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March 1

  • Herbert gets creeped out when Joseph tells him about Lyuri and Duke having sex while the latter's human.
  • (TS) Sarah and Alli battle Bonnie and Clemont to get their Voltage Badges.
  • Tagg makes the roll call for the group to meet in Lumiose, where the second J-Team meeting is held.

March 2

March 3

  • Part III of the meeting is held.
  • Lyuri confronts Herbert over what he said regarding her relationship with Duke.
  • Spectrum loses the ability to be serious.

March 4

  • Numerous J-Team members have a karaoke session in Lumiose.
  • Sarah continues to comfort Herbert, taking him to the ice cream parlor in Virbank.

March 5

  • Ren challenges and beats Ramos, winning the Plant Badge.
  • Robin's Larvesta evolves into Volcarona.
  • Sarah and Herbert revisit Pokestars.

March 6

  • Tagg starts chasing a mysterious Rotom that came out of his 3DS following a loss to Hikari in Capumon.
  • Said Rotom then possesses a Teddiursa robot and makes it 20 feet tall, before engaging members of the J-Team in combat.

March 7

  • Crow battles Clemont for the Voltage Badge, Trainwreck and Dawg evolving into Quilladin and Houndoom respectively in the process.
  • Joseph catches a quintet of Flabébé. For one reason or another, he names them after Bjork albums.
  • Zeal catches Waffles, breaking tradition

March 8

  • [Meta] International Women's Day.
  • Tagg goes to check on DS.
  • Jacob battles Clemont for the Voltage Badge.
  • A contest is held at Parfum Palace.
  • Pentigan and Munn meet Genesect in the Lumiose Catacombs.

March 9

  • [TS] Lanie catches Ealsh and Misery.
  • [TS] Lanie battles Ramos for her Plant Badge, and Ealsh evolves into a Spewpa in the process.
  • [TS] Zeal trades most of his team to Lanie for Ealsh and Misery as part of a challenge.
  • Tagg and Constantin have another confrontation, this time with Umbra and Vierr joining in.
  • Crow celebrates his 19th birthday.

March 10

  • [TS] Tagg, Umbra, and Vierr visit DS.
  • The Dawnguard group prepares to head to Sinnoh and visit Blackreach.

March 11

  • [TS] At the The Parfrum Contest, Crewe and Joseph advance to the Finals.
  • The J-Team holds another meeting over at the Kalos PEFE HQ.

March 12

  • Umbra and Lina meet AZ.
  • Doradan is gender-flipped by Snowman.
  • Sue and Hydreigon have an eating contest.
  • Maggie battles Clemont for the Voltage Badge.

March 13

  • Psyche ends up visiting a clothing store ran by Mew.
  • Mew and Snowman have a color fight.
  • The Route 14 zoo is destroyed.
  • Eros gets rejected by Lina.
  • Joseph reveals that Hyacinthus is still alive to Eros.
  • Tagg and Fool go on a date to the Lumiose Museum.
  • [TS] Diane, Chrome, and Ren help Aelita deactivate an activated tower in Xanadu.

March 14

March 15

  • Crow is separated from his mons, but catches Chariot.
  • Some J-Team members hear rumors of weremons.

March 16

  • The Dawnguard group heads into Deepback Ravine deep in the Kalosian Mountains.
  • Aline catches Tails.
  • The Dawnguard group meets Gelebor, who tells them that an Alakagross incursion millenia ago led to the area having weaker dimensional walls compared to the rest of the OU.
  • Crewe is discovered under the influence of Lansat berries
  • Billy is discovered to be a suporter of Team Plasma
  • Chase scenes happen

March 17

  • Tagg and Pippi properly meet in the OU.
  • Ever battles Valerie for the Fairy Badge, Gattaca evolving into Umbreon in the process.

March 18

March 19

  • Ren catches Chessur.
  • [TS] It is revealed Ren has been earning his last few ribbons since the contest at Parfum Palace.

March 20

  • [Meta] First day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • A mysterious character appears in Laverre.
  • Maggie battles Valerie for the Fairy Badge.

March 21

  • [TS] M. Bush evolves into Venusaur.
  • Titanium evolves into Lairon after defeating a Pawniard horde.
  • Ferris evolves into Aggron.
  • Tagg battles Valerie for the Fairy Badge.
  • T returns to Ever's party.

March 22

  • Amanita gets a Mega Stone and Key Stone from a mysterious Hex Maniac.
  • Herbert and Sarah return to Kalos from Unova.
  • Ever and Silent meet just off Rt. 15 and have a small battle.
  • Pianis finds an odd stone on the Laverre Nature Trail. Cerberus takes an interest in it.

March 23

  • Constantin manages to creep out Shard.
  • Lily apologizes to Mezzo for her past behavior, but Noelle reveals herself to be hellbent on shipping them.
  • Mezzo finds out that the odd stone Pianis found is a Houndoominite.
  • Joseph and Jeff are properly introduced.
  • Leonard reveals to Cleo that he's being forced to move to Almia.
  • [TS] The group in Gédauvan set up traps for the "weremons"

March 24

  • Sarah meets Eridanus.
  • Constantin is revealed to be about 25 years old.
  • Valerie gives Psyche her Fairy Badge and Jacques.
  • [TS] The "weremons" spring the traps

March 25

  • Renard catches Keys the Klefki with the interesting set of keys.
  • Tagg and DS have a talk about Fool and Constantin.
  • Mezzo and Lily face off against Noelle and Mimmy in a double battle, Cerberus achieving Mega Evolution in the process.
  • [TS] Evallo & three teens are unmasked as wearing "weremon" costumes.

March 26

  • Ever catches Access.
  • Constantin and Herbert meet up again.
  • Phobos gets drunk on the Dark Side Mega Evolution and ends up knocking Amanita unconscious when she tries to get him to turn back.
  • [TS] Confessions are made.
  • Team Nova recruits Kodama.

March 27

  • Tagg meets Blackquill in the Lost Hotel.
  • Ammy battles Valerie for the Fairy Badge.
  • [TS] Evallo spills his plan, while Nelly- and the truth about Gédauvan- are outed.

March 28

  • Tagg and Crow meet Yveltal at Destruction's Roost.
  • Keys uses his Hidden Power- AST to make Maxilar, Bahamut, Morgana, and Frightful evolve into Croconaw, Charmeleon, Malamar, and Talonflame respectively.
  • Rex ends up fighting a Quagsire in a wrestling match.
  • [TS] The Gédauvanians decide to rethink their current approach.
  • Crow gets his Moon Stone back from the trio of Patrat.
  • DS catches Sylvester.

March 29

  • Skarpers meets Silent just as the Trainer and his team have found a Houndoominite.
  • [TS] During a meeting with Tagg, Yveltal lampshades Straw's flings with death.
  • Tagg informs Straw of Yveltal's message.
  • [TS] Eridanus gets Vivi and a Pokédex from Professor Sycamore.
  • [TS] Sakura and Lyuri battle Ramos for the Plant Badge.
  • Gage evolves into Wobbuffet.
  • Lyuri defeats two Illusion Project members and interrogates one for information.
  • [TS] Sarah and Herbert fight aganist Valerie in a double battle to get their Fairy Badges.
  • XANADOS launches a new attack using bribed mobs of Murkrow.

March 30

  • Deziree gets the Ecologic Harcebus from the light of Arceus fusing with her crossbow.
  • Straw finds an Absolite in the Lost Hotel, which Misery uses to Mega Evolve.
  • [TS] Eridanus battles Valerie for the Fairy Badge.
  • Lyuri makes a text regarding the encounter with Illusion yesterday, which Alyssa intercepts and shows to Echo.
  • Joseph battles a Sylveon dressed as Valerie for the Fairy Badge.
  • Echo enters talks with Zrone regarding the building of bases in Fiore, Almia, and Oblivia.
  • [TS] Silent meets the Xana!'krow while looking for Sol.

March 31

  • Channah catches a giant Avalugg in the Frost Cavern.
  • Duke decides to become a Pokémon Trainer.
  • Duke talks to Herbert regarding becoming a spy in Illusion.
  • Elsa hatches.

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