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August 1

  • [TS] The Serpent's Cage group is met by a quartet of hostile Gyarados.

August 2

August 3

  • Sarah challenges Palace Maven Spenser and wins after Ria proves victorious against a sudden appearance by Oblivia's Suicune.
  • [TS] Ask reveals to Yangverse!Xerneas that Loki has already acquired the Jewel of Life, and he informs the party about his true origins.

August 4

  • [TS] While trying to track down Waka to help figure out the power of the tickets, using the power of Gil's Natu, the group manages to figure out that he and the Ark of Yamato are in Phenac.

August 5

August 6

  • [Meta] Keys2tkingdom turns 33.
  • [TS] It is revealed by Sherles to Lillith that Thames stole copies of files pertaining to the Contractors during the attack on the Pyrite Police Station.
  • Ren turns 33.
  • Lillith informs Tagg about what happened the previous day, and he decides that while he'll inform the Contractors, to prevent Thames finding out he won't tell the rest of the J-Team.
  • [TS] Diane manages to beat Vierr in their fight.
  • Des catches a Croagunk.

August 7

  • Nothing much happened.

August 8

  • [TS] Sleipnir is defeated.
  • [TS] The Velvet Room attendants arrive to save the Contractors from Shadow Ren.

August 9

  • [TS] Yangverse!Xerneas explains that the Yangverse is starting to be subsumed by the OU, and attempts to contact the others stranded there via linking their psychic powers.
  • Due to Glitchiness, the Ridley battle resumes, then finally ends.

August 10

  • Newscasters report increased Glitchy activity in the Sinnoh North.
  • Marianne Heiden attempts to get Wilhelm to assassinate Lane and Samantha for being such thorns in her side.
  • The mecha group is attacked by ghostly Unown swarms.

August 11

  • [TS] After the Velvet Siblings defeat Shadow Ren with the combined power of their Personas, Ren attains his Persona, Abe no Seimei.
  • [TS] Tagg convinces the unglitched Westar to go join up with Crewe's organization.
  • During the Powersave Base battle Kylo Robin assimilates Hux Titania in order to become Neo-Grima.
  • [TS] The combined Yangverse groups find the Ark of Yamato sitting above a Glitched fallout bunker.

August 12

  • Blitz finds Myra inside a GameBoy playing Super Mario World.
  • [TS] Within the Glitched Ark of Yamato, the Yangverse party comes across a recording of Team Umbra's encounter with a Glitch inside the fallout bunker.
  • [TS] The Contractors fight Fenrir, only for him to get mysteriously defeated by a massive steel hand dragging it into the snowy abyss.
  • [TS] The party finds Yangverse!Darkai and a Glitched Waka, the latter deciding to attack them.
  • Robin, following a brief struggle with Dave, is freed from his Glitch corruption.
  • Iggy catches Pillion.
  • Zoe and Revan talk following her sparring session with Seth.

August 13

  • [TS] After being freed of Glitchiness, Waka explains Team Umbra's circumstances to the party.
  • [TS] Tagg and Eugene figure out that Loki wishes to use the Cathedral in order to realize his plans of getting rid of humanity.
  • [TS] Eskay confronts Sarah over the Purple Sword, and ends up losing his Heart of Gold as a result of infuriating Ho-oh by using his Rainbow Wing for such a petty purpose.
  • [TS] The Contractors in Dune's Dungeon fight Ymir.
  • [TS] Upon reaching the Cathedral, the party fights not only Loki, but also his minions, the Order's Chosen.
  • Dave and Robin are transformed into a Palkia and shiny Rayquaza via the power of the Tickets and the reality warping power of Powersave Base to assist in its destruction, while Arika's party discovers that Prometheus was actually Lina all along.

August 14

  • [TS] The battle between the Order's Chosen and the Yangverse party continues.
  • Glitched!Lina explains how Hux Titania was merely a glitch mote of hers containing a portion of her consciousness, before transforming into a new form.
  • [TS] After Loki seals off everyone from Blitz and Ask after his other allies are defeated, the former's Mew powers come back, and they have a duel.
  • The Oblivia Beasts appear in Pastoria.
  • The Contractors in Deziree's dungeon fight Glasyabo.

August 15

  • [TS] Loki is defeated upon the Jewel of Life being restored by the power of the Cathedral's Aura Nexus, and the Yangverse visitors are sent back to their home universe, while the Aurocalypse party is stripped of their Auric powers.
  • [TS] Blitz discovers that they may have suffered some side effects of their transformation.
  • [TS] The Yangverse visitors settle back into things in their home universe.
  • [TS] Lina becomes a viral Groudon through the power of Lovecraft's racism.

August 16

August 17

August 18

August 19

August 20

  • [TS] The Glasyabo is revealed to have taken elements of an old experiment idea of Deziree's known as "Kecleos".

August 21

  • Sarah turns 19.

August 22

  • Sarah and Lucius talk about Kieran.

August 23

  • [TS] Chrome and Arika ask Dune and Deziree for advice.
  • Jason's egg hatches hatches and he names the Pichu Zero.

August 24

  • News reports cite Glitch activity at Snowpoint Temple.

August 25

August 26

August 27

  • [TS] Ho-oh decides to take a vacation from legendary duties.
  • Efreet tells the story of his and Undine's original namesakes in Ransei.

August 28

August 29

  • Lucius meets up with Lissa again.
  • Beekay uses Robin's phone to summon the J-Team to a meeting held between the Stormchaser and Ark of Yamato.
  • Ren reveals he has earned his required ribbons to participate in the 2017 Sinnoh Grand Festival And has earned the Coal, Forest, Cobble, Fog, Mine, and Fen Badges offscreen.

August 30

  • [TS] The meeting continues.

August 31

  • [TS] Ho-Oh's meeting continues.
  • [TS] Ren informs the group about the Contractor's adventures in the CU.

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