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May 1

May 2

May 3

May 4

May 5

May 6

May 7

May 8

  • [Meta] Mother's Day.
  • [Meta] VE Day.
  • Rachel has an awkward Mother's Day talk with her and Dune's mother.

May 9

  • [TS] Balthazar evolves into Doublade.

May 10

May 11

  • Ever and Jacob have a talk regarding how their lives have been going recently.
  • Lane decides to enter his dungeon alone out of grief born out of being unable to help Tori.
    • Theo informs the rest of the CU group of Lane's decision.
  • Tagg has another legendary vision.

May 12

  • Lyuri turns 20.
  • Jason catches Deftarm.
  • Margaret manages to get Prowess and her Toxicroak back inside Sarah and Kieran's Mindscapes.

May 13

May 14

May 15

  • The Hearthome Contest gets interrupted by Batastrophe and Helion attempting to rob the place, only to be stopped by the J-Team members there.
    • Shortly afterward, the events are reported on the news.
  • Tagg gets news of a Glitch possibly inhabiting the Lost Tower.
  • Jastis gathers a bunch of futurekids together in order to decide how best to help their parents against the Glitches.

May 16

May 17

May 18

  • Jacob asks for Ren's help planning his and Hikari's wedding.
  • [TS] The CU group is forced to split up along three paths while searching for Lane.

May 19

May 20

May 21

May 22

  • Ryuko and Senketsu join Daydre's team.
  • Alice teams up with Lawrence in order to infiltrate the Neo-Illusion base in the Sinnoh North and rescue Lucius, who learns that a mysterious figure has taken an interest in him.
    • Lawrence reveals to Lucius that he only has around a year left to live due to overuse of his powers.

May 23

  • Lucius tells Sarah and Jacob about how he managed to get into his particular predicament, while Jacob tells Sarah about his history with Zrone.
  • Lazarus tells the J-Team about his plans for a possible Eclipse Robe, and how to stop him from using it.

May 24

May 25

  • [TS] DS and Maggie talk about the former's feelings about her long hiatus from the J-Team.

May 26

  • Tagg and Jacob talk about the former's PTSD.
  • Lucius meets up with Crewe again.
  • The CU group enters the Tree Manor.

May 27

May 28

Esprit does more research on Sinnoh legends, finding out about an old crown capable of mass mind projection.

May 29

May 30

  • [Meta] Memorial Day.
  • Maggie challenges Fantina for the Relic Badge.
  • Tagg and DS talk while on their way to the Lost Tower.
  • [TS] Sergey wins his Contest appeal.

May 31

  • Tagg's mons decide to try planning for his 25th birthday.

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