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June 1

June 2

  • Blitz's Pokéform is revealed to be Froakie and he joins the GreNinja Squad under the name of Shinobi.
  • Echo reprimands Juliet for giving out fliers regarding Illusion.
  • Dune defeats Diantha with Eos and enters the Hall of Fame.
  • Tagg challenges the Elite Four.
  • Dune and Vierr figure out that his power loss likely had something to do with the last time he entered Dune's Mindscape.
  • Starkeeper joins Illusion under the alias of Daimler.

June 3

June 4

  • Lanie challenges the Elite Four.
  • Straw enters Illusion as a mole.
  • Super Nerd awakes with no memory of what happened.
  • Jason and Super Nerd have an encounter with the Auric Avenger.
  • Mysterious emotion draining machines are found in Fall City. They are discovered to be the source of Sarah's constant headache.

June 5

  • Ren catches Shantotto.
  • Jason and Lyuri have a battle.
  • Eridanus and Super Nerd have a battle.
  • [TS] Lanie defeats Diantha and enters the Hall of Fame.
  • Zeal is given an ultimatum regarding the life of his sister.
  • Verax gets assaulted by the Auric Avenger and Gaia.
  • Tagg sends Team Nova over to Fiore to tag areas with Dialga and Groudon's symbols for Verax to pick up on.
  • Airy is revealed to have evolved into Togekiss offscreen.
  • Lanie is seemingly murdered.

June 6

  • [Meta] D-Day
  • [TS] Ren, Dune, and Psyziree arrive in Fall City
  • Ren begins training Shantotto
  • Sheila is introduced and is revealed to be a cousin of Ren's.
  • Queenie is introduced, and gets in a fight with Jason

June 7

  • Diane joins up with the Auric Avenger.
  • Shingeko catches two Illusion members at the Dusk Factory, and ends up allying with the Auric Avenger.
  • [TS] Silent and Ren's battle ends in a draw.
  • Munn and Joseph convince the Genesect in the Lumiose Catacombs to head over to the Pokémon Village.
  • Jason finds out that Queenie is actually his long lost childhood friend.
  • Tagg pays for a Venusaurite from the Stone Emporium.

June 8

  • Jacob and Tagg battle each other in Kiloude.
  • The night of The Rolling Circus's final show for the Fall City area
  • Samantha joins Illusion under the alias of Meryl Honeycutt.
  • Diane contracts Murkrowvirus while in Pokeform, leaving her human form unaffected.
  • Jason gets Super Nerd help him with his Super Hero outfit.
  • [TS] Lucius catches Shrike.

June 9

  • Crow gets the official designation Beta from Titan.
  • Ton and Sol attempt to steal the Hechs Editor from the Fall City Museum. Shingeko and Gaia attempt to stop them, but despite foiling the theft, are unable to prevent their escape.
  • [TS] Brudy are eaten by Larva, who then gives Sundancer an Abomasite.
  • Shingeko saves Zoe Brown from a man hired by the de Nile Family.
  • Jason in his guise of the Blue Emperor is saved from Mammor by the Auric Avenger.

June 10

  • Sakura celebrates her 17th birthday.
  • Blitz evolves into Frogadier.
  • First onscreen transformation of Koro to Obscura Rider Gear
  • [TS] Tagg defeats Jacob in their battle.

June 11

  • Tagg ends up getting roped into a sidequest to collect parts to the prototype of the Pokeverse version of the Clock of the Long Now.
  • Tagg and Fool have a Restaurant battle at Restaurant Le Wow.
  • Queenie confesses her love to Jason.

June 12

June 13

  • Tagg learns about Mammor and Lucius' efforts from Crow.
  • Tagg tells Sakura and Crow about his first adventures in the Ranger Regions.

June 14

  • Tagg recovers Verax's package and finds out that Constantin may be a member of the Illusion Project.
  • Sakura and Lucius discuss the latter's plans for dealing with Illusion and Neo-Galactic.
  • Lucius reveals to Duke that his friend Herbert was rendered a vegetable by Sidious when he, Lucius, and Alice infiltrated the Galactic HQ in Veilstone.

June 15

  • [Meta] Father's Day.
  • Zeal informs Sarah of Lanie's seeming death.
  • [TS] The Auric Avenger and Gaia meet up with Ren.
  • Sarah goes through emotional fallout, followed by emotional lockdown.
  • The masked figure and their Scizor stalk stalking Lucius.
  • Icicle and his family work together to make a snow sculpture of him and Forte as a Father's Day gift.

June 16

  • Lucius has a nasty nightmare
  • Jason has an emotional breakdown of his own.
  • Lucius is saved from the masked assailant and her Scizor by an Obscuric by the name of Kieran Abel.
  • Abel is revealed to be a Heart of Gold.
  • Sarah finds out that Shingeko is actually Sakura in disguise.
  • Ren and Kitsune celebrate their one year anniversary.
  • Ren hosts an impromptu karaoke night, which several J-Team members join in.

June 17

  • Deziree has a nightmare regarding the news of Lanie's seeming death.
  • Tinpthed gives Belial the ability to speak in tongues.

June 18

  • Faith joins up with the Auric Avenger.
  • Eridanus tells Maria about the tale of the Red and Blue Orbs and the weather trio.
  • Jason takes Pana in as his sister and then has a brief Aura duel with Duke.
  • Illusion Project members start gathering in the Olive Jungle in search of Mew, including Straw and Alyssa.

June 19

  • The mysterious assailant and Scizor are revealed to be a woman named Lillianna and a future Bishop.
  • [TS] Verax's package intel is revealed
  • Tagg learns about Andrew through a conversation with Straw in the Dream World.
  • Tagg and Constantin have their first duel.
  • Lösning is revealed to have been renamed Adam, and now belongs to Wil. Furthermore, he takes an Eevee named Cassiopeia under his wing.
  • Diane agrees to let Sarah train her as a Murkrow, under the alias "Shelly".

June 20

  • Tagg gathers some J-Team members for another meeting.
  • Constantin is revealed to have gotten scarred in the duel he had with Tagg.

June 21

  • [Meta] Summer Solstice, first day of summer in Western Hemisphere.
  • Samantha informs Constantin that she is a J-Team spy.
  • Tagg tells Fool about the duel with Constantin.

June 22

  • [TS] Fool has a flashback.
  • Cid and Zrone have a conversation in which it's revealed that the latter has captured the Heatran of Volcano Cave.

June 23

  • Ŝafo goes on a search for a Key Stone.
  • The info Verax gathered is distributed to Neo-Galactic, the Summerland Rangers, and the Auric Avenger.
  • The J-Team attempts a raid on the Illusion operations in the Olive Jungle.

June 24

  • [TS] Tagg manages to get some intel from Straw while Echo learns that the J-Team is responsible for disrupting the Olive Jungle
  • A Beach Episode is had in Summerland.

June 25

  • Tagg learns of Constantin's origins from Shaka.
  • Sundancer meets up with her brother Charles.
  • Sarah and Psyche break up.
  • Jacob turns 20.
  • The Rolling Circus arrives in the Summerland Area for the week.

June 26

  • [TS] Straw's intel is revealed.
  • Salamence and Marmalade get involved with the Silly Pidgey mafia in order to save their teammates from a Scyther.

June 27

  • Tagg, Keys, and Pentigan summon mons with Ranger Signs.
  • Rawst finds out that Sakura is Shingeko after voicing his dislike for the superheroes.
  • Sarah and Psyche make amends, agreeing to remain friends despite their breakup.

June 28

  • Psyche and Noelle share a kiss.
  • [TS] Jason catches Sylph while exploring the Jungle Relic.
  • Mezzo's group defeats Flowery Woods.
  • Elise and a number of other characters get drunk at the Krabby Klub.
  • Elise and Vierr become a couple.

June 29

  • Fool celebrates her 20th birthday.
  • Forte celebrates her* 15th birthday.
  • Jason joins up with Undine after having a strange dream.

June 30

  • Blitz and Jason have a battle.
  • Sakura and Rawst break up.
  • [TS] Tagg gets Roc back from Silent.

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