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December 1

  • A number of J-Team members discuss the raid on Operations at the Gateon Pokémon Center.
  • Crow joins Neo-Galactic as a J-Team informant
  • Straw and Crewe go on a date to the Bell Tower.
  • Joseph names the Shadow Drifloon he caught Hildegarde.
  • Aelio recruits Mammor for Neo-Galactic
  • In Dashedreams City, Noir and Charizard!Basket set into motion an evil scheme utilizing the arcane powers of Javascript
  • Mezzo is revealed to have gotten picked up by Fortis using Aeropolis, who takes her to Rex.

December 2

  • Ellen sends out invitations to the J-Team to see her battle in Orre Colosseum.
  • Team Neo-Galactic starts to assemble.

December 3

  • Herbert informs Tangent about Alexiel actually being Allen.
  • All challenges Every to a Pokémon battle and reveals that he has acquired a Protean Greninja.
  • Charizard!Basket starts to explain her Cookie Clicker game to Noir link
  • Ren starts helping Crewe in trying to control her Obscura properly again.

December 4

  • Every decides to rename himself "Ever".
  • Dune's mother is revealed to be an Auric.
  • Tagg leaves the J-Team.
  • [TS] Jenna confronts Tagg over her injuries.
  • Crow and Ever confront one another, but manage to reconcile.
  • Mortimer instructs Kyrie to kill Pi.
  • [TS] Ren guesses what's wrong with Crewe's control over her Obscura. With this knowledge, Crewe is able to demonstrate control over Obscura again.

December 5

  • At some point between Holon and now, Kirk was apparently enthralled by a Malamar and joins its cult.
  • Ellen and Eskay have a battle in which the Fairy type is officially revealed.
  • Pianis gives Amanita his skates as he celebrates his 20th birthday.
  • (Time shenanigans) About a week ago, while wandering Phenac City, Every has a fateful encounter...
  • Galvani tests her bracelet in front of an audience. It worked.

December 6

  • Various mons find out about the Fairy type
  • RedEyes!Zeal takes six minutes to board a boat to Hoenn
  • Jacob and RedEyes!Zeal have a fight over Jirachi [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]
  • Kyrie kidnaps Joseph to lure Pi to Realgam.

December 7

  • Pi duels Kyrie and Mortimer (Under the control of the Prince), on Citadark Isle.
  • Sed is interviewed by Titan and takes on the codename Gallifrey.
  • Kyrie executes Pi with a shot to the chest.
  • Joseph and other characters learn about Pi's death. Joseph begins to have a nervous breakdown.
  • Edge learns how to possess other beings while Voidstar evolves into a Weavile.

December 8

  • Jacob challenges Titan to get Regina back, and wins with Sylva.
  • (Time Shenanigans) Every and Maekrite confrontation finishes when the Shadow mon is recalled by Cipher (main thread link)
  • Titan reprimands Crow for revealing the location of Neo-Galactic's base.
  • Joseph recovers from his nervous breakdown with a posthumous letter from Pi.

December 9

  • Dune meets Sabaku in his dreams.
  • Sakura informs Hikari about Allen's true allegiance.
  • Jacob and Dune have Shadow!Regina and the Shadow Heatran battle one another in order to hasten the purification process.
  • Noir and Charizard!Basket's Cookie Clicker game takes on an eldrich infectiousness [[1]]
  • Maggie decides to go after Tagg after a talk with Nico.

December 10

  • Crowley sends a letter asking to join the J-Team.
  • Lina and Umbra meet with Kaius while dreaming.
  • Kyrie begins to moonlight with Neo-Galactic, taking the name Ariel for it.
  • Crow tries to convince Epsilon to return to Titan, and suceeds.
  • Ammy purifies her Shadow Pinsir, who gets the name Lyn.
  • [TS] Several members of the J-Team and their allies face off against Mammor resulting in a humiliating defeat for Mammor.
  • [TS] Pierre and Hecate evolve into a Gardevoir and Chandelure respectively while fighting Mammor.
  • Arika purifies her Shadow Marill, who gets the name George.
  • Forte and Herbert visit each other's Mindscapes thanks to Maul and Shadow.

December 11

  • Maggie manages to track down Tagg at his house after going through the Sea of Trees.
  • Kyrie takes on the alias Ariel.
  • Work continues on trying to purify Regina and the Shadow Heatran.
  • The Shadow Heatran is successfully purified, but Eskay has an empathy-induced breakdown before it is.
  • Esprit possesses Jet somewhere in Kalos.

December 12

  • Tagg and Maggie start traveling together.
  • Eskay decides to leave Orre and return home alone.
  • At Crewe's request, Silent has Sol send some PEFE trackers to Anville Town for Hecate's pack of Zoroark.
  • Charizard!Basket's Cookie Clicker hivemind proves a bit more Cookie-obsessed than expected. [2]
  • Crow and Psyche have an argument regarding Titan.
  • Ren makes a pair of gloves from the obscura silk Crewe and Seamstress made.
  • Crewe, Ren, and Blythe test to see if the gloves work as hoped. They worked.

December 13

  • Lina voices her displeasure regarding the Steel type nerf.
  • Ever gets back in contact with Mezzo.
  • Calypso is purified.
  • Joseph informs Emma about Pi's death.
  • Herbert and Forte continue exploring each other's mindscapes, the former nearly getting killed by Espeon!Forte, while the latter is forced to deal with Herbert's fears.

December 14

  • Tagg and Maggie continue their travels north.
  • Dune and Sabaku talk about their experiences with the opposite sex.
  • Ren gets an invitation to the Johto manor for Christmas... but has to bring his girlfriend.
  • More cookies roll in to Charizard!Basket and Noir's flat. [3]
  • [TS] Crow and Psyche once again argue regarding Titan.

December 15

December 16

  • Heatran talks about transforming Orre back from a desert.
  • Herbert manages to catch up to Tagg and Maggie.
  • Amanita, Diane, Skye, Tangent, Basket, Forte, and his mons are brought over to Night Vale.
  • Noir prepares a broadcast to the world [4]

December 17

  • Several Conquest-era characters have a reunion in the Terreran Dreamscape Sabaku had been meeting Dune in.
  • Dune discovers the horrors wonders of the J-Team TV Show and fanbase.
  • Eskay finds out about a J-Team TV Show spinoff called The J-Team's True Orren Tale.

December 18

  • Tagg's group rematches and defeats the Sinnoh Aura Guardians in battle, and visits the Cathedral.
  • Ren invites the team to his family's Christmas party at the Johto manor.
  • [Meta] Silent gets his gift.

December 19

December 20

  • Emperor violently accuses Amanita of arboreal leanings.
  • [IRP and Meta] DS turns 22.
  • Herbert, Lyuri, and Duke end up in Herbert's mindscape thanks to Maul.
  • Eskay suggests Ecruteak for the holidays
  • Skye, Diane, Galvani, and her Joltik brigade make it out of Night Vale by temporarily breaking reality.

December 21

  • Charizard!Basket and Noir give a Cookie Clicker Ultimatum.
  • Crowley Szandor delivers a rather odd video to the J-Team.
  • Amanita makes it out of Night Vale.
  • Martin and Jason finish their battle, revealing Prestidigitation in the process.
  • Crewe is teleported to Ecruteak by Brecht.
  • Dune, Joseph, Straw, Elise, and associated parties also go to Ecruteak
  • Tagg's group heads to Mt. Layuda in Oblivia, where he explains about the AU.

December 22

  • Various groups continue to converge
  • Mezzo celebrates her 18th birthday.
  • The group goes to Clavis Manor in Goldenrod for a Christmas party
  • Kitsune borrows Ammy's armband, and adopts the alias "Cambia Areé" for her human form.
  • Ren introduces Cambia to his family, and Clara publicly announces that Ren and Cambia are dating.
  • Ren, Ren's mons, and Cambia decorate the main tree at the party.
  • Nymph borrows a Pokémon to human armband from Duke in order to get as many kisses as possible.
  • Umbra x Arika, Jacob x Hikari, Eskay x Herbert, Straw x Elise, and Crewe X Psyche all end up getting caught under mistletoe.
  • Joseph accidentally gets drunk, and Eskay bribes him into eating a Lava Cookie with a kiss.
  • [Meta] Kingofgames010 celebrates his birthday as well.
  • Tagg tells the story of how he met a Mysterious Figure.

December 23

  • Revy tries to get his descendants to murder the Morendos for him, and manages to convince All to do so.
  • In response, Andante tries to get her descendants to murder the Memito line first.

December 24

  • Various characters start getting or trying to get gifts for Christmas on Christmas Eve
  • Odd and Leaflet discuss families

December 25

  • Various characters celebrate Christmas.
  • Fortis gets a Togepi egg.
  • It's revealed to Joseph that Des and Pi were half-brothers, through Des's Last Will and Testament.

December 26

  • [Meta] Boxing Day
  • Crewe discovers the magic of Skittynip.
  • Vierr beats Herbert in a wizard duel.
  • Lucanus and Aiura reunite with Lucy, and are interrupted by Celzvedge.

December 27

  • Tagg and Maggie head to the Sinjoh Ruins
  • Tracer sends out invitations to Kat's wedding

December 28

  • [TS] Prisoner is killed by RedEyes!Zeal.
  • Charizard!Basket's hivemind begins to disintegrate from Cookie Clicker unlocking a Lava Cookie upgrade, first discovered by Orcus.
  • [TS] Tagg decides to train Maggie in combat.
  • Crewe and Herbert visit her neighbor Miss Nellie.
  • Herbert gets EDI as a gift from Ren.
  • Joseph sells his hair color to the Impossible Merchant to learn that Pi is still alive.

December 29

  • Charizard!Basket and Noir manage to escape into the real world.
  • Kat and Rising Star finally have their wedding.
  • Mezzo meets Tagg at the wedding and accuses him
  • Rising Star receives the new name Sunrise while Kat gets renamed Kat.
  • Tagg drinks himself unconscious after the ceremony and has a nightmare

December 30

  • Celzvedge talks with Dune and Sabaku in Dream Terrera
  • Diane and Skye introduce Valorie to Ho-oh at the Bell Tower.

December 31

  • [IRP and Meta] New Year's Eve
  • Various characters start making their way to Kalos.
  • Joseph learns that he is a Heart of Gold.
  • Jim and Bethany are introduced to members of the group.

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