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August 1

August 2

  • Ammy's group makes it to Lady Himiko's palace.
  • Lucanus is re-installed as the puppet warlord of Pugilis.
  • Hinoto is injured when try to help two merchants in Pugilis.
  • Enraged by the Hinoto's injuries, Sho undergoes a Transformation, engages Lucanus and loses.
  • Sho and Company travel to Cragspur with Sicarius and Celzvet.
  • Auric Sol Tournament: Joseph defeats Pianis.
  • Ammy remembers she is now an Arcanine and goes to chase a frisbee.

August 3

  • Ammy's group makes it to N. Ryoshima Coast.
  • Every, his mons, and Tagg's mons end up being ensnared in Monobear's sadistic game.

August 4

  • Monobear is revealed to truly be Gyru and Fade in disguise, and the two mention that Toxicroak has returned as well before disappearing via Flash.
  • Auric Sol Tournament: Eris defeats Silent.
  • Ammy's group scales Catcall Tower.
  • Sagi attacks Yaksha and takes it

August 5

  • Auric Sol Tournament: Jacob defeats Gene.
  • Auric Sol Tournament: Jacob defeats Joseph.
  • Ammy's group makes it to Watcher's Cape, where a mutant Sigilyph is defeated.
  • Lucanus sends Ren to assassinate Sabaku.
  • Ammy's group gets sucked into a whirlpool after she spins the Whirlpool Galaxy.

August 6

  • Ammy's group makes it to the Dragonian Domain, and ends up inside the Water Dragon searching for the Dragon Orb.
  • Ren celebrates his 30th birthday.
  • Jacob recieves a court summons back to Unova for his actions against Deimos.

August 7

  • Jacob agrees to let Zeal represent him in court.
  • Ammy's group ends up giving Rao the Fox Rods, only to find out that she was really the Dark Lord, who murdered and impersonated the real Rao.
  • They make it to Himiko's throne room, only to find her murdered by Fake!Rao, who swallows Himiko's crystal ball.
  • Demon!Rao engages Ammy's group in combat, only for it to end in a draw, but she manages to escape despite their best efforts to kill her.
  • Alphonse is assassinated by Ren Kaiken and Eta takes the throne.
  • Eta swears vengeance and becomes the Seeker, fulfilling the prophecy.
  • Celzvet fights defeats Lucanus in a public duel, resulting in riots across Pugilis.
  • Zeal is arrested for firing a gun at his client and an Interpol officer in a courthouse.
  • Auric Sol Tournament: Sticy Lips and Jacob face one another in the finals, with Jacob (Or to be more exact, his mons) ultimately ending up victorious.

August 8

  • Ammy's group finds that Lady Himiko bound her soul to her crystal ball in order to discover Oni Island's location, and tells them it shortly before it shatters.
  • Otohime helps them get to Oni Island by using the power of the Dragon Orb to break the barrier.
  • Nathan attains his Pokéform of Ralts.
  • Ammy gains the Lightning Brushstroke.
  • Ammy's group meets Rosa.

August 9

  • Ammy's group fights and defeats Ninetails and her Smeargle consort.
  • Rosa joins the Okamiquest party.

August 10

  • Ammy's group is stuck in Ilusio due to the war with Spectra.
  • Umbra tells Fool that she is likely a descendant of Izumi.
  • Crab are captured by a pair of Mightyena when trying to infiltrate the Holon Institute due to getting into an argument
  • Kat and Rising Star think about wedding preparation, specifically cake
  • Sabaku Transforms after an emotional outburst provoked by an offhand comment during the end of the Yakshan Retake.

August 11

  • DS is finally freed from her captivity.
  • Ammy's group starts traveling to Aiura's castle, and gets attacked by purple clad warriors.

August 12

  • Ammy's group makes it inside Aiura's castle, and ends up meeting with some of the Warlords again.
  • Ren is contracted to assassinate Ammy by Umbra.
  • Crab, Samus, and Sylva escape from the Holon Institute
  • [RtAU] Lake and Nadia are captured invited to stay in Charizific Valley after fleeing from occupied Violet.

August 13

  • [meta] Prepping for Mon Census 2013.
  • Aiura becomes aware of Ammy's group's status as time travelers.
  • Izumi sneaks into Illusio.
  • Celzvet tries to defeat Umbra and Lucanus, but fails and gets transformed by the Demon Mutagen into a gold and silver Bisharp.
  • Sho meets with Ammy's group, giving them the Trinity Mirror.
  • Ammy's group meets with the mutated Celzvet, Herbert dubbing him Edge.
  • Eskay and Mezzo finally return to Holon City after having been trapped in the Holon Ruins.
    • Eskay uses Alyssa's F!Pent plushie as proof that Pent is still alive somewhere.

August 14

  • Sagi leaves Viperia, but not before taking Shug with her and writing a note stating that she died to Fukurou.
  • Straw gets bad info to lead the J-Team on a wild goosechase to the Calor Desert.

August 15

  • Aiura announces to Illusio that she is pregnant with Lucanus' child.
  • Straw and Jab duel due to Biton's manipulation, with Straw losing.

August 16

  • Every ends up fighting All once again.

August 17

  • Alphonse has his funeral.
  • Shizuka makes landfall in Violight.
  • [AU] The siege of the Space Tunnels begins.

August 18

  • The Calor Desert J-Team group finds out that they've been had.
  • Illusio defeats the Nixtormic forces at sea.

August 19

  • The J-Team prepares to assault the Holon Institute.
  • Crewe is captured by the Holon Institute. Again.
  • A certain Dragonite fails to assassinate Drake, though the attempt causes him to leave the 7JD

August 20

  • [AU] Vallok tries making a Trapinch grow up by turning it into a Flygon. It doesn't work.
  • Lina leads a number of warriors in taking Avia back from Nixtorm.

August 21

  • Straw starts assembling the teams to check the locations where the Holon scientists went.
  • The trainers organized, but they decide to address the issue of the scientists's whereabouts tomorrow.
  • Sol meets with Sticy Lips and discovers he's a EX-Mon.

August 22

  • Shahinne clones are sent across Holon to notify many/all characters about the availability of Holon Transceivers.
  • Hildr and Chirin evolve into Deltas.

August 23

  • Crewe is still in the ICU.
  • Most of everyone hangs around the PEFE Holon branch.
  • Ammy's group reaches Kamui somewhere in northern Ransei and fights a man that turns out to be a Zoroark.
  • Tracer gets Palkia's attention through screwing with portals.

August 24

  • The Zoroark, Oki, explains that the twin demons Lechku and Nechku have been attacking Kamui for quite some time, and that in order to stop them he needs to power up the blade Kutone.
  • Ammy's group ends up staying at Kai's house in Wep'keer after blooming the Guardian Sapling.
  • Chirin was going to attack his old farm, but decided not to at the last minute

August 25

  • Cebu and Silent talk about her Nidoranδ, Nanako.
  • (-600) A likely ancestor of Mercury survives being nommed by Legato.}
  • Ammy's group is told that they need to find Lika in order to do the Volcanic Incantation, lest Kamui freeze over during the Day of Darkness.
  • Legato evolves into Liepard.
  • Revy tries attacking Fukurou and Andante but winds up killed and brought to Kin Island to fertilize lichen by his Dunsparce, the mons being the origin of the Kin Island colony.
  • Andante achieves her Warrior Transformation

August 26

  • Bishop and Kirk discuss their differences on standing up and their feelings on Herbert
  • Ayame is finally tended to post Revy battle
  • Ammy's group makes it to Ponc'tan after a harrowing race through Yoshpet.

August 27

August 28

August 29

  • Ammy figures out that they've been transported to 14th Century Ransei, just before Nagi attacks the group in a case of mistaken identity.
  • Ammy's group knocks out Nagi, and is forced to carry him to the Moon Cave with them.

August 30

  • Ammy's group fights and defeats Orochi at his true power, Nagi seriously injuring the Hydreigon and cursing it to never come to Kamiki again as long as he guards it.
  • Kaius, Lina, Aiura, and others fight Yusei and Hinata to retake Dragnor, defeating them.

August 31

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