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September 1

September 2

  • Ammy's group enters the Wawku Shrine.
  • Ammy obtains the final Celestial Brush power, Blizzard, and the Reflector Solar Flare.

September 3

  • Sho's group manages to recover the Tundra Beads and receive the Pecha Pills, before being teleported to Wawku's Shrine, where they join up with Ammy's group.
  • Ammy's group fights Nechku.

September 4

  • Brandon and Sumac murder Takuma and his Scrafty for choosing Lucanus as Warlord over him.
  • Ammy's group fights and defeats Lechku and Nechku, but Shiranui dies soon afterwards from her wounds.

September 5

  • Gaston curses his fate while in a cell.

September 6

  • [AU] While proceeding with various operations such as salvaging pieces of machinery, a Klink and other Trainees for the Owsla initiation exit the Pokéathlon Dome just in time to avoid a battle there.
  • [AU] Maekrite is hit with community service and send off to get ready but gets into trouble with the guards again while trying to defend Teala.
  • [AU] Theta meets with Derek, General Guy, and Co. for the first time.

September 7

  • Lucanus gets attacked by Ayame upon her meeting him again.

September 8

  • Revy the Dunsparce meets Every and tells him his destiny is to kill Mezzo as per his ancestor Revy's dying curse.
  • [AU] Benjamin is teamed up with Reggie for a mission to Lavaridge to get herbs.

September 9

  • Aiura gets Lucanus' letter.
  • Crow tells Verax stuff he shouldn't have about the J-Team and ends up getting attacked.
  • [RtAU] Maekrite has to begin his community service, on a bad foot when he tries to fight one of the guards over Teala.
  • Ren has a prophetic dream.

September 10

  • Shahinne (well, one of her clones) is revealed to have broadcast Ren's announcement of free Holon Transceivers via YouTube. Clever bird.
  • Ammy's group gets into a fight with Secant, with Tagg trying to stop Herbert from killing her and messing up the timestream.

September 11

  • A thunderstorm happens
  • Robin and Irrendolch are struck by lightning and evolve
  • Zeal and Glavo are reunited.

September 12

  • Zeal, Jacob, and Lanie leave for Orre.
  • Ammy's group fights and defeats Yami, only for it to be revealed that Umbra was behind everything.
  • Izumi completes her Warrior transformation

September 13

  • Umbra explains that he was behind everything, and that Yami and Orochi had destroyed the Moon Tribe and Celestials trying to get their hands on the Lunar Pendant.
  • The Ark of Yamato crashes into the Infinity Tower, and Umbra fights Ammy's group and every available Warlord as Penumbra, having absorbed his entire army into his person.
  • Issun fully evolves into a Galavantula.
  • Ren is absorbed by the Lunar Pendant to heal its and Ammy's wounds

September 14

  • Penumbra is defeated, and the Warlords are sent back to their original locations.
  • Giratina takes away the Celestial Brush from Ammy, though she keeps a divine spark.
  • Umbra prepares to put himself into exile after Giratina strips him of his power.
  • Secant is released from Umbra's service, though she keeps her cannon.
  • Duolis leaves Spectra and releases Amlaidh from Umbra's service.
  • [AU] Eon shows that he's an asshole.
  • Femata is revealed to have been a revived Ivy all along following Eskay nearly getting killed by a Toxicroak, and runs to Keetongu on Mt. Ohmeg in order to heal him.
  • [AU] The remaining draconic forces in Sinnoh are forced into community service.
  • Eta blood curses the Cain family.
  • [AU] [TS] Benjamin finds out that his class president Reggie has become Julkriid, empowered by Vallok's experiments.

September 15

  • [AU] The Stat Trainers chase off some stragglers.
  • Umbra goes into several centuries of exile, but not before meeting Duolis, who is revealed to be pregnant.
  • Sasorina tells HotStuff about how she and Lillith met.
  • Ren and Silent meet again, with Una and Sol meeting and sharing some Eeveelution moments.
  • Jacob fights Titan and loses, the latter successfully snagging Regina.
  • Lucanus and Aiura have a talk with Herbert before calling it a night.
  • [AU] AU!Dune and Jackie find a map of 7JD positions.
  • Jacob threatens Deimos To The Pain for info.
  • Gogie and Kirk have a fight about trainers and doing their own thing, causing Kirk to decide to leave for Kalos.

September 16

  • Ammy's group enters a Dragnorian warehouse at the same time as Kaius and Amhlaidh.
  • Herbert accidentally starts a fire in the warehouse, leading to Kaius getting pinned under a burning piece of roof.
  • Ammy's group heads back inside to rescue them.
  • Kaius unfortunately dies from his injuries, and Ammy takes Amhlaidh back to the present with them.
  • One of the Fire Stones Sho gave Ammy falls out of her hammerspace and falls through Celebi's time portal; causing it to be temporally altered. It lands near Kitsune when she was still a Vulpix.

September 17

  • Tagg talks to Crewe, Straw, and Herbert regarding what happened in Holon, and learns about what happened to Crow.
  • This leads to him ranting at Crow once he finds out he told Verax J-Team secrets.

September 18

  • Forte, Agitato, and Ryuku end up having to deal with an enraged shiny Rayquaza in Ignis.
  • Tagg gets Infinity Judge from Ammy.
  • Ren finds out from Ammy that the Blade of Kusanagi he inherited is the real thing. Ammy formally gives it Ren after holding it again.

September 19

  • Herbert and Revan visit Lucanus' exhibit, where Sho pulled a dick move regarding Lucanus' legacy.
  • Herbert tells Lina about how Kaius died, which she doesn't take well.
  • Tagg and Eskay explain to Umbra about Snag Machines.
  • Tagg and Straw meet Ivy for the first time.
  • Amhlaidh wakes up in the hospital, and Umbra, Lina, and Ammy tell him what's going on.

September 20

  • Ryuku links with the shiny Rayquaza.
  • Forte evolves into a Jolteon.
  • Herbert gets into a fight with Sakura and Lyuri.

September 21

  • Ren and Tagg have a conversation in which the former learns more about the J-Team's past foes, and the latter gets a Holon Transceiver.
  • Vierr and Crewe have a "wizard's duel".
  • Cipher attacks an Internet cafe their scientist is hiding in, forcing the J-Team members there to fight them.
  • Kyrie snags Hammurabi, Sabullo's Baltoy.
  • Vektor evolves into a Haxorus after getting shot protecting Hatchet.
  • Tagg and Carol meet for the first time in nine years.
  • Tagg and Tokarev meet again after nine years as well, the Cipher Admin informing the J-Team about Cipher's knowledge about them before making a getaway.

September 22

  • Carol has a conversation with Tagg and Tracer in which the former helps pull the bullets out of Vektor and gives Carol his number.
  • Various J-Team members switch around their teams.
  • DS and Lillith head over to Orre by boat.
  • Dune heads to Orre by boat.
  • Joseph performs The Glomp to Herbert.
  • Several characters head to Orre by way of boat, blimp, or Ark of Yamato after a text chain started by Jacob.
  • Silent heads off to either Goldenrod or PEFE HQ, preparing for a trip to Orre as well.
  • Pi, Joseph, and Emma parachute into Orre, admiring the view.
  • Team Glacier's Airship is shot down and crashes in the Orre desert.
  • Sho decides to seek out Sabuku so he can hide the Pecha Pills.

September 23

  • Straw finds out that Taylor has been dead for five years
  • Tagg finds out about how DS got captured.
  • Nico and Maggie start traveling around as Wes and Rui cosplayers.

September 24

September 25

  • Jenna is revealed to have seemingly joined Cipher, and snags Shadow.
  • Carol returns to the story.
  • Tagg meets up with Prof. Krane again and gets the J-Team permission to use the Purification Chamber.
  • Verax attacks Tagg in the woods, but he and his mons manage to fight him off decisively.
  • Pi returns home in a fury.

September 26

  • DS and Lillith hang out in Realgam Tower.
  • Tagg goes out for a flight on Draca.
  • Elise helps Straw realize that he needs to stop moping around and help Crewe.
  • Aelia has Crewe undergo tests as a Shadow human.
  • Verax and Paula test out Shadow Diane.
  • Verax reports to Tokarev regarding his battle against Tagg.
  • Two plans are set up, one good, one bad.
  • Mammor starts planning to extort money from members of the J-team.
  • Dune snags a Shadow Staravia and a Shadow Shedinja.
  • Joseph begins a battle with Cipher Peon Albert
  • Jenna is revealed to not actually be Cipher at all, and tries to purify Shadow.

September 27

  • Every is kidnapped by a Cipher Peon and brainwashed with some sort of ringlet by Tokarev.
  • Odin taunts Jacob into the two battling, resulting in Odin crushing Jacob with Regina.
  • Sabullo meets Susan and some bad things happen.
  • The OU versions of Minty and Blobble become Every's new Pokemon, with him triggering their AU memories
  • [AU] Vektor continues to look for Carol.
  • DS, Tagg, and Arika meet Susanna, the Phenac Snob.
  • Jenna returns Shadow to Forte.

September 28

September 29

  • Sakura gets attacked by Verax in the forest and manages to get him to flee by stealing his gun.
  • DS and Tagg visit Herbert in the hospital.
  • Maggie and Nico fight and manage to fight Paula to a draw, but she manages to prevent her mons from getting Snagged, including Diane.

September 30

  • DS and Lillith visit the latter's house to see her mother.
  • DS compiles a list of known Shadow Pokemon and their status, which Ren makes a copy of
  • Crewe, Titan, and Paula fight over the PA system at one of the Cipher bases.
  • Dune discovers that Sabuku hid Sho's Pecha Pills somewhere within Agate Forest.

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