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July 1

  • [Meta] Canada Day.
  • Lucius goes over with Alice why Blanche wanted to kidnap him, while Helios tells Shun her name and some of her backstory.
  • Verax and Iapetus discuss the nature of revenge.
  • Louis is revealed to have evolved into Swalot offscreen, and Maria decides to give him to Iggy to bolster her team.
  • Doc gets rebuffed by some assorted sealmons.
  • The mecha group fights Ridley.
  • Iggy catches a Skorupi.

July 2

  • Lucius and Zoe have their first conversation in years.
  • Tagg and Lucius do much the same, where the latter tells the former why Blanche was interested in him.
  • Tagg explains to Tex the nature of the Auric Spectrum.
  • Blitz talks to Dani and Tara about what they'll do following capture.
  • Des offers the duo a breakout if a deal with Interpol falls through.
  • Tex takes his turn at interrogation, and takes a harsher turn.
  • Wilhelm returns and reveals that Alys' torture session merely awakened his latent psychic powers. Alys reluctantly lets him join back up with Neo-Illusion.

July 3

  • Tagg turns 25.
  • [TS] The CU Group defeat Mara with an All-Out Attack, but this causes Alice to go berserk with grief.
  • Shun tries to interview Lucius, but the latter isn't having it.

July 4

  • [Meta] Independence Day.
  • Lucius turns 19.
  • [TS] Hugin and Munin are defeated.

July 5

  • Dune is forced to clean the new house by himself after losing a coin flip.
  • Loki plots with his minions.
  • [TS] The CU group fights Sleipnir.

July 6

  • Nothing much happened today.

July 7

  • [TS] Kendall explains to Tagg and Blitz about the multiversal displacement of their group and Team Umbra, and tells them that their universe's Jewel of Life got damaged from Arceus doing battle with a Glitch.

July 8

  • [TS] Upon reaching Devon Corp, the group is greeted by two Stevens.
  • Igor gives Jacob permission to have his birthday date with Hikari inside the Velvet Room.

July 9

  • Lucius and Iapetus, now calling himself Seth, have their first semi-friendly conversation.
  • Janis wakes up from her coma, and is revealed to have lost her powers.
  • Dani, Tara, and Shun are captured by a Glitch.
  • [TS] Shadow Ren manages to get under his counterpart's skin, leading to the inevitable battle.
  • [Meta (Kinda)] [TS] Recap of the Lazarus base raid.
  • Lazarus is revealed to have entered his new robot body somewhere in Alola, while Munn is revealed to have gotten imprisoned in a sub-dimension.

July 10

  • [TS] Upon talking with the Stevens Tagg figures out that Robin was likely snatched by the Glitch shortly after the earliest events of the Delta Episode timewise. After examining some of the meteor shards left over from the Delta Meteor, everyone starts watching Season 2 of Glitchstuck Wars.
  • Nico is revealed to be the leader of the Rextance, Fuuma is revealed to be a Rextance member, and Seishirou is revealed to be stuck in a stasis that can only be lifted upon the Glitch being purged from the Galaxy.
  • [TS] Upon sensing someone attempting to interfere with the fate of the Contractors, Igor and Philemon send Margaret, Elizabeth, and Theodore to aid them, but with the caveat that they may only step in if the contractors are under the threat of death.
  • In the distant past within a long forgotten empire, a group of knights are gathered to fight the Criminal.

July 11

  • Nothing much happened.

July 12

July 13

  • [TS] Loki shows up and despite everyone's best efforts, absconds with the partially reforged Jewel of Life.
  • Satsuki and her Elite Four (No relation) are dispatched to harass the J-Team in order to obsfucate her mother's plans.
  • Etran catches Erebus.
  • Ammy and co are confronted by Kylo Grima.
  • Yangverse!Steven mentions that the Jewel of Life gave him a vision of N and Reshiram, that after using Kendall as a conduit leads them to Anistar.
  • Heskel decides to go speak with the Emperor himself.

July 14

July 15

July 16

July 17

  • Not much happened.

July 18

  • Dune continues attempting to fix up his and Deziree's new house, only to be met by a rare Orren rainstorm.

July 19

July 20

July 21

  • Iggy turns 2.
  • Cid decides to meet with an old colleague of his after he wonders what would happen if a Pokémon infected with Pokérus got Shadowed.
  • The Serpent's Cage party meets a sapient lantern.
  • Etran rematches Maylene for the Cobble Badge.
  • Heidi challenges Iggy to a battle, Venti evolving into Whirlipede in the process.

July 22

July 23

  • A glitch alters Skye's history and makes her chronological age line up properly with her physical age in human form. As a result, she has her 19th birthday, and she and Diane go on a double dates with Psyche and Noelle.

July 24

  • Nothing much happened.

July 25

  • Nothing much happened.

July 26

  • The Thorne family deals with an indignant trainer unhappy that the Torchic hatched from his shiny Ditto and Blaziken isn't shiny as they are.
  • Etran and Erin have a battle.

July 27

Savannah and Etran have a battle.

July 28

  • [TS] N and Reshiram are tracked down by Kendall's group in Anistar.

July 29

  • Rich Kid Richard challenges Blitz to a battle over his shiny Ditto, and loses.
  • [TS] Embla and co attack Aurocalypse's group.
  • A glitchy Croagunk fuses Sarah and Kieran back together.

July 30

  • [TS] Kendall and Reshiram meet, and immediately start fighting.

July 31

  • Nothing much happened.

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