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January 1

  • [Meta] New Year's Day.
  • Zygarde!Loki and FE!Loki team up.
  • [TS] Xaster defeats Volkner, earning the Beacon Badge, and is given two eggs by both him and Flint.
  • Iridium is revealed to have gotten a new mission and Ammit offscreen.
  • Dune finds an abandoned Galarian Meowth.

January 2

  • Molybdenum and Ribot discuss the former's last few proteges and lovers while going over Neodymium's liquidation notice.

January 3

  • Deziree hires Ms. Fowling after finding the other applicants lacking for various reasons.

January 4

  • Nothing much happened.

January 5

January 6

  • [TS] Chiyo explains the nature of Schoolchildren and Ynos' backstory to Aislinn.

January 7

  • Nothing much happened.

January 8

  • Dune and Chairwoman Geeta argue over having their Academies perform student exchanges, which Angela decides to settle by suggesting that they battle it out.
  • [TS] Louis Macraul mulls over his estrangement from the rest of the family and his views on the family legacy.

January 9

  • [TS] Ynos and Ludmilla discuss old Batchmates.
  • [TS] When Aislinn proves reluctant, Chiyo proceeds to tell her about what Ynos said truly happened that night, which convinces her to try understanding Ynos more for Chiyo's sake.
  • [TS] Gwana evolves to Marowak.

January 10

January 11

January 12

  • [TS] Ynos is revealed to have vision issues related to his creation.
  • Louis Macraul mulls over his family's dark legacy.
  • [TS] In 1885, Joseph Knight returns to Spectra Castle.

January 13

January 14

  • [TS] Crowley's eyes flicker in the midst of his speech.
  • Chloe visits Abe and the two escapees discuss their deceased or missing Batchmates, and what they might do when the School is defeated.

January 15

January 16

  • [Meta] Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  • Dune battles a G-Max Duraludon.
  • Louis is seemingly Sentimonized by Pavo into Red Delicious.

January 17

  • [TS] Crowley suffers a lethal mental shutdown on live television.
    • Halis decides to go on the Internet to gather information on what happened.

January 18

  • [TS] Maurice explains to Chiyo how he got his title.

January 19

January 20

  • Tagg and Chiyo visit the Battle Academy.

January 21

January 22

  • [TS] Tagg and Chiyo are introduced to the Battle Academy faculty.
    • Tagg tells the Faculty and Dune about the Phantom Thieves, while Chiyo tells about the Curse.

January 23

  • [TS] Battle Academy meeting.
    • The Faculty tell the story of how they got their abilities and ended up in the OU.
    • Tagg and Chiyo lay out their idea to create a LILA Act-esque law for Schoolchildren.
  • [TS] H.G. Cross catches Segiri.

January 24

January 25

January 26

January 27

January 28

  • W observes Tanya and Angelica having a pissing match.
  • [TS] Hoops defeats Totem Vikavolt.
  • [[Whitt] catches Beira.
  • [TS] Xaster challenges Fantina for the Relic Badge, LuLu being revealed to have evolved to Lucario offscreen.
  • [TS] Kris tells Pat about their distrust of the J-Team and their belief that they're lying about trying to find a cure for the Curse.
  • Tagg and Chiyo discuss current events and police brutality.

January 29

  • Olivia tells the J-Team the next ribbon is in the vicinity of Ecruteak City and the Bell Tower.
  • [TS] Maurice shares with Chiyo what he'd do without the School.
  • Deziree theorizes on mass-producing the body-altering effects of the amulet.

January 30

  • Kai and Nix talk about the former's brooding over their Aura Vampirism and the events leading to it.

January 31

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