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December 1

December 2

  • [Meta] Fifth Day of Hanukkah.

December 3

  • [Meta] Sixth Day of Hanukkah.
  • [TS] Ginny evolves to Galarian Rapidash.

December 4

December 5

  • [Meta] Eighth Day of Hanukkah.

December 6

  • [Meta] End of Hanukkah.
  • [TS] Glastrier Battle.
    • Tagg has his mons create three rings of fire in order to bind Glastrier, allowing Calyrex to get the reins around them.
    • Tagg explains how the second Reins of Unity were created with Crochet's help.

December 7

  • [TS] Glastrier agrees to join the Legendary Council.

December 8

  • Nothing much happened.

December 9

  • Tagg realizes he still has some Legendary stuff to take care of.

December 10

  • Nothing much happened.

December 11

December 12

  • Ian forms a Star Confidant with Meloetta.

December 13

December 14

  • [TS] Chiyo, Tagg, and Abe talk, the latter going over his backstory, before he agrees to help out with the School.

December 15

  • [TS] Chiyo and Tagg discuss Louise and personal philosophy.

December 16

  • [TS] Following the ensuing battle Victor escapes with Kai's Rainbow Wing, causing her to chase after him with Pursuit.

December 17

December 18

December 19

  • [TS] Kai is attacked by the Puppeteer Templar.

December 20

  • Nothing much happened.

December 21

  • [Meta] Winter Solstice in Northern Hemisphere, Summer Solstice in Southern Hemisphere.
  • [TS] Shadow?Revy is defeated.

December 22

  • Nothing much happened.

December 23

  • [TS] Ramona tells Paula the story of a date gone completely wrong.
  • [TS] Mansion Raid.

December 24

  • [Meta] Christmas Eve.
  • Silas and co raid Tobias' hideout, who is revealed to have created a blade capable of slicing through his other self's beskar.
  • [TS] Ian texts the J-Team for help with Jigsaw.

December 25

  • [Meta] Christmas Day.
  • [TS] Silas is kept alive by the very sword he was stabbed with, and returns the favor by removing Tobias' left arm, winning the fight.
  • Hoops discovers their mother may not have been alive in the first place.

December 26

  • [Meta] Boxing Day.
  • [TS] Anna theorizes that she may be the result of hallucinations backed by Hoops' low-level Auric powers.

December 27

December 28

  • [TS] Henry is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present.
  • [TS] Hoops is met with the cognitive version of their father.
  • [TS] Locke meets his own Ghost of Christmas Past, taking the form of a certain Shaymin.

December 29

December 30

  • [TS] Mask Raid.
    • Daydre and Aislinn are disappeared down a trap door into the basement.
    • Chiyo is forced to fight Ynos when talks break down.
  • [TS] Locke is accosted by Yvonne.
  • [TS] Louise tells Kai why they're sparing them.

December 31

  • [Meta] New Year's Eve.
  • [TS] After Louise tell Kai to find Chiyo, has Louise injure them in order to sell the masquerade, they get attacked by Nitrogen, only to be rescued by Vierr
  • Tagg and Chiyo think about the following year.

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