J-Team Warriors

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J-Team Warriors is a game in the Dynasty Warriors series, featuring the J-Team.

Known Warriors

  • Alexiel
  • Arika
  • Fortis: Uses a giant feather as her weapon. Appears weak at first glance, but is deceptively powerful. Also based primarily around air-juggling.
  • Maggie: Uses a bow as her weapon.
  • Jason: Fights using Auric Constructs.
  • Pianis: Wields a staff topped with an ice crystal.
  • Ren: Has four different weapon types, each with vastly different playstyles.
    • Mega Cane: Variable range combat. No major perks or drawbacks.
    • Conductor's Baton: Long range combat. Invincible during most specials but has low running speed.
    • Blade of Kusanagi: Melee range combat. Low damaging attacks with a focus on stun locking and dodging and has very fast running speeds.
    • Unarmed: AOE based combat. Ren rides on Kitsune and commands her and the rest of his first six team members to uses AOE's centered around Ren.
  • Tagg: Fights with an Aura staff.
  • Titan

Giant Bosses

  • Airship
  • Kyogre-Mech
  • Kyurem

Known Stages and Enemies