigan (Hydreigon). Leader of Emerald Scale clan. Handler: Pentigan.
    • Goes by the draconic name of Paarthurnax.
    • It is unknown if this character will heel face turn or be defeated and punished.
  • Nefarious Vallok (Altaria). Leader of Amethyst Claw.
    • Goes by the draconic name of Vallok.
    • Possibly the mon in the council to have either reverse-engineered or deployed the monification bombs. Might face the harshest punishment.
  • Eon (Latios). Leader of Opal Roar clan.
    • Goes by the draconic name of Qoriik.
    • Is an NPC handler requested?
  • Unknown member (Haxorus♀). Leader of Lapis Fang clan (Unova).
    • Goes by the draconic name of Bahahkun.
    • Direct ancestor of PMD-B's Maleficent.

As these characters have caused an evil in the scale of what eg.: Cyrus has done -- not only extincting an entire species but also attempting to usurp the roles of the Legendaries, not to mention causing a planetary apocalypse -- they will receive particularly harsh, but not necessarily violent, punishment at the end of the arc. The idea is that it's not too "Darker and Edgier" but also at the same time that it is exemplary on part of the Legendaries, and fair in and out of universe.

Known options under discussion include:

  • Eviction from the AU timeline.
    • At least three leaders (Seshirou, Fuuma, and Bahahkun) are known to be eventually subjected to this fate.
    • To where will they evicted must be studied, since it would be broken to just leave them to their own devices in another universe for them to conquer. As such, some of them might be evicted in a permanently-depowered form.
  • Karmic punishment using The Vow.
    • Essentially they could be slapped with a stronger version of The Vow, forcing them to serve a human and rescinding forever their right to request or demand release.
    • For extra punishment, one of them could be attached to a silly Trainer.
    • An associated effect would be that they would be forbidden forever from touching "holy ground" (ie.: the resting or ceremonial place of a Legendary) anymore, such as suffering strong pains if they attempt to do so, or being held back by magical barriers.
  • Karmic "turn-of-the-table".
    • Essentially they would be forever surrounded by an aura similar to Tagg's "Someone Else's Problem" field, so that they will not only be never considered fit to lead by anyone else, but their opinions on anything might also be magically ignored.
    • Also they might have a permanent magical loss of "luck of the draw". Think of it as the game's RNG being particularly nasty towards them.
    • Since they would not be considered fit and would magically be turned into eternal losers, no one would ever again consider them fit enough to have them as mates.
  • Death.
    • The idea is more or less to avoid this.

The Biobliterators

Somehow, the dragon clans managed to recover lost Alakagross technology for a reality-warping superWEPON, and they have reverse-engineered enough of it so as to create a WEPON that works just like the Human-to-Pokémon armbands, except permanent and with an area of effect. They move out to deploy this WEPON across all of Pokéarth in the form of bombs.

Effect of these superWEPONs is essentially instantaneous and with an area of effect. They might also leave residue effect that prevents whatever human survivors to reach to the exterior again once it is deployed, forcing whatever remnants of humanity to seclude themselves in Fallout-style Vaults.

It has been suggested that deployment of the WEPONs will be made by airship, which hints at Hiroshima-Nagasaki-styled sequences of events; major civil population centers would be hit first, there might be instantaneous or immediate-term loss of lives due to eg.: a human turning into a Numel right while undergoing surgery, large-scale communications will be momentarily crippled and most likely not recover at all (except possibly the Imageboards?).

Draconic Occupation

To be completed

Link to the OU

AU!PEFE has a telephone link to the OU held by Mint and Boldo. What this link will be used for is still unknown but it is suggested that some characters such as Lake will send key information from the OU that they will have gained from the PMD Returns Arc. This information might serve to eventually turn the tables and assist in defeating the dragon occupation and or reversing the monification effect (see below).

While the Entralink makes possible to move from the OU to the AU, its actual availability has to be checked. Part of the out-of-universe rationale behind it is that this is an arc for our AU selves to get to actually save the world on their own.

R&D for an anti-WEPON

To be completed


Facets of eventual resistance include but are not limited to:

  • Red in Kanjoh is going to still be too awesome to handle after monification, so the dragons might regret turning him into a mon and giving him powers.
  • The Dragonspiral Tower in Unova will not exactly be in a friendly position with the draconic invaders for most of the revolt. Initial recruitment into the cause of monifying humanity (or at least Iccirus) will wind up spluttering rapidly following a combination of conflicting goals and overall culture, divine chastisement, as well as Iccirus' status as a tributary to the tower. Annoyance by the dragon council's attempts to usurp the authoritative position of two Dragon Legendaries venerated at Dragonspiral Tower and the intense cold (hinted to as a reference to Black and White 2) will not help things either.
  • The Goldenrod Owsla will assist refugees but not play active resistance in the area, instead spreading to two Johto cities: Violet and Alto Mare. Will play as an Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood miniarc, more or less.
  • Hoenn gets thrown a bone for once, with 1/3 humans turned into Dragon types themselves. This throws a wrench into the efforts of the invaders to claim any sort of legitimacy, or even not be outnumbered in their own ranks by infiltrators.

To be completed

Known / Planned Battles

To be completed

Arc Outline

  • To be added.