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June 1

  • [Meta] Beginning of LGBT Pride Month.

June 2

June 3

  • Nothing much happened.

June 4

June 5

June 6

June 7

  • The mindscape group fights Vidarr.
  • [TS] The skeletal Glitch is defeated.
  • [TS] DS and Tagg encounter the same Glitch as last time within the Lost Tower.
  • EJ meets Tagg after managing to get himself back to Hearthome while seriously injured.
  • Lucius and Silas encounter one another again, but on better terms.
  • Lawrence meets with Edge and discusses life and death with him.

June 8

June 9

June 10

  • [TS] The lab group fights Zrone's adminstrator after he injures Akim'bleer, but he ends up breaking it off.
  • Philemon and the Velvet Room attendents decide to go find Margaret, and failing her, the CU group after the Velvet Room grows unstable.
  • [TS] The CU group is betrayed by Moh Shuvuu, who proceeds to start attacking the party, but is defeated.
  • The CU group is summoned to a drastically different Velvet Room.
  • Team Umbra finds that they're stuck in the metawise uncompleted bits of the Delta Episode.
  • Philemon explains that the CU group has to face a challenge, lest the Velvet Room is destroyed and them by extension, and they enter the Theater, Ren's dungeon.
  • [TS] Blitz's team fights Futility in Jason's Mindscape.
  • Tagg and Scheherazade meet Gilgamesh.
  • The CU group encounters Jack Frost, who grants them a clue from Ren's Shadow.
  • [TS] Zrone and Jacob's group parley.

June 11

  • [TS] The CU group battles Shadow Lisa.
  • [TS] The group is separated by a glass wall and is forced to battle Omega and Leng.
  • [TS] The wandering Glitch departs.
  • Batastrophe and Helion attack Amity Park, and end up getting a hanger-on calling themselves N1T3SL4Y3R.
  • Gino informs Team Umbra, Dave, and Mia that their current predicament is directly caused by the Glitch, having taken advantage of April Fools to ensnare them.

June 12

  • [TS] Tagg figures out that the mech group was present in Solaceon Ruins.
  • Batastrophe and co are recruited by Mr. Smith and Iapetus to recapture Lucius for them.
  • A Glitchy saga begins.
  • [TS] Pessimism is defeated and turns into Skepticism.
  • [TS] The Administrator explains his origins to a mysterious Kyurem.

June 13

June 14

  • [TS] Lisa attains her Persona, Fitchers Vogel.
  • [TS] The Old Chateau party finds an old book on Glitches.

June 15

  • Nandi and Ammy meet up again on the desert planet.
  • [TS] Chapter 1 on the Glitch book is read.
  • Chrome is interrogated by Kylo Robin, and Lina is revealed to have been Glitched into Hux Titania. Meanwhile, Unkar is revealed to be an agent for the First Disorder with eyes on Nandi.
  • Dune discovers that his new Orre property might not be the best.
  • Jason battles Arthas, who turns out to have a Shadowed Efreet, who Jason snags back using the Snag Machine function on his new arm.

June 16

  • A mysterious figure appears in the Velvet Room and agrees to test the Contractors.
  • Zrone decides to shack up with Cid due to the scuttling of his base, and explains to him how he created his Administrator.
  • Arika breaks Chrome out of Glitch prison, and they manage to escape captivity.
  • [TS] Mondo inadvertently restores Kendall's speech.
  • [TS] Chapter 2 of the Glitch book is read.
  • [TS] The CU group solves the fourth puzzle, but fail the fifth, forcing them to fight the assorted demons.
  • The dungeon wheel manages to land right between Dune and Deziree's symbols, causing a dungeon split.

June 17

  • Raeburn obtains an Odd Keystone from the Underground, but finds himself unable to activate it at the Hallowed Tower at first, but ends up catching a Spiritomb anyway.
  • Shun meets Sholto in his human form, and gets transformed into a Magnemite by his weremon curse.
  • [TS] Deziree's group encounters the Nodes inside the Alpha Quadrant in her dungeon. They explain that she has two Shadows as a result of her human and mon sides forming to oppose each other. Meanwhile, Dune's group enters his dungeon, the Castle of Reflections.
  • [TS] Dune's group encounters a mysterious figure.
  • Arika ends up getting Glitched into a human/Metagross cyborg hybrid.

June 18

  • [TS] The CU group meets Hugin and Munin, who are kind enough to wait before battling them.
  • Ammy meets up with Arika and Nandi again, and after a First Disorder attack they make an escape attempt on the Chaletwo Pimp Ship.
  • [TS] Chapter 3 of the Glitch book is read.

June 19

  • [Meta] Father's Day.
  • Lane learns that Iggy's cooking skills... leave something to be desired.
  • Ammy and Arika manage to escape the First Disorder forces, only to run into Dave and Mia.

June 20

  • Ammy's group escapes the gangs out to get Dave and Mia, while the Deoxys they were smuggling ends up in the far past of the Yangverse.

June 21

  • [Meta] Summer Solstice in Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice in Southern Hemisphere.
  • Skye has no chill.
  • Erin joins up with Blitz and Kendall.
  • Hux and Robin report to Prometheus following the escape of Ammy's group, while the group in question heads to a mysterious forested planet.
  • Mezzo contemplates her own personal morality.
  • Pianis and co are recruited and granted Auric powers by Aurocalypse for... something.
  • Min hatches.

June 22

June 23

  • The Dreamtime group fights the Doomed District of Delirium.
  • Chelsea evolves into Dustox.
  • Ammy discovers that in fact the universe they're in is the OU, except somewhere in the extreme far past after touching the Tickets to Unova.

June 24

  • Lanie is now recovering after being rescued by Zeal, Sholto, Youta, and co.
  • Zoya explains to the futurekids the island's current situation.
  • Kylo Robin captures Ammy.

June 25

  • Jacob turns 22.
  • Draca deals with her own inner demons.
  • Dane encounters a young woman by the name of Alyona.
  • Lucius and Alice are ambushed by Batastrophe and co, and despite the best efforts of the new Auric Avenger, get captured.

June 26

June 27

  • [TS] Alonya agrees to help the futurekids in return for their help leaving Antumbra.
  • [TS] Alice approaches the CU group and tries to be friendly, but Jacob's response to her asking him to die for her forces them to fight both her and Mara.
  • [TS] Iggy semi-fights Mettaton-EX.
  • Crash's cub hatches.
  • Tagg uses psychometry on the Robojask shard obtained by Shun to figure out that the League of Darkness' place of operations is somewhere in the Battle Zone.

June 28

June 29

  • A rescue party gathers to go rescue Lucius and Alice, but are sytmied by the weather.
  • Mr. Smith explains to Lucius how he acquired Janis, before taking him to meet Blanche, a descendant of Lucanus' comrade Brandon who traveled 20 years in the past in order to marry Lucius and regain her family's lost honor.

June 30

  • Following the defeat of N1T3SL4Y3R, the base in the Battle Zone is raided by Lucius and Alice's rescue party.
    • After a standoff with the supervillains, Blanche activates the base's self-destruct sequence.
    • Embla attacks the escape tunnel group, while Logi attacks the hangar group.
    • Sholto manages to convince Iapetus to do a semi-truce and he goes to free Alice.
    • Embla is joined by a mysterious shiny Mew.
    • In the chaos Batatstrophe is injured by an errant Shadow Claw from the Mew, and Janis is freed from the Malamar's control, the latter's leaking psychic powers exacerbating the collapse.
  • The J-Team escapes with Lucius and Alice plus prisoners in tow, and they head for the Fight Area for the night.
  • [TS] The CU group battles Hugin and Munin.

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