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April 1

  • April Fool's begins with its assorted madness.
  • Noir is revealed to be behind Gogoat Simulator.

April 2

April 3

April 4

  • [TS] Ren evolves into Braixen.
  • While on a mission from Titan, Triton finds out that Mammor has issues.

April 5

  • [Offscreen] Crow uses his lycanthropy to break into Mammor's apartment and find out what Mammor is up to, but is discovered and attacked, although Crow manages to escape.
  • [Offscreen] Crow's lycanthropy is undone after being hit by a Silver Wind from Mammor's Shadow Ninjask.
  • Crow reveals to Sundancer that Albert was really him.

April 6

  • Mammor is shown to suspect that Crow was the one to break into his apartment, but isn't certain of it one way or the other.
  • Pianis, Amanita, and their mons end up fighting a horde of Vanillite in the Frost Cavern.
  • Pianis finds an Abomasite for Icecap.
  • Samantha catches Jacqueline.
  • Giri and Opal evolve into Weavile and Aurorus respectively.

April 7

  • It rains in Anistar.
  • Pakhet, Montu, and Leonard's Gallade attempt to rewrite Mikki's personality to be less of a prick.
  • XANADOS appears in Sarah's copy of J-Team vs. Capcom 3 very briefly before absconding.

April 8

  • Straw battles Olympia for the Psychic Badge, but loses.
  • Holly discusses the Fairies' past with Root.
  • Professor-In-Training Jaxon Armstrong begins his study of the J-Team.

April 9

  • Ren challenges Valerie.
  • Tagg gets his Key Stone upgraded in Anistar unknowingly.

April 10

  • Crow and Herbert meet up on Route 17 and discuss Blackquill, Crow deciding to go alone in order to get information from Wraith.

April 11

  • Robin battles Olympia for the Psychic Badge.

April 12

  • After who knows what time-shenaniganed adventures, Silent walks into Anistar City and learns the HP-type of some of his Pokémon. And Roc's.
  • Ever battles Olympia for the Psychic Badge.
  • Tagg battles Olympia for the Psychic Badge.
  • Fortis and Amber battle Matthew and Remy in a double battle, with Grayson and Olive evolving into Fletchinder and Pidgeotto respectively during it.
  • [TS] Crow catches Hookwolf.
  • [TS] Ren defeats Valerie and obtains The Fairy Badge.
  • Lanie turns 13.

April 13

  • Blackquill's trial goes underway with Jacob as prosecutor.
  • Minerva is revealed to be a Heart of Gold.
  • Zrone is revealed to be the true murderer in the case, mainly because Blackquill attacked him and possibly left traces of who he was in the house, then decided to try pinning it on his son, their daughter, and the mother's Bisharp just because he felt like it, modifying Minerva and Blackquill's memories to do so.

April 14

  • [TS] Herbert fights and loses to Titan.

April 15

  • Constantin's coffee becomes popular amongst those at Illusion.

April 16

  • Skulk is dragged off by the pair of goffs.
  • Rex fails to Mega Evolve Damian, and while giving this a thought he meets Faith and Lyra at the Sundial.
  • Forte calls Mezzo and asks about Shadow missing, but no he's right there we swear.

April 17

  • Herbert begins formulating a plan to get Kirk back.
  • Ammy challenges Olympia for the Psychic Badge.
  • DS has a breakdown when Wolf suddenly calls.
  • Tagg has Jacob infiltrate a Durant nest for his second test.
  • Faith helps Rex with his work on Mega Evolution.

April 18

April 19

  • [TS] Saphire evolves into Frogadier offscreen.
  • Lyuri has a nasty nightmare.
  • XANADOS stages another attack.
  • [TS] Maggie battles Olympia for the Psychic Badge.

April 20

  • [Meta] Easter Sunday.
  • [TS] Herbert and Lyuri continue exploring each other's mindscapes.
  • Eridanus and Silent battle Olympia for the Psychic Badge.
  • Joseph acts as the Easter Buneary, and hands out eggs to whoever desires them.
  • [TS] Vierr manages to defeat XANADOS!Annoski.
  • [TS] Pentigan beats XANADOS!Einroth with a single stroke.

April 21

  • [TS] Herbert and Tagg have a small discussion about their attitudes.
  • Herbert leaves the J-Team after saying his goodbyes.

April 22

  • [TS] Eridanus finds out that Silent knows Monese and learns about the Armbands.
  • Pierre sees the distress beacon from Dune's Mindscape and alerts Dune and Ren. A Mindscape operation is discussed.

April 23

  • The Illusion Project leaves from Couriway, headed to the Ranger Regions.
  • Sarah and Jacob are hypnotized by Erwin and end up trapped in both of their mindscapes.
  • [TS] Maggie and her team manage to defeat XANADOS!Fyrucroak.

April 24

  • Mezzo and Ever battle Inver in an Inverse Battle, Mezzo getting an Absolite as a prize.
  • Tagg and Maggie battle, Amorpha evolving into a Goodra as a result.

April 25

  • Echo tells Isuka the goals of the Illusion Project regarding Mew.
  • Mathilde and Alys discovers that Maria is an admirer of theirs. Alys attempts to get Maria to help Juliet like her.

April 26

  • [TS] The Xanadu group enters the fifth sector, New Spectra, where they encounter a facsimile of Jane.
  • Tangent and Forte battle Ramos for the Plant Badge, Lua evolving into Quilava in the process.
  • Dune, Deziree, and Ren enter Dune's Mindscape.

April 27

  • [TS] The battle against JaneDOS continues.
  • Forte finds out that Lumiose Gym is closed due to Clemont helping to fight XANADOS from Bonnie.

April 28

  • [TS] Umbra and his mons defeat the Edge facsimile in the Xanadu Desert sector.
  • Crow battles Olympia for the Psychic Badge.
  • [TS] The Xanadu group stops XANADOS from recreating Missingno.
  • [TS] Maggie finds a Key Stone in New Spectra.
  • [TS] Ren accepts a commission, with some conditions of his own.

April 29

April 30

  • Zilah de Nile is introduced.
  • Diane finds out that she and Paula are cousins.
  • [TS] Dirus evolves into a Hydreigon.

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