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May 1

  • Jason/Skyzerk is introduced, meeting Pana.
  • Vierr and Elise finally have their Obscura duel. Vierr defeats Elise, but pretends to have forgotten what the terms of their bet were.
  • [TS] Jacob faces off against Finn in Terminus Cave
  • Shahinne meets Yveltal and gets a bag of souls from the meeting.
  • Maggie battles Wulfric for the Iceberg Badge, Titanium evolving into Aggron in the process.

May 2

  • Arika and Chrome meet Xerneas, who reveals that he was the original creator of the Lunar Pendant.
  • Ever and Mezzo face Pianis and Amanita in a double battle, Yin and Icecap Mega Evolving for the first time during it.

May 3

  • Ever battles Wulfric for the Iceberg Badge.
  • DS reflects on her recent departure from the J-Team.
  • [TS] Ren is shown to have been rather busy in the last few weeks.
  • Tagg has a tea party with Fool and Xerneas.

May 4

  • Tagg and Fool visit the Pokémon Village.
  • Esprit separates Umi from Elise in exchange for Elise offering to protect him.

May 5

  • Bahamut evolves into a Charizard.
  • Umbra and Ren go skiing, Umbra and his team accidentally merging into Penumbra in the process.
  • Elise informs Vierr of the deal she made with Esprit.
  • Straw battles Wulfric for the Iceberg Badge.
  • Maggie turns 16.

May 6

May 7

  • Sakura and Lyuri have a double battle with Sarah and Alli.
  • The mysterious man murders Johnson and Kelly on Route 17.
  • Aelfric hatches.
  • Tagg battles Wulfric for the Iceberg Badge.

May 8

  • [Meta] V-E Day.

May 9

  • Sarah battles Jason.

May 10

  • Ren battles Wulfric for the Iceberg Badge.
  • Ammy battles Wulfric for the Iceberg Badge.
  • Silent watches both gym challenges.

May 11

  • [Meta] Mother's Day
  • Various characters celebrate Mother's Day.
  • Pentigan, Fool, and Psyche talk about their childhoods.

May 12

May 13

  • Diane teaches Jason about Auric abilities.
  • Yveltal reveals that she can take on a human form.
  • Odin's true name is revealed to be Maxwell Rubeloff.
  • Kyrie is revealed to be a spy in Illusion.
  • Eve and Leonardo hatch.
  • Airy evolves into Togetic.

May 14

  • Meche and Iago hatch.
  • Ika is revealed to have evolved into Malamar offscreen.

May 15

  • Ellen meets up with all the current and former Champions.
  • Ren and co. leave Kalos for a few days to participate in the Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh Grand Festivals.

May 16

May 17

May 18

  • Mezzo, Ever, and Mimmy try talking to Noelle about her forced shipping attempts with Lily
  • Inner Darkness attempts to take over DS, but fails.

May 19

  • Various characters make their way to the Pokémon League
  • Slightly hatches.

May 20

  • [TS] Ren wins the 2014 Hoenn Grand Festival, with Rio Mega Evolving to help pull off the victory.
  • [TS] Ren registers for the 2014 Kanto Grand Festival.
  • Crow meets Teksab, who grants him a sample of Murkrowvirus using his DNA.
  • Finn meets Birnam Wood
  • Jacob challenges the Elite Four.
  • Eridanus battles Wulfric for the Iceberg Badge.

May 21

May 22

  • Duke unintentionally mentions Sarah's transgenderism at Kalos League, revealing it to Eridanus and Jason.
  • Pana challenges the Elite Four.
  • Dune and Deziree are accosted by a Hydreigon between Snowbelle and the Kalos League.
  • Brie is revealed to have caught Ramphyros.

May 23

  • Ship happens as Jason and Pana admit feelings to each other.
  • Jason and Simon finally have their battle.
  • Maggie is forced to challenge the Elite Four sans pants after getting them burned off in the Blazing Chamber.
  • Connie evolves into Mienshao while battling Siebold's Barbaracle.
  • Zangetsu is revealed to have evolved into Aegislash offscreen.
  • Anja evolves into Lilligant.
  • Catherine evolves into Delphox.
  • [TS] Kitsune makes Coyote turn Ren back to normal after his form change during the Kanto Grand Festival costs him the win and makes him enter depression.

May 24

  • [TS] Straw beats Diantha and enters the Kalos Hall of Fame.
  • Laharl is revealed to have evolved into Tyrantrum offscreen.
  • Sarah and Alli challenge the Elite Four. Holly finally Mega Evolves in the final battle with Diantha.
  • Ammy challenges the Elite Four, Nyuki defeating Diantha's Gardevoir.
  • Ever challenges the Elite Four.
  • Dune, Vierr, and Ren enter Dune's Mindscape for Round 2 against the Sith Lord, Darth Lightning-Fingers Guy.

May 25

  • Alli decides to head off to Sinnoh.
  • Ever ends up battling Slam as his Champion match, but loses.
  • Herbert and Alice reappear under the guises of The Auric Avenger and Gaia.
  • Dune, Vierr, and Ren defeat Imperius, The Enslaver and return from Dune's Mindscape.
  • Jason learns to drain Aura from objects from the shade in his dreams.
  • Crow informs Titan about the J-Team doing League challenges and the likelihood that they'll be leaving the region soon.
  • Upon learning about Crow being unable to turn back into a human, Titan formally kicks him out of Team Neo-Galactic.

May 26

  • [TS] Jacob manages to defeat Diantha's Mega Gardevoir using Regina.
  • Vierr discovers that he has somehow lost the ability to use his powers, but in turn his lycanthropy was cured.
  • Lanie and Zeal have a battle, Dento, Waffles, and Flugilo having evolved into Manectric, Floette, and Yanmega respectively offscreen.
  • Joseph challenges the Elite Four.

May 27

  • [TS] Milo and Audrey's fused misadventures continue.
  • Squirt dies offscreen.
  • Vierr gets Bubblegum as a gift from Fool.
  • Jacob gets a necklace for Regina from Ren after he lets him borrow his Gardevoirite.

May 28

  • Blitz's sister Tori is introduced.
  • [TS] During the battle between the Motte siblings, Tourmaline evolves into Vanilluxe, and Verdo and Misery are revealed to have evolved into Venusaur and Gloom respectively. Lanie claims victory.
  • Ren challenges the Elite Four.

May 29

  • Jason and Pana have a Double Battle.
  • [TS] Ren and Silent have a battle.

May 30

  • Lanie returns Zeal's mons back to him.
  • Eridanus battles Viola for the Bug Badge, with Vivi evolving into Braixen in the process.
  • [TS] Lucius and Alice get info about Neo-Galactic from the mysterious Mr. Fox.
  • Jason and Pana end up taking a plane to Fall City, Fiore.
  • Eridanus, Super Nerd, Blitz, and Tori end up accidentally taking the wrong plane to Fall City instead of Hoenn.

May 31

  • Munn reveals to Pentigan that Mortimer might've managed to get a branch off the Entree.
  • Lucius meets Jason and Juliet.
  • Super Nerd has a strange awakening.

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