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October 1

  • Lillith receives some info about a two-person tournament from Cail.
  • Ren has a battle with a Cipher Peon Ruktec and Snags his Shadow Kingdra.

October 2

  • Silent sends the invitations for the festival that Ren (PC) is going to participate in to the rest of the PEFE researchers.
  • Umbra meets Lucius, a man who wants revenge on Umbra for killing one of his ancestor.
  • Maggie and Nico end up getting into a Double Battle with Deimos and Aelia, with Maggie snagging their Grimer and Prinplup respectively.
  • Tagg ends up getting into an Aura duel with Crewe in the Relic Forest.
  • Odin gets Tokarev to get Verax out of his hair.

October 3

  • DS and Lillith start practicing for an underground tournament.
  • Tagg informs the others about his battle with Crewe.
  • Ren invites some of the others to watch Joseph's Contest appeal.

October 4

  • Deimos' Toxicroak are revealed to be descendants of Sumac.
  • Aelia is revealed to be a descendant of Ayame and Fukurou.

October 5

  • A trainer by the name of Miles appears in Agate Village
  • Tracer is stopped from leaving for Orre by mounds of paperwork.
  • Herbert and Vierr end up facing Shadow!Crewe in an Aura duel.

October 6

  • Elise gets injured fighting Jet.
  • Herbert and Forte meet up again and have a fight.
  • Elise texts to the others that she got hurt.

October 7

October 8

  • Straw has a birthday
  • Silent ends up getting attacked by Peon!Every.
  • Aelia purposely sets Shadow!Crewe on Straw.
  • Every snags Maekrite. :c
  • Jason, a travelling magician, joins the group.

October 9

  • Lina meets up with her old rival Naga.
  • Crewe is placed under Tokarev's care.
  • Dune, Trip, Ren, Joesph, and Jason make their way through the Singing Vault.
  • Dune recovers a pair of armored boots that belonged to Sabaku.
  • Ren recovers Sho's Pecha Pills.
  • Ren finds out the pills don't work as it was said they would.

October 10

  • Every hands over Maekrite's Ultra Ball to Tokarev.
  • Herbert fights two Peons in the desert and gets a Shadow Machop out of the deal.

October 11

  • Herbert and Umbra are forced to fight Odin.
  • Ruktec challenges and defeated by Edge.
  • Ruktec bluffs threats against Eskay and Jacob and is subsequently hospitalized By Ivy and Edge.
  • Ruktec informs Paula that Ivy is "alive".

October 12

  • [meta] WAAPT makes its 300,000th post
  • The underground tournament starts.
  • Pi duels Crewe into submission.

October 13

  • DS and Lillith get a Shadow Minccino and Seviper respectively and some Peons for interrogation.
  • Bishop evolves into a Scizor after avoiding Snagging.

October 14

  • Tagg and Maggie interrogate some Cipher Peons and relay the information to the others.

October 15

  • Gogie tells Bishop about Crow joining Cipher, which Herbert doesn't react well to.
  • Psyche continues her infiltration of Cipher.
  • DS and Lillith continue their Shadow mon's purification.

October 16

  • [AU] Theta and Crew (plus Justy) launch a raid on Phenac City, retrieve blueprints for flying engine, meet Forgemaster, Theta gets captured, and "Gramps" is contacted.
  • Joseph is officially told that "Albert" is actually Crow.
  • Herbert and Brie get into a foolish argument.
  • Bishop starts a former Shadow Pokémon support group.
  • Martin is inducted into the J-Team by Pi.

October 17

  • Ryklys and Effie start an irrigation project in Orre.

October 18

  • The J-Team does a raid on Cipher's base in the rebuilt Under.
  • Tagg ends up being forced to fight Every and Crewe after Tokarev sets them on him.
  • Silent assists to a ceremony in Agate and it is revealed that Dintel saved a couple of police officers when Maekrite was snagged.
  • Skye snags Diane back from Paula.

October 19

  • Siren is revealed to be Straw's old friend Taylor.
  • Ren tried using the Pecha Pills again - with results similar to his previous attempt.
  • Duolis is revealed to have gone through a Spirit Game.

October 20

  • Bishop holds the first Shadow Pokémon support group meeting.
  • Cipher has another discussion regarding the J-Team.
  • Jason begins mulling over thoughts of converting old Cipher technology into a set of useful devices to assist the J-Team

October 21

  • Paula manages to catch the Heatran of Mt. Battle.
  • Ryklys assures Vilkas and his Team Magma grunts that Team Aqua did not shut down the volcano. Cipher is floated as a suspect. [1]

October 22

  • Tide is purified by Maggie.
  • Paula is promoted to Admin status.

October 23

  • Jason, Galvani and 9 make significant progress on ARM
  • Miki and Samael are purified.
  • The ultimate fate of the Cain family is revealed.
  • Kyrie acquires Bathory, a serial killer Froslass.
  • Seishirou and Fuuma reveal their Jerk Dragon past to Umbra and Lina, culminating in them being turned into humans by Mew.
  • Herbert gets assaulted by Crewe.

October 24

  • Paula gets her new office.
  • Dagon, the Kingdra, is purified by Ren; and steps are taken to find his trainer Maria in Phenac City.

October 25

  • Tangent and his mons exists, in this universe and others.
  • Diane is purified.

October 26

October 27

October 28

  • Bishop holds another Shadow Pokémon meeting
  • Aelia is sent back to Resources under Iulianus
  • Shadow!Crewe attacks Ren, but he escapes in a rather cheap method that further cements Shadow!Crewe's hatred for teleporters.
  • The appeal exhibitions continue at the Goldenrod Contest. Ren's segment catches a few eyes.
  • Titan snags Crewe and transfers Crow to his department

October 29

  • Crow decides to dye his hair blue and change his outfit in order to better fit in.
  • Jason and Galvani finished ARM MkI
  • Joseph makes his appeal at the Goldenrod Contest. It gets a generally positive reaction and freaks out Lina a bit.

October 30

  • Wound is murdered.
  • Herbert has Duke seriously injure Verax following a confrontation.
  • Martin makes his appeal at the Goldenrod Contest. It doesn't go so well.

October 31

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