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August 1

  • Gamma sends out invites to the J-Team for Ren's birthday on August sixth.
  • [TS] Alys and Sarah battle in the Haruba warehouse.

August 2

August 3

  • Crow tries infiltrating Zrone's Boyleland base.
  • Maria catches Scout.
  • Tagg relays the intel he got from Verax back to the rest of the J-Team.

August 4

  • Tagg ends up finding a blog created by a former Cipher scientist.

August 5

  • Forte meets a J-Team fan by the name of Vicky and has a battle with her.
  • Crow informs Tagg about his battle with Zrone.

August 6

  • Ren turns 31.
  • Ren receives a Alakazite from Cebu and a Treeko egg from Doug and Sara for his birthday.
  • [TS] Mammor sets up white phosphorus-based incendiary bombs to blow up the J-Team.

August 7

  • Eridanus catches Nimbus.
  • Maria catches Sonar.
  • Jason and Kusaru have a duel.
  • Crewe gets blackmailed by Norton, the ex-Cipher member running the J-Team hate blog.
  • Ren's Mindscape starts to feel the after effects of Jacob's defeat of Horror
  • Lane gets a Houndour egg from Joseph.
  • Sticy Lips, Jacob, and Ren enter the latter's mindscape.
  • Hitodama hatches.

August 8

  • Jason discovers that Kusaru's attack left a bit of his power inside him.
  • Crow tells Titan about his run-in with Zrone.
  • The Auric Avenger and company fight Shard in the Haruba Desert.
  • Shingeko, Gekkobi, and the Greninja Squad all enter Sarah's mindscape and fight a group of Toxicroak led by a new aspect.

August 9

  • Norton forces Crewe to break up with Straw.
  • Wolf returns
  • Super Nerd, Blitz, and Jason enter the latter's Mindscape to try and cure Jason's lovesickness.

August 10

August 11

  • Tagg, Crow, and Blitz discuss raiding Zrone's base in Boyleland.
  • Alduin has a rather strange dream.
  • Noelle and Psyche officially enter a relationship.

August 12

  • Crewe and Sarah show one another their scars.
  • [TS] Sticy Lips, Jacob, and Ren exit the latter's mindscape as gears of a sinister plot begin to turn.

August 13

  • Crewe, Sarah, and Wolf have a talk.
  • Pentigan briefs Wolf on the events of past arcs.

August 14

August 15

  • Some J-Team members watch an opera in Pueltown.
  • Forge is revealed to have evolved into Magneton.

August 16

August 17

  • Maria turns 21.
  • Crewe tells Basket about Norton.

August 18

  • Zappa catches Ramon.
  • Tagg starts training Maggie in archery.
  • Blitz, Jason, and Sarah train together as Pokemon, the third taking on the name Sarashi in Croagunk form.
  • Jason evolves into Infernape and takes on the name Tekken as a Pokemon.

August 19

  • Tagg and Maggie meet Salvador after the latter nearly hits him with her arrow.
  • Lillith hatches.
  • Nadia hatches.

August 20

August 21

  • Sylph is revealed to have been human once, mainly a servant and close friend of Jason's ancestor before dying as one of his brother's victims.
  • Sarah turns 17, and is kidnapped along with Conifer by Illusion.
  • Pleth is nicknamed.
  • Newcomer Alan arrives in Pueltown.

August 22

  • Psyche and the others discuss how to rescue Sarah and Conifer from Mathilde.
  • Duke and Titan have a brief altercation in Vien Forest.
  • Fireman discovers Alan's identity and wants in on the hospital job.

August 23

  • Maria has a nightmare about her parents.
  • Mix, Salamence, Ecnemalas, and Feist have an argument about the narrative appropriateness of Mix's fate.
  • [TS] Lyuri and Duke manage to defeat Titan and Omega.

August 24

  • Kusaru attempts to manipulate Super Nerd into making a deal.
  • Titan visits Crewe in the hospital.
  • Phlegethon, Helian, Lethe, Salcura, Arondight, Sapphire, and Songbird are revealed to have evolved into Charizard, Sceptile, Zweilous, Dragonite, Doublade, Greninja, and Altaria respectively.
  • The Battle of Demon's Run Island begins.

August 25

  • Vice accidently evolves into Cloyster upon falling into Maria's bag.
  • Titan gets usurped by Io, while the Excubitors attack Shingeko and the Greninja Squad, Aline getting injured in the crossfire.
  • The heist at Pueltown Hospital is underway. Alan expresses concern about the employer.
  • Senshi is revealed to have evolved into Gardevoir offscreen.

August 26

  • [Meta] Women's Equality Day in the US
  • [Meta] National Dog Day
  • Lucius and others go to visit Aline in the hospital.
  • [TS] Lucius leaves Sarah a gift, causing her to decide that she needs to save herself.
  • [TS] Sol and Ton tell Lucius about the Gaim Rahm
  • Titan does a Heel Face Turn.
  • The J-Team heads for PEFE HQ, and then Oblivia.
  • Kick Magnet gets his nickname.

August 27

  • The J-Team airship is upgraded, and makes it to Oblivia.
  • [TS] Echo decides to let Mathilde be called Admin Run Away for her part in escalating hostilities between the J-Team and Illusion.
  • Alan is revealed to have dealt in drug dealing in the past.
  • Lucius steals the Gaim Rahm from the Summerland PEFE facility.
  • Jason and Morgan are revealed to be somewhat distant cousins.

August 28

August 29

  • [TS] Jacob and Titan battle at the Peril Cliffs.
  • A surprise birthday party is held for Sarah to make up for the events of Demon's Run Island.
  • Lucius and Crewe have an argument over what to do about Titan.
  • Lucius evolves Helmaroc into Honchkrow.

August 30

  • The superheroes raid Neo-Galactic HQ
  • Stark evolves into Aggron.
  • Sidious horribly injures Omega.
  • Allen manages to seriously injure Shingeko with his Zoroark from behind.

August 31

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