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The Johto colony branch of the Owsla is a branch of Nidoran patrollers roaming that colony's outskirts and keeping order, moving all around in areas such as Rt.34, 35 and 36, and sometimes Goldenrod City and Rt.37.

Comprised of mostly Nidorino and a few Nidorina, the Owsla is a police force (a secretive order in the Alternate Timeline) whose members are tasked with keeping the exploring kits safe and in order, defending the colony from predators, and providing other specific services to the colony in times of need.

The Owsla are led by a three year old Nidorino named Hamada (in the AU they are led by Vinollo).

Original Timeline

In the original timeline, the Owsla comprise the mostly peaceful police force of the Colony, who roam around each ring of the forest in vigilance for possible threats which include predators and human intruders. They operate under the sunlight but always hidden by the shadows of trees and bushes, hence they are majorly unseen by humans (and thus don't register as mons available in Rt.35 or Rt.36). The police force is comprised mostly of Nidorino, though since the Kanjoh Arc they have started taking females into the force.

Owsla patrols roam the forests in groups of two most of the time, with the partnering usually remaining constant during a season but subject to change by mandate of their leader.

The Owsla have a special once-a-semester training schedule in preparation for the seasons of more activity. Regular activities involve sprinting across the edges of the colony, in particular the south and west edges as they follow the path of eg.: the Magnet Train, and battling sessions in the eastern mountains.

The policing of the forest has been grossly surpassed at least once, during the Team Rocket campaign in Johto where many Pokémon were captured. However the inner rings of the forest remained secure.

After Silent was assigned to field duty for PEFE research, the Owsla chose one among their own to follow him as a team member per divine mandate (which they interpreted from friendly seers from Ecruteak). Maekrite earned the position, though he is not the only member known to be in away duty.

While not officially Owsla members (at least onscreen), both Teala and Pierce have received the full, ISO standard Owsla training regime under supervision of Maekrite.

Known Members

Alternate Timeline

Besides the Nidoran Army, which is a AU!only addition, there is a “secret” group of Nidoran guarders who roam the colony either alone or in groups of two or three, and carry out missions on their own or in behalf of the Breeding Cabal, either inside or outside the Colony. These are called the Owsla and are considered Nidoran “civilians”.

At the time of the events in the AU the Owsla is comprised of about 20 basic-morph Nidoran and up to 12 Nidorino and Nidorina, and is headed by a Nidorino of name Vinollo, with power and experience approximate to a in-game level of 35 plus knowledge of forgotten (ie.: Gen1 and Gen2) TMs and breeding moves. Vinollo operates usually alone and is also equipped with military-grade armor.

The Owsla are organized in six ranks with different attribution as follows: Rank Level Range Attributions (including lower ranks unless noted) Techniques Available (including lower ranks unless noted) Maestro 35+

   Use of Horn Drill at their own discretion.
   Use of specialized elemental armor. 

   Double Edge 

Veterano 30~40

   Given command of team missions in the City.
   Can execute traitors or prisoners to the Colony.
   Can nest in Ring-1 or deeper. 

   Horn Drill, if their level allows for it.
   Mimic or Facade according to their personality.
   Hidden Power and Natural Gift.

Guerriero 30~35

   Given command of team missions outside of the Colony (except in the City).
   Can equip item-wearing armor.
   Can be given direct training by Silent.
   Can choose their own partners in team missions.
   Can be assigned protection of a Breeding Cabal member. 

   Use of the Elemental Beams.
   Counter and Beat Up.
   Honing of the Rivalry Ability.
   Return or Frustration if have belonged to a Trainer.
   Forgotten techniques such as, Bide and Substitute. 

Discepolo 25~35

   Can equip items for missions.
   This rank and above are unavailable for the basic morphs.
   Can be assigned protection of lore keepers and elders.
   Can opt out missions inside the Colony. 

   Teaching to survive and interact in human environments in the city.
   Take Down.
   Rock Smash HM. 

Milite 25~30

   Normal mission attributions.
   Is allowed to patrol Rt. 35 and 36 on their spare time.
   Assigned protection of Berry trees. 

   Cut or Strength HM according to their location and experience.
   Use of sneaking moves. 

Assistente 18~25

   This rank and below are unavailable for the evolved morphs.
   Can explore the city and the National Park under supervision. 

To be completed Servitore ≤20

   Normal mission attributions.
   Acts as messenger between members of the group.
   Can nest in Ring-2 or deeper. 

To be completed

Royal Evolution couples, when active, are considered honorary members of the Owsla with an automatic rank and attributions of Guerriero plus the attribution to execute intruders at their own discretion.

Known Members


Terio was a low-ranking Nidorino in the Owsla by the time the second attack on Goldenrod happened. His expertise in battle was good enough that he was sent as the head of the operation where Silent disabled the invading Zoroarks's Illusion ability city-wide. He, along with two local mons, held off enemies at the lower floors of the Dept. Store.



Oénan is a Nidorina hailing from high north in Rt. 36. She is ranked as a Milite by the time after the Scolemis war, and assists her superiors by gathering with mons of various species and sharing information with them as well as coordinating various efforts.


Serbia (no relation to the country) is a Nidorina who watches over the kitten troops roaming in the city during the human festivities they like to take part into, such as New Year's 2012. She was also tasked to send offerings to the mons taking care of Icelus's political campaign.

Known Missions

For each mission, the post number, mission leader, result and losses (members/allies) are listed.

  • Capture of Luke (#????) (????, success, 0/0). Executed peacefully.
  • Extraction of Silent during the Goldenrod Takeover (#???? ()Maekrite, success, undetermined losses).
  • Extraction of Nurse Joy during the Goldenrod Takeover (#???? )(????, failure, undertermined losses).
  • Extraction of Bill McKenzie during the Goldenrod Takeover (#????) (Roa, success, 1/4).
  • Extraction of a Magnet Train operator during the Goldenrod Takeover (#---) (????, success, undetermined losses).
  • Extraction of a Magnet Train operator during the Goldenrod Takeover (#---) (????, failure, undetermined losses).
  • Offscreen Undetermined Extraction.
  • Offscreen Undetermined Extraction.
  • [Unofficial] Torching of the Dept. Store (#????) (Maekrite (Silent), success, undetermined losses).
  • Cleansing of Silent's cave (#---) (????, cancelled, no losses).
  • High-profile Execution of a high-rank enemy member during the Poison Deluge attack (offscreen, time-shenanigan) (Vinollo, success, no losses).
  • Poison Storm assistance to Army troops on the city shore (#????) (Andes, undecided result, 5/undetermined).
  • [Unofficial] Extraction of Rt.34 refugees by the east (offscreen) (Vinollo, success, no losses). Executed alone.
  • Lore examination of the Bell Tower (#---) (Hyzenthlay, cancelled, no losses). Leads to discovery of the Oblivia Gerbil Trio.
  • Vigilance of emissaries sent to Rt.32 (#????) (????, success, no losses).
  • Takeover of Goldenrod Dept. Store for a later mission (#????) (????, failure, 2/10+). Failure sets up the next mission.
  • Sabotage of Zoroark's Illusion ability over the city (#????) (Terio (Silent), success, undetermined, heavy losses).
  • High-profile Execution of the enemy handler in the city (offscreen, time-shenaniganed) (Inka and Baluarkos, success, undetermined losses).
  • [Unofficial] High-profile Execution of Napoleon (#????) (Vinollo, cancelled, no losses). Within the context of a raid with 12/100+ losses in Relic Castle.
  • Other missions.

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