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July 2

  • Ren introduces Joseph to Contests.

July 3

  • Ammy, Tagg, and Herbert are sent back in time to Ransei 600 years ago on Tagg's 22nd birthday.

July 6

  • Draca explains the true origins of the goon Weavile as a Dovahkiin.

July 11

  • A Mareep starts pestering Gogie to teach him to be a Mightyena.
  • Chloro is returned back to her normal Delta Flygon self.
  • Straw loses his arm. ...band.
  • [AU] Maekrite is subject to trial by Zekrom and Reshiram after breaking into the DST and being captured. He is sentenced to community service (as usual).

July 12

  • Ammy's group defeats the Spider Queen.
  • Herbert leaves the group.
  • Ren gets a Time Flower from the NPC Otto.

July 13

  • Ammy's group ends up in Taka Pass and purifies the Guardian Sapling.
  • Herbert meets Revan and Lucanus after getting beaten and left for dead by Scrafty.
  • Umbra uses his Obscura powers to activate Ren's time flower, through which Ren learns about his ancestor, Shokaki.

July 14

  • Herbert meets back up with Tagg and Ammy in Kusa Village and apologizes for leaving.
  • More warlords pick up on rumors of Ammy's group defeating the Spider Queen.
  • Ren befriends a Delta Luxray.
  • Pi finds the Core Drill and The Watcher's Blade.
  • Dune reaches the end of the Tomb of the All-Brave, and finds a message from Sabaku and a new walking staff.
  • Dune and Ren reunite with their separated team mates.
  • Ammy's group starts the quest to find the Eeveelution Warriors.

July 15

  • Ammy's group fights Tei, Herbert suffering getting hit by Brown Rage.
  • Crewe explores her mindscape looking for the memories that Isolde left inside her mind.
  • Ammy's group fights and defeats Mr. and Mrs. Cutter, freeing Chun.
  • The Watchman makes his entrance in Pi's Mindscape.

July 16

  • Sho leaves Terrea and enters Illusio.
  • Gamma infiltrates Silph Co.'s Holon Branch mainframe and finds no leads on the broken machine part from Unova.
  • Ren orders a new Tablet and earpieces that can withstand and function in Holon's storms better.
  • Gamma search's Silph's records and finds stuff of interest, but not of importance.
  • Ammy's group fights Take.
  • Lady Black and Jack reveal that they have an egg.
  • Warg was restored to normal and sent to a pound in the past.
  • Yusei attacks Dragnor, kicking off Nixtorm's invasion.

July 17

  • Ammy's group defeats Take.
  • Tau tries and fails to assassinate Izumi.
  • Ammy's group helps Kokari catch Whopper after meeting Kushi and Susano again.
  • Ren gets experimental Silph devices that function in Holon's storms: a Holon Tablet and two Holon Transceivers.
  • Ren gives one of his Holon Transceivers to Dune.
  • Ren watches all the Time flowers in the Museum, hearing his Ancestor's part in the downfall of the Ghost Lord.

July 18

  • Ammy's group defeats Ume.
  • Ren tells Dune about Sabuku.
  • Ren offers to take care of and train Lady Black and Jack's child.
  • Ren purchases a hyperspace trainer bag.

July 19

  • Ammy's group heads inside Gale Shrine.
  • Lina discovers she's Eskay and Alli's ancestor
  • Vierr meets and decides to stick around with Umbra
  • Conquest!Umbra attacks Pugilis, killing Revan and abducting Lucanus.
  • Lady Black and Jack's daughter, Hecate hatches.
  • Joseph gives Hecate to Ren.

July 20

  • Vierr is brought up to speed about the group's various secrets.
  • Umbra finally realizes that Lina is the Crimson Lady.
  • Ammy's group goes through the Gale Shrine and prepares to battle Crimson Helm.

July 21

  • Ammy's group defeats Crimson Helm.

July 22

  • Psyche reunites with the group.
  • Ammy's group comes back to Kamiki Village for the festival, only to find that Susano confessing that he freed Orochi.
  • Ammy's group rushes towards the Moon Cave with Kushi.
  • Lady and Ren discover Hecate is a vegetarian.
  • [Meta] Our members User:Umbramatic, User:VeniaSilente, User:Tangent128 and Tracer Bullet have taken part of Serebii's Interpretations 2013 Contest.

July 23

  • Tagg's mons find a painting of him at the Holon City museum.
  • Ren registers for a tournament series for foreign trainers that will be held at Eon Casino in an attempt to win the prize.
  • Terrera enacts the Storm Curtain, a kingdom-wide sandstorm, in response to Crapspur's surrender to Nixtorm/Valora.

July 24

  • Ren gets involved in the Croagunk Challenge Cup.
  • Ammy's group disguises themselves as imps to infiltrate the Moon Cave.
  • Sagi and General Stone have a discussion on Viperia's position in the empire

July 25

  • Ammy's group fights and defeats Orochi.

July 26

  • Ren wins the Croagunk Challenge Cup.
  • Tagg starts teaching Herbert how to create Auric constructs.
  • Ammy's group makes it to Ryoshima Coast and ends up meeting several different ancestors.
  • [time shenaniganed] A group comprised of Tagg and other characters reaches Rota's Tree of Beginning.

July 27

  • Ammy's group reaches Sei-An City, only to find it covered in a green miasma.

July 28

  • Ammy's group meets Rao, and end up volunteering to help search for the Fox Rods.
  • Edge gets into a fight with the Mighty Caterpie and a pile of Caterpie, evolving in the process.

July 29

  • Ammy's group explores the Sunken Ship.
  • Tagg explains to Herbert about what happened with Vyvyan and Anja.
  • Ren's team start planning a surprise birthday party for Ren.

July 30

  • Ammy's group gets swallowed by the Water Dragon, only to get spat out.
  • They follow the Lucky Mallet back to Sei-An City and get shrunken down.
  • Kaius runs through the gauntlet of Umbra's game show, assisted by Duolis and Styx.

July 31

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