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February 1

  • [Meta] Start of Black History Month in the US and Canada.
  • Crow meets the Malamar once again and ends up catching his Granbull minion while trying to catch him.

February 2

February 3

  • Deziree shows off her new freeze ray.
  • Jacob and Ren explore each other's Mindscapes.
  • Mezzo and Eskay manage to break their bodyswap curse with a kiss. Ephemera rejoices. Ever most definitely doesn't.

February 4

  • Mezzo clears up the misunderstanding caused by her and Eskay's kiss.
  • Straw explores the Reflection Cave, falls through a mirror and gets a Key Stone, and gets injured by Esprit.
  • Jacob continues to explore Ren's Mindscape.

February 5

  • Ren and Jacob continue to explore each other's Mindscapes.
  • An aspect that looks like Mezzo appears in Eskay's mindscape.
  • Dune, Deziree, Joseph, and Psyche arrive in Shalour City.
  • Maggie battles and catches Déagol, Sack evolving into Mothim in the process.

February 6

  • Morgan and Jessica decide to travel together.
  • Sakura, Lyuri, Hikari, and Eskay fall into a hole in Reflection Cave and relive past memories.
  • Sundancer decides to accept being a part of Crow's team.
  • Jacob and Ren leave each other's Mindscapes after defeating Horror and a fragment of Soul, respectively.

February 7

  • [Meta] The RP's third anniversary, according to GMT-5.
  • Finn attacks Jacob and his team again in the Reflection Cave, evolving into Garchomp in the process, though he loses.
  • Jacob catches Egil.
  • Teishi evolves into Greninja while battling Korrina.
  • Sakura and Lyuri earn Rumble Badges from Korrina.
  • Jacob fights and wins against Korrina, Galahad evolving into Azumarill in the process.
  • Valorie becomes a Weredratini.

February 8

  • Crewe performs in an exhibition with Clockwise, herself, and Fruitcake.
  • Paula is revealed to have evolved into a Crawdaunt, and meets Diane's mother after showing up in Treasure Town and being treated like a feral.
  • Chrome enters Arika's mindscape.
  • In time shenanigans, Silent has a now Nidoking!Maekrite taken to PEFE Goldenrod for examination.
  • In time shenanigans, a certain Mew meets Sol in Goldenrod while the GS Celebi finds his shrine vandalized by Shahinne.

February 9

  • In time shenanigans, Ever manages to snag back Maekrite.
  • Crewe decides to take on the Cyllage Gym.
  • [TS] Aya evolves into Talonflame in the Reflection Cave.
  • Diane discovers she is part of a noble bloodline
  • Straw defeats Korrina and learns about Mega Evolution from her.
  • Lucy evolves into Meowstic.
  • Samantha's Pokeform is revealed to be Espurr.
  • Jacob and Crow swap Mindscapes. Zeal ends up in Jacob's Mindscape as well.
  • The wild Dunsparce and Purrloin from post 88888 are back~

February 10

  • A certain Mew offers Silent a deal to de-evolve Maekrite.
  • The Amarin siblings win a rematch with Korrina. Avada and Fawkes are revealed to have evolved offscreen into Alakazam and Talonflame respectively.
  • Ren loses to Korrina offscreen.

February 11

  • Kim and Melody talk about fixing her de-aging problem.

February 12

  • Herbert and Lyuri have a practice duel.
  • Crow and Jacob continue exploring each other's mindscapes.

February 13

  • Sue evolves into Tyrantrum.
  • Vierr helps Elise confirm her Dark Obscuric abilities.
  • Tagg wins the Rumble Badge from Korrina, Aaron evolving into Chesnaught in the process after defeating Connie's sister.

February 14

  • [Meta] Valentine's Day.
  • Crewe earns the Plant Badge from Ramos.
  • Crow and Maggie end up fighting Korrina in a double battle and win, Yuuya evolving into a Swoobat in the process.
  • Jacob, Vierr, Dune, and Ren are all pulled into Jacob's Mindscape.
  • Sunny takes over narrating Mezzo's posts for the day.
  • Constantin is revealed to be a powerful psychic.

February 15

  • Tangent, Kat, and Rising Star encounter Fuego's tribe in Glittering Cave, with Forte in tow
  • TS? Milo and Audrey attempt to get Milo out of her head via percussive maintenance
  • Pianis and Amanita have their first real kiss.
  • Odd and Stella have a moment
  • Seamstress is revealed to have had a moment of passion with a Masquerain, resulting in an egg.
  • Arika and Ren merge into one being.
  • Carol returns, and ends up confessing her feelings for Herbert in front of Samantha.
  • Pi returns to Joseph, and Joseph enters the former's mindscape in short order.

February 16

  • Ever fights and wins against Ramos for the Plant Badge, Letter evolving into Doublade in the process.
  • DS and Tagg have a talk regarding their feelings towards one another, which Constantin ends up eavesdropping on.
  • Vierr, Jacob, Ren, and Dune manage to defeat Soul in Jacob's Mindscape.

February 17

  • Tagg gets mind raped by Constantin following his and DS' confessions.
  • Ever faces against the COOMAREEN JIM.
  • Alli and Eskay win against Ramos and Diatha in a double battle, earning their Plant Badges.
  • Crewe wins the Voltage Badge from Clemont and then proceeds to sweep through the rest of the Gyms.
  • In Snowbelle, Crewe meets up with Alyssa and makes a snowman after talking about the Illusion Project.
  • Crow battles against Ramos for the Plant Badge, Sundancer evolving into a Fletchinder in the process.
  • Kamella fully evolves into Blastoise after she, Ever, and PEFE!Every snap Tagg out of his BSOD.

February 18

February 19

  • Crewe and Echo have a conversation that ends with the former joining the Illusion Project.
  • Samantha continues exploring Herbert's mindscape.
  • ABBBBBBK( and JLVWNNOOOO set shore in Coumarine after having drifted on a raft for a while.

February 20

  • Herbert meets the Greninja Squad.
  • DS beats Korrina offscreen.
  • Sirius is revealed to be transgendered and evolves into Sylveon soon after.
  • Tagg and Fool manage to make up.
  • [TS] Flo evolves into Sylveon

February 21

February 22

  • Eskay talks to Psyche about making a permanent transition to Sarah.
  • Kyle and Forte have a battle at the Tower of Mastery.
  • Xel'lotath evolves into a Malamar.
  • Jacob battles Ramos for the Plant Badge.
  • Tagg, Fool, and Channah have a meal together.

February 23

February 24

  • Lina trades away her Alakazite for a Blazikenite.
  • Robin battles Grant for the Cliff Badge.
  • Samantha and Tagg battle Ramos for the Plant Badge.
  • [AU] Xel'lotath is revealed to have created an insanity cult in Kalos.
  • Straw deals with exploding Bulbasaur in the Kalos Power Plant.

February 25

  • Crewe mentions the J-Team meeting to Shard and Darien.

February 26

  • Various characters make their way into Lumiose.
  • Styx and Duolis have a girl's night out in Lumiose after borrowing Ammy and Chrome's armbands.
  • Every battles Clemont for the Voltage Badge.
  • Tagg enlists Ren's help in order to find a place since his original plans fell through.

February 27

  • [Meta] 18th anniversary of Pokémon Red and Green's Japanese release, and the existence of the series.
  • Mufasa evolves into Pyroar.
  • Ren reserves the Lumiose Civic Center's South Hall for the meeting.
  • Dune catches Alexandrine.
  • Tagg battles a group of mons on Route 13.
  • Shard steals Leonard's Key Stone and stabs him in the shoulder in his own apartment.

February 28

  • The mons that accosted Tagg on Route 13 are revealed to have been employed by the Mysterious Figure.
  • Lyuri and Duke have a date.

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