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July 1

  • PEFE B group heads to PEFE Mainframe and they meet a Porygon.
  • Pent recieves a gift from Gino for his birthday
  • Wolf and DS meet up with Luna, Zero, and Hax in Treasure Town.
  • The PEFE B group meets Linux, another Porygon.
  • The PEFE B group gets the mainframe started back up, but unknown to most of them, a virus is being loaded onto it.

July 2

  • Some of Every and Onion's mons make and play around some snowcastles.
  • The old AI of PEFE in PMD-B, PEFeDOS comes back to life when the group restores the mainframe.
  • PEFeDOS imprisons the people and mons in PEFE B in Relaxation vaults, while other mons around PEFE are forced to go through Test Chambers.

July 3

  • The PEFE B people get split up, and sent into their test modules.
  • Tagg notes that it's his worst birthday ever.
  • The RtDL group is attacked by an Escavalier. It knocks Mezzo and Every out.

July 4

  • Testing in PEFE continues
  • The RtDL group continues exploring White Wafers. They are joined by AU!Eskay
  • Mezzo, Every, AU!Eskay, and their mons end up in a battle with Pianis, his mons, and Dedede.
  • Cirno and Mezzo evolve.

July 5

  • Test chambers 4A, 4B, and 4C start.
  • Treeo gets worried about his daughter(Nazz))
  • Prolio joins the RtDL group.
  • People begin to enter the fifth level Test chambers-
  • Tracer meets up with Lake and Stratus in Module D.
  • While trying to fix her laser canon, Jemma falls into an internet scam set up by one of her competitors in world domination, Mina.

July 6

  • Test chamber 4A and 4C are cleared.
  • Tracer's group escapes PEFeDOS and goes into the inner workings of PEFE. There they try to sabotage PEFeDOS.

July 7

-Tracer and co. try to reach PEFeDOS, but she traps them in a glass chamber.

-PEFeDOS moves the chamber right to her chamber and tries to kill the group using Nidotoxin and turrets, but none of them are working due to the sabotage.

-PEFeDOS is replaced by Cornn as the AI.

-Cornn takes over the facility and drops several mons deeper into it

-Eskay, Psyche, Trip, and thier mons are teleported to Altomare in PMD B where they meet up with Umbra and Lina.

- In Treasure Town,Straw, Salamence, Fortis, and some of Umbra's mons meet another trainer from the OU named Fal Shilde.

July 8

  • The mons dropped in PEFE land in what appears to be the old part of PEFE.
  • Straw's mons meet back up with Straw and meet Fal.
  • Salamence, Straw, and Talon meet Eli the Butterfree in Treasure Town
  • The RtDL group defeats the Sigilyph in Interdimensional Space for White Wafers.

July 9

  • Psyche and Eskay have shardport problems.

July 10

  • A Mysterious Feraligatr later named Toothy meets the RtDL group.
  • Several people start to go to Amp Plains for various reasons.

July 11

  • Team Normal and Straw's team encounter the feuding Luxray and Manectric tribes in Amp Plains.

July 12

  • Straw and Team Normal split up and go to see the Luxray and Manectric tribes.
  • Lake and Stratus fight a holgraphic Mewtwo.
  • Salamence meets her reflection.
  • Abby and Rojos meet Peter the Leavanny♀, who explains about how Gothyrd became ruler of Slateport, and Akorithi his wife.

July 13

  • Psyche and Eskay shardport all over-

July 14

  • Tagg views a holotape recorded by his AU self
  • PEFeDOS starts to regain control

July 15

  • A Typhlosion, Gallade, and Bisharp obtain the Havoc Robe
  • The RtDL group proceeds further into White Wafers
  • AU!Eskay and Toothy leave White Wafers.
  • The peoplemons still trapped in Old PEFE explore it further, eventually finding a dock.

July 20

  • Tagg and co decide to go to Angela after hearing the last of AU!Tagg's recordings.
  • AU!Eskay evolves into Ninjask and a separate Shedinja.

July 26

July 27

July 28

July 29

  • Lake teaches Luke how to use Bubble Shield while Stratus spends the day drinking Oran Juice at the local inn in shame of having lost the previous day's eating contest.
  • Lardna's group in Angela manage to drive a colony of mutated Kecleon away from the Boneyard Fortress and into some guns, but not without some trouble.
  • Tagg managed to threaten Kenji into being a spy against Gizmo following his botched assassination attempt.
  • Abby, Kat, and Rising Star meet Gortwog and deliver Mynisera's letter.
  • Shahinne's birthday is celebrated with a tea party organized by Fortis.
  • The 7JD have a meeting.

July 30

  • Abby's group gets the letter from Gortwog, who reveals that Hoenn's Cubone are descendants of the Sevault tribe.
  • Tagg's group uses Kenji to get the drop on Gizmo.

July 31

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