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May 1

  • Deziree returns to the GM House.
  • Something in Clavis Villa makes a disturbance. As a result, Ren inherits his father's 11 Z-Crystals, although the Normalium Z has been cracked.

May 2

May 3

May 4

May 5

May 6

  • Nothing much happened.

May 7

  • Tagg is revealed to have taken the Wela Volcano Park trial offscreen.

May 8

May 9

May 10

May 11

May 12

May 13

  • [TS] Hajime battles Totem Lurantis.
  • The Wimpod decides to stick with Ludmilla.
  • Coyote informs Deziree that he's willing to help her and Dune against their mutual enemy, The School, as long as they tell him stories.

May 14

  • [Meta] Mother's Day.
  • Foudre gets warned about the King of the Apes.
  • Tagg and co take on the Lush Jungle trial.

May 15

May 16

May 17

May 18

May 19

May 20

May 21

May 22

  • Sylvaine is nicknamed.
  • Shaun discovers a letter from his past self explaining his self-induced amnesia.
  • Team Asimov sends out invitations to their base.
  • Ren challenges the Abandoned Megamart trial.

May 23

May 24

  • [TS] Shaun defeats Olivia.
  • Ludmilla is trapped within a dream by Beryllium.
  • [TS] Operation Dragon Slayer begins.

May 25

May 26

May 27

  • Maggie defeats Olivia, Tide evolving into Empoleon in the process.

May 28

May 29

May 30

May 31

  • Mendel reaches Alola and is informed by Igor of a focus he needs to find in order to track down the next Guardian, figures out who following several days of searching, and contacts the other Contractors, Tagg, and Psyche about it.
  • Ren and Kitsune meet a Brionne on Route 16.
  • Forte refuses to kill the Glitchvee, and as a result ends up inside a dimensional rift of stairs.

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