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Current Events (2013)

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June 3

  • Melinda is apprehended by the J-Team after capturing DS and Mirage and leading them on a car chase through Black City.

June 4

June 7

June 8

  • Ammy and Vlad make wonderful bug love and produce an egg.
  • Herbert loses to Iris, and afterwards Titan knocks him out and takes his rift machine and goggles.

June 12

  • The J-Team is scrambled to reseal old rifts.

June 13

  • The J-Team is informed by Cresselia that one last rift must be sealed at the Entralink.
  • The group is teleported over by Maul.
  • After a pitched battle against a mass release of mons at the Entralink, the final Dream Rift is sealed, saving Unova.
  • Cresselia reveals that the scientists who tried to capture her came from a place with strange storms.

June 16

June 19

  • In the Other!Verse, Basket and Maekrite meet at the preserve she lives in for a Father's day.
  • Various characters gather at the PWT's Mix Tournament.

June 22

  • During a visit to Dragonspiral Tower, Stratus complains about the food quality (and rations). He goes as far as complain about the Chardonay. (Don't ask where do the DST Pokémon get Chardonay from)

June 25

June 26

  • In the AU and after getting their trip to Angela interrupted, Silent (now a Nidoran) and Maekrite try to get inside the Dragonspiral Tower for answers, resulting in quite some shenanigans.

June 30

  • Tagg, Tracer, Wolf and DS as well as their mons visit Dragonspiral Tower.
  • Gogie asks for Phoenix to help with his Fighting-type problem

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