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January 1

  • [Meta] New Year's Day.
  • Alyssa meets Echo in Lumiose.
  • Various characters make it to Kalos and get new mons.
  • Arika is revealed to be the Lunar Pendant given life.
  • Noir and Charizard!Basket genderflip Tangent, Basket, and Forte following a battle in Santalune Forest.

January 2

  • Tagg catches Aya and Lepi.
  • Various groups start making their way to Santalune.
  • Morgan and Shizuka run into an Illusion Project Member and are forced to battle him.

January 3

  • Lepi evolves into a Spewpa
  • Maggie, Tagg, Jacob, Ammy, Straw, and Crewe get their Bug Badges from Viola.
  • Eskay and Alli decide to challenge the Santalune Gym as a team.
  • Shizuka, Joseph and Jim meet a giant, English speaking Pangoro by the name of Diogenes.
  • The Illusion Project admins have a meeting.
  • Vierr, Galvani, and Dune get genderflipped by Noir.
  • Mezzo gets into a battle with Cleo de Nile.
  • Tangent gets Fuego from Fool.
  • [AU] Tagg, Tracer, and their mons meet up with AU!Umbra and Lina.

January 4

  • DS catches Sprite.
  • Ren arrives in Kalos and starts making his way to Santalune.
  • King Moggle Mog XII and the Mooglesguard are introduced.
  • Ren and co are attacked by Moogle Mog XII and the Mooglesguard with Ren and co. winning easily.
  • Jacob and Tagg have a battle, with Lepi evolving into a Vivillon by the end of it.
  • Sandy gets her Bug Badge.
  • Eskay and Alli catch Holly and Fawkes respectively.

January 5

  • Cebu discovers that Noir has turned her into a lycanthrope as well.
  • Rayquaza decides to try stealing Crewe from Mew.
  • Lanie and DS fight Viola for their Bug Badges.
  • Herbert gets lost on his way back to Santalune and ends up battling Ramos in Coumarine for the Plant Badge.
  • Crow catches Sundancer and is surprised at her unwillingness to battle
  • Deziree decides to take lessons from Emphemria in noble etiquette in order to help Dune get back his inheritance.
  • Tagg and Maggie get Kamella and M. Bush respectively, as well as their respective Mega Stones from Professor Sycamore.
  • The strange Vivillon that Viola used in some of her gym battles decides to travel with Joseph.

January 6

  • DS catches Georgette.
  • Due to a misunderstanding, Tagg, Straw, Maggie, and Jacob battle Jenna and Lily in their outfits from Teen Flair.
  • Crow is bitten by Sandy and becomes a Werekrow as a result
  • Sandy and Cebu kiss in the Lumiose Fountain.

January 7

  • [TS]Ren catches Mufasa.
  • Ren catches Frightful and Monochrome.
  • Ever nearly gets his life force drained by a Honedge, who he catches and names Letter.
  • Noir decides to turn Sandy back to normal.
  • Vierr gets transformed into an Inkay by Noir.
  • Pentigan meets Echo.

January 8

  • Umbra's group finds out about a mysterious Doublade terrorizing Camphrier Town.
  • Tagg discusses his plan to sneak into the Lumiose Catacombs and find a Key Stone to Maggie.
  • The Creepy Shadow Plushie makes an appearance once again as the center of an Espurr Cargo Cult, with Shadow as their chosen one.
  • Straw discusses Catherine's obsession with him with Crewe.
  • Brie catches Zebub.
  • Mezzo catches Xel'lotath.
  • Tricky, Bang, and Daxter hatch.
  • Aline joins the group, under Dune's supervision.
  • Psyche defeats Grant and gets the Cliff Badge.

January 9

  • Tagg explores the Lumiose Catacombs for a Key Stone.
  • Umbra summons a number of J-Team members to Camphrier in order to track down the Doublade.
  • Ever catches Cuseinga.
  • Ren earns his Bug Badge.
  • The egg Ren got from Joseph starts hatching.
  • Herbert, Crow, and Vierr encounter Kirk with an egotistical Malamar

January 10

  • [TS] Bahamut hatches.
  • Crow informs Titan of the Kalosian Pawniard Army and the Malamar.
  • DS and her mons get trapped in an Inkay's mindscape.
  • Tagg learns that something is up with Arika.
  • Duke gets sick thanks to wearing the locket for too long.
  • Arika has a nightmare regarding one of Ren's past assassinations.
  • Umbra catches the Doublade terrorizing Camphrier, only for it to turn it to be his former wife Duolis.

January 11

  • Likewise's mother Counterclockwise Cece appears
  • DS gets rescued by a member of the Illusion Project.
  • Tagg, Crewe, and Herbert try entering DS' Mindscape, but only Tagg is successful, the latter getting bounced to Tagg's own Mindscape.
  • Igor manages to get Ammy inside DS' Mindscape.
  • Joseph tells Coyote about the events of Orre. Subsequently, he is turned into a female fairy for twenty-four hours.

January 12

  • [TS] Thanks to Coyote, Ren obtains his Pokéform, a shiny Fennekin.
  • Diane and Verax have a brief confrontation.
  • Tagg is informed by Diane about Alyssa joining the Illusion Project.
  • Elise's Nega-Counterpart is revealed to be named Claire.
  • [TS] Psyche and Crewe explore each other's mindscapes.
  • A number of J-Team members head over to Parfum Palace.
  • Ever celebrates his 18th birthday.
  • Amanita catches Drifter.

January 13

  • Crow spends the day with Titan in his Neo-Galactic base.
  • Crow has a nightmare about being shadowed.
  • [TS] Crewe and Psyche continue to explore each other's mindscapes.
  • Tagg and Lyuri talk about what to do regarding Duke and the locket.
  • Various characters visit the Battle Chateau.
  • Aaron and Aya evolve.

January 14

  • Monochrome evolves into a Spewpa.
  • Ignition, Ereth, and Cuyahoga evolve into Fletchinder, Quilladin, and Charmeleon respectively.
  • Maggie catches Connie.
  • Ever beats Grant to get a Cliff Badge
  • Ephemera evolves into a Meowstic.

January 15

  • Tagg revives Sue.
  • Eskay and Alli defeat Grant and earn Cliff Badges. Fawkes and Holly evolve into Fletchinder and Kirlia respectively in the process.
  • Dune catches Candace.
  • Amanita reveals to Ever that she has a talent for always getting her clothes purple due to staining.
  • Lanie is revealed to have won her Cliff Badge offscreen.
  • Rembrandt finds a Dunsparce abandoned by his Trainer.

January 16

  • Crewe has a nightmare regarding killing Straw and the events inside Psyche's Mindscape.
  • Herbert continues to explore Duke's Mindscape.
  • In a situation resembling that of a Slap Bet, Joseph is granted 5 slaps to use on Martin until the end of time.
  • Frightful evolves into a Fletchinder.
  • Crewe decides to unload on Dune regarding her issues.
  • [AU] The Kanto group manages to take back their boat from the dragons.
  • Tagg starts actually teaching Maggie how to fight.
  • Braden is introduced.

January 17

  • Cyllage has a sudden warm front.
  • Effigy, Choice, and Boatman learn of Iulianus' death.
  • Silvio arrives in Kalos.
  • Eskay and Mezzo wake up to find they've been bodyswapped
  • Ever confronts the body-swap victims, getting the wrong idea about the situation. Once the details are corrected, he agrees to help them.
  • [AU] The dragons in the Kanto group manage to sneak into a major base and end up with a list of important dragons in a document, as well as some plans.

January 18

  • Melody gets turned into a Fairy Tale Girl, and Ulysses into a Sylveon.
  • Lyuri is revealed to have hidden the locket in her cleavage, and Maul teleports it to Stark Mountain to be destroyed.
  • Elise revives Australis.
  • Ren catches Morgana and Monochrome evolves into an Icy Snow Vivillion.
  • Tagg and Channah have a brief battle with an inconclusive ending.
  • Arika, Morgan, and Sandy get attacked by Wil and his mons.
  • Maul throws the Orange Amulet into Stark Mountain.

January 19

  • Maggie battles and wins against Grant for the Cliff Badge, M. Bush evolving in the process.
  • Alex and Jacob also end up fighting Grant.
  • Ren finds what Des left to him and his team - A Key Stone and an Aerodactylite.
  • Crewe ends up suffering Aura Depletion as a result of overexertion during training.

January 20

  • [Meta] MLK Day
  • Kamella evolves into Wartortle.
  • Triton faces Shard and gets a fist-shaped rock out of it
  • [AU] The Kanto group discovers that they have mon bomb schematics in their possession, and Tracer moves to have them sent to PEFE HQ.
  • [AU] Teala tries to assist with Maekrite's community service tasks in the DST moat, which proves not very productive.
  • Joseph cheats on Pi with Eros. The next morning, he'll feel terrible.
  • Dune, along with Cun Annwn, enter the old Morton Manor and locate Sabaku and Emphemria's old treasure room. Inside is, among other things, a Key Stone set into a steel bracer.

January 21

  • Snow falls in Cyllage.
  • Joseph feels terrible about it in the morning. Eventually, he feels better.
  • Crow reports to Titan about his encounter with Shard.

January 22

  • Palutena evolves into a Sylveon.
  • Dune and Morgan start heading back to Cyllage.
  • Dune and Lyuri have a discussion regarding their respective human-mon romantic relationships.

January 23

  • Murcrow has his first training session with Titan
  • Lyuri decides to spend time in her Pokéform in order to get closer to Duke.
  • Nico catches an Ika.
  • Eskay in Mezzo's body has an encounter with Noelle.

January 24

  • Pentigan informs Wuffles the Porygeth about the PEFE.
  • Catherine gets the idea to steal a Pokémon to human armband in order to masquerade as Straw's new girlfriend.
  • Dune and Joseph complete their Cyllage Gym challenges.

January 25

January 26

  • Valorie gets Rex the Tyrantrum from a hermit.
  • Tagg fights and wins against Grant for the Cliff Badge.
  • Crewe meets Corona, now called Victoria and under a Kantonese trainer named Billy, again.
  • Catherine tries to break up Crewe and Straw once again by appearing as a human and convincing Crewe that Straw decided to break up with her. Once this fails, she decides to take an offer from Esprit.
  • Tagg decides to help DS with her climbing.

January 27

  • Tagg and Tangent have a brief discussion regarding the Glittering Cave Cubone tribe.
  • Arika tells DS about her being the Lunar Pendant reborn.
  • Crewe and Lina explore each other's Mindscapes.
  • Fortis celebrates her 12th birthday. Eskay is dragged along to her party due to being swapped with Mezzo.

January 28

  • Aline and Ajax start to bond.
  • Esprit tries to possess Straw's body, but Crewe manages to fight him off mostly singlehandedly.
  • Eskay helps recover Psyche's memories of "Sarah".

January 29

  • Sprite is revealed to have evolved offscreen
  • DS meets Aline.
  • Eskay travels into Psyche's mindscape to recover her memories of him.
  • Tagg teaches Maggie how to punch.

January 30

  • Lösning, Rembrandt's father, is caught and is revealed to be a fanatic Yveltal worshiper and Dark type supremacist.
  • Ren leaves Seamstress in Crewe's care for a while. Crewe also shows interest in Appeal Exhibitions.

January 31

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