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July 1

July 2

  • [Meta] Semi-centennial of the US Civil Rights Act.
  • Jason and Belinda admit their feelings towards one another, only for Simon to get involved.

July 3

  • Morgan celebrates her 9th birthday.
  • Tagg turns 23.
  • Vierr has another encounter with Shard.

July 4

  • [Meta] Independence Day.
  • Jason confesses his feelings to Sarah, only to be rejected. Sarah is later attacked by Efreet, who is caught by Jason shortly after.
  • Blitz and Jason (separately) learn how to fight inside of a Mindscape.
  • Fireworks are had at the beach.

July 5

July 6

  • Ricin evolves into Muk.
  • Chun-Li is caught by Wil and renamed Embla.
  • Jason forces Kusaru out of his Mindscape.

July 7

  • Crewe ends up meeting Mew again under her guise of Benz.
  • Koro creates a two-headed Ekans by the name of Ashton, who Blitz catches.

July 8

  • Illusion prepares to leave Fiore for Almia.
  • Crewe decides to inform the J-Team that she informed Echo about being a Legendary Chosen, which they don't take very well.

July 9

  • Blitz's Aron Stark evolves into a Lairon
  • The J-Team raids Illusion's Fiore HQ, during which Andrew reveals Illusion's true goals regarding Mew.
  • Towards the end of the raid, the second Illusion airship is brought down, injuring Straw in the process.
  • Jason's Horsea Undine evolves into a Seadra during the raid.

July 10

  • Lucius accidently informs Skye about Diane purposely changing her Pokéform via Murkrowvirus.
  • Paula is placed in a padded cell, only for the Unown following her to teleport her out. Verax then tries to fight the swarm to get her back.
  • Sarah and Marie discover they're cousins.
  • Crewe ends up raiding Cid's base in Meteor Falls and stabbing him.

July 11

  • Crewe joins up with the Auric Avenger.
  • DS sends a text to the J-Team in which she officially retires from it.
  • Bishop is revealed to have been responsible for Weird Girl's neck injury back when he was a Shadow Pokémon.

July 12

  • Zeal convinces Todd to erase his memory of Lanie.
  • Tagg announces that the airship is fixed.
  • Echo reveals her backstory to Crewe.
  • The J-Team heads off to Almia on their new airship.

July 13

  • [TS] Chandelure/Cofagrigus boss battle in the Slenderhouse.
  • Mezzo's group defeats Paintra and gets the second Sun Stone, Fortis evolving into Altaria in the process.
  • The milldly-antagonistic Jigglypuff that had been following along joins the party under the name Gumbomb.
  • The J-Team reaches Almia.
  • Gumbomb joins Maggie's team.

July 14

  • [Meta] Bastille Day.
  • Fox is revealed to have evolved into Vibrava while offscreen.
  • Crewe joins the Auric Avenger under the guise of Shieldmaiden, and together the two fight Mech Mercenary in Fall City.

July 15

  • Almia is hit by a sudden thunderstorm.

July 16

  • Strom is revealed to have evolved.
  • The J-Team is forced to defend their airship from an Illusion raid.

July 17

  • Down Joins Blitz's team and Ammon evolves after Maria provides Blitz with a Firestone
  • Psyche is given a Reason You Suck Speech by Sarah regarding her behavior.

July 18

  • Akim'bleer makes friends with a local Eevee.
  • Straw tries to figure out how the new emotion machines work.
  • Sarah shows Lucius the scar she received in Holon. Crewe appears and interprets the situation completely wrong.

July 19

  • Psyche decides to go to Nimbasa in order to get psychological help.
  • The emotion machine in Altru Park is destroyed.
  • Crewe asks various people for help regarding her love triangle with Straw and Lucius.
  • Jason introduces Belinda to his mother.
  • Weird Girl's birth name is revealed to be Ashley.

July 20

  • Shingeko and Helmaroc try and raid the Fiore Neo-Galactic base to shut it down, only to discover that it's a decoy base.
  • Tagg finds a Dratini-EX in a crater in Vien Forest, who starts travelling with him under the name of Jill.
  • Shieldmaiden fights Rawst under his villain guise of Brush Sorcerer.

July 21

  • Ignia hatches.
  • Straw successfully interrogates the captured Illusion member.
  • Shingeko reveals her true identity to Lucius.
  • Psyche takes on the superhero guise of The Silent Siren.
  • Salvador appears.

July 22

  • The J-Team heads towards Hia Valley, which is undergoing time distortion.
  • Esprit contracts Elise into collecting Straw's hair, nails, and saliva.
  • The Unown strip Paula of her memories, sending 90% of her entire mind into Dashedreams as a single aspect.
  • Mix gets transformed into a Treecko by Mew.

July 23

  • [Meta] WAAPT reaches 400000 posts in its main thread.
  • Tagg is deaged by the temporal fluctuations in Hia Valley.
  • Crewe runs into Ahmlaidh/Jon's children.
  • Jason and Lyuri have an sparing match.
  • Jason contracts Lycanthropy via Noir, making him a Chimchar by moonlight.
  • Lucius admits to have overheard Sarah telling Crewe about her crush on him. The two are sent into each other's mindscapes by Maul.

July 24

  • Mezzo's group explores Old Odyssey.
  • Ren and his team is revealed to have gotten stuck in a slow time field.
  • Tagg informs Maggie about Dialga taking the Adamant Orb away from him.
  • Joseph suplexes a train after eating a Miracle Fruit, and evolves into Lucario while fighting three oversized Natu in the Dream World.
  • Lane encounters a younger Ashley in Hia Valley due to time distortions.
  • Morgan de-ages into infancy.
  • Crewe gets some Talonflame allied with her to use Sunny Day on the frozen emotion machine.

July 25

  • Duke and Lyuri reveal themselves to Lucille as superheroes.
  • Mezzo's group continues through Old Odyssey.
  • Wilhelm assaults some J-Team members near the airship.
  • Ren and Sheila meet Sho and Shiko, and Ren exposes Sho's actions and punches him in front of all present.

July 26

July 27

  • Part of the group heads towards Haruba Desert.
  • Maggie gets saved from a Durant and Heatmor by a Drifloon.
  • Aline arrives in Almia.

July 28

  • [Meta] Centennial of the First World War
  • Lilliana is revealed to be Sarah and Lucius' daughter.
  • Crow battles Shinobi while Jason battles Festival, Shinobi evolving into Greninja in the process.
  • Aline turns nine.

July 29

  • Tagg and co visit the Temporal World.
  • Somewhere in Kalos, a group of birds have a meeting.
  • Jason evolves into Monferno.

July 30

  • [TS] Tagg's group continues exploring the Temporal World.
  • Maggie escapes from the Drifloon that had been holding her hostage in someone else's house by capturing him.
  • Part of the J-Team assaults a warehouse in Haruba Village.

July 31

  • Isuka reveals Illusion's true goals to Alyssa.
  • Morgan and Lane are turned into a Zorua and Cyndaquil respectively.
  • Straw, Tagg and his mons, Irrendolch, and Ruby capture two Illusion Grunts in Haruba Desert.

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