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November 1

  • Herbert decides to try infiltrating Cipher by pretending to be Shadowed.
  • It's revealed that Des was killed in an explosion. His spirit passes some words of wisdom to Sakura before fading away.

November 2

  • Sam rejoins the J-Team.
  • Diane dyes Alyssa's hair pink.
  • Crow receives the alias of Triton from Titan

November 3

  • [meta] Tec Hybrid becomes the newest addition! Welcome, Tec!
  • Sparkers gives Des's eulogy.
  • Sylvester Bismark and Ghost!Des share drinks.
  • Verax becomes aware of Crow's true identity.
  • Lilith makes a story in DS' notebook.

November 4

  • Psyche and Herbert attempt to enact their plans of passing Herbert off as a Shadow Abra, but get into an argument with Crow, who defends Titan.
  • Psyche and Herbert manage to break Titan.
  • [TS] At the Goldenrod Contest, Hecate preforms her first Appeal.
  • [TS] At the Goldenrod Contest, Ren and Joseph advance to the battle segment of the contest and console Martin, who didn't.

November 5

  • [TS] At the Goldenrod Contest, Joseph wins his battle against Helen.
  • The J-Team raids Titan's Lab.
  • Deimos is killed by Sarah in a fit of rage.
  • Epsilon is Snagged by Psyche.

November 6

  • Herbert and Sparkers attempt to console Sarah over her slaying of Deimos.
  • Alice gets armbanded and becomes a Bulbasaur.
  • Paula and Titan go toe-to-toe on the dance floor. Needless to say, it's amazing.
  • At the Goldenrod contest, Ren starts his battle against Tristan
  • Forecaster and Venomous have a Hasslemon conversation regarding their trainers.

November 7

November 8

  • Diane has a rather nasty dream.
  • Alyssa defeats Martin in a Battle.
  • Ren mocks Aelia while Aelia tries to intimidate Ren.
  • Diane is called out on her recently rather jerkish tendencies.
  • The J-Team raids the Resources HQ.
  • Sparkers fights and defeats Kyrie's whole team by himself. After the battle he collapses. Kyrie debates snagging him but decides not to.
  • Tagg, Herbert, and Crow fight Titan after Alexiel gets away, but he also escapes thanks to Shadow!Regina.
  • Pentigan, Sam, and Tesse fight Mammor. They are injured by an exploding Electrode that Mammor left as he fled. They are taken to the Pyrite Hospital by Ivy.

November 9

November 10

  • Newcomer Alex arrives in Pyrite.
  • Crewe is told by Titan that he's been manipulating her the whole time.
  • Solomon, an old man obsessed with mint, encounters the team.
  • Jason accidently pisses off Kyrie.
  • Dune helps Diane test whether she made her Pokeball unsnaggable.
  • Dune attains his Pokéform of Drilbur.

November 11

  • Elise's Mienshao is purified.
  • Another Shadow Pokémon meeting is held.
  • Princess Devilotte de Deathsatan IX and Eight make a return appearance to snap some sense into Rio and vow righteous judgement on Cipher.

November 12

November 13

  • AU!Ben is collecting supplies, while his sisters have an interactive adventure.
  • Duke is purified.
  • Paula spends her time in Phenac taunting Umbra.
  • Paula tries to murder Ivy with her Shadow Heatran and Heat Shield, but she manages to get away.
  • Straw is stabbed by Shadow!Crewe and dies (again).
  • Crewe is purified.
  • Mew appears and revives Straw (and turns his kidney a garish shade of orange).
  • Verax shows off the Yevalitic Multi-auric Combat Armor by leading Cipher operatives in a variation of the YMCA song.
  • Mammor gets himself a cybernetic leg.
  • Paula and Verax turn out to be capable of feelings not associated with sadism; they realize and admit to loving each other. Kyrie is crushed emotionally.

November 14

  • Mammor is told to abandon his project to extort money from J-team members. Mammor swears revenge for the disgrace.
  • Kyrie starts hearing voices in her dreams, and has a psychotic episode.
  • Galvani celebrates her birthday
  • Verax engages Jacob to test the YMCA. Jacob forces Verax to retreat.
  • Galvani enters the madness place again to try to find out what wrong with her bracelet.

November 15

  • Lina teaches Amhlaidh how to use a smartphone.

November 16

  • Jason learns a different attitude to Pokemon battling from Solomon.
  • The J-Team raids the R&D department.
  • Tagg and Pi face off against Verax in his YMCA, the latter managing to scar him with a Toxic fired from the AOS.
  • Jacob snags Balthazar from Verax, before getting the crap beat out of him.
  • Maggie fights Aelia up until Crewe shows up and nearly kills her through Obscura smothering, and also learns about their shared relation.
  • Nico and Jason fight Odin, the Admin deciding to run away.
  • Kyrie abducts Joseph and tries to torture him to death, but Team Wolvie ends up saving him, the titular mon ruining one of Kyrie's eyes.
  • Newt evolves into a Weavile.
  • Tiamat and Alduin unleash Twin Moon Limit Break on some poor Cipher peons.
  • Ren, with the help of Galvani and others, reunites with Kitsune.

November 17

  • Jenna is revealed to have been among those injured in Tagg's attack.

November 18

  • Crow and Herbert end up inside each other's Mindscapes.
  • Martin arrives in Phenac City.

November 19

  • Dune and Crewe have a Pokémon battle.
  • Kyrie's Mindscape is revealed.

November 20

  • Mall shenanigans continue
  • Crow and Yellow!Herbert manage to defeat manifestations of Shadow!Duke and Alexia.
  • Lilith and Mezzo have a talk regarding Every and Tagg injuring Jenna.

November 21

  • Herbert's aspects and Crow defeat a simulacrum of Edge.
  • Phenac gets cold.
  • Susanna's Milotic Nerina gets Snagged.
  • Daisuke visits Sakura's Mindscape.
  • Eskay officially releases Skye.

November 22

  • Lilith and Susanna have an altercation, leading to Darien leaving the latter for hurting Lilith for no real reason.
  • Crewe talks with Titan.
  • Dune and Ren fight off Popple and Yelloc, the latter being captured and turned over to Justy.

November 23

  • Tagg does the Very Bad Thing. (part #2)
  • Various J-Team members show their displeasure towards his actions.
  • Crewe, Herbert and others start exploring Mindscapes yet again.
  • Ammy and DS confront Tagg over his actions.
  • Every is freed from Cipher's control.
  • Pi and Joseph admit their love for each other.

November 24

  • Kyrie defeats Paula in a rap battle.
  • The Mindscape group manages to leave.
  • Tangent and Fool discuss the latter trading a Kalosian Cubone to the former.
  • Fool meets Lyuri and Duke.
  • Fortis loses a battle to Rex and becomes her sidekick.

November 25

  • Fool and DS talk regarding events in Orre.
  • Crow talks to Titan regarding getting Batali back.
  • Ivy decides to start going by her middle name, Ellen.
    • On an unrelated note, she also figures out the location of the new Special Acquisitions HQ.

November 26

  • Dune gets into a court case regarding Sabaku's tomb.
  • Titan gives Crow back Batali.
  • (Time-shenaniganed) skirmish against Cipher staff in a town yet to be determined (as per link).

November 27

  • Verax tries to kill Eskay and Sakura in short order.
  • Vierr then duels and wins against Verax, leading to the latter's demotion to Peon.

November 28

  • After a time-shenaniganned event, Every contemplates on the consequences of Maekrite being snagged.
  • Various characters celebrate Thanksgiving.
  • The J-Team raids Special Acquisitions.
  • Vierr and Crewe visit the latter's house for Thanksgiving.
  • Paula's Heatran gets Snagged by Dune, and Prism by Umbra.
  • Crewe's surname is revealed to be Delmont.
  • Diane punches Paula in the face as she starts to suffer from Sanity Slippage.
  • Following a meeting with Ryklys, Paula gets teleported by Grace to PMD-A, where she becomes a Corphish and is then marooned.

November 29

  • Some J-Team members try to rescue Lanie from Cipher.
  • Crewe kisses Herbert following an argument about cooties, complete with a fan taking a picture and video.

November 30

  • The J-Team gathers in Gateon Port to discuss how to take on the Operations base.
  • Tokarev sends some of his forces to take out the J-Team, but Xatu and Tangent show up with a number of people that the J-Team has helped.
  • Part of the J-Team raids Citadark, while the rest stay back and guard Gateon Port against the Cipher assault with their allies.
  • Every discovers the Peon who helped capture him for brainwashing was in fact a Latios calling himself Muninn, and has to fight for his life.
  • Verax decides to help out the J-Team and work against Cipher.
  • Kyrie goes to work for Mortimer.
  • Waka/Lazy Latios keeps Muninn from finishing Every off, and takes the other Latios into custody.
  • Tagg and DS fight Tokarev, with Tagg being forced to let him get away after grievously injuring him in order to save her.
  • Alexiel plays with Herbert, Lyuri, Duke, and Crow before revealing he's really Allen.
  • Siren manages to come to her senses and return to being Taylor, only to get shot by Jet, dying on the way back to the Ark.
  • Odin beats Chrome to within an inch of his life before getting interrupted, though he gets away.
  • Crow encounters Verax, paralyzes him and shoots him in both legs, but he is rescued by Ellen before the base explodes.

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