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November 1

  • Sakura and Blitz have a talk regarding the latter's insecurities.

November 2

November 3

November 4

November 5

  • Duke and Blitz talk about taking on a Pokemon League.
  • [TS] Umbra reveals more about Shadedrake's past history.

November 6

  • [TS] Ren challenges and defeats Glacia and Drake.

November 7

November 8

November 9

November 10

November 11

  • [Meta] Veteran's Day.
  • [TS] Zinnia steals Ren's Key Stone out of his Mega Cane.
  • [TS] Slouch and Tagg meet up again.
  • Bluebell finishes the MAD, starting Chapter 1: "I Once Was Lost".

November 12

November 13

  • [Meta] Friday the 13th.
  • [TS] Crow loses his Key Stone to Eskay in the ensuing scuffle.
  • Tagg is asked by Steven to meet with him and Mr. Stone at Devon Corp.
  • Steven and Silent meet at the former's house.

November 14

  • The Stones inform Tagg of a meteor on a collision course with Earth, and the J-Team starts a hunt for Meteorite Shards.

November 15

  • More of the J-Team learns about the killer meteor.

November 16

  • Part of the J-Team starts converging on the Granite Cave.
  • Robin and Sawtooth meet Zinnia in Granite Cave and start battling her.
  • Yveltal and Waka both take the form of Sephiroth to troll Mezzo.

November 17

November 18

November 19

  • [TS] Robin eventually defeats Zinnia by Mega Evolving Mayor, and is rewarded with a particularly large Meteor Shard by her, but she absconds before Robin can glean any information from her.
  • [TS] Alexander appears.

November 20

November 21

  • Mendel and his group are revealed to have gotten some help with their Meteorite shard hunt from a Cleffa-line Colony at Mount Moon.
  • Kaguya Joins Mendel's Team.
  • Hajime turns 16.

November 22

November 23

  • Efreet and Undine encounter old Elemental allies Shadow and Volt.

November 24

November 25

  • [TS] Prof. Cozmo tells Team Delta about how the meteorites will be used.
  • Maggie's group finds out about Gloomtail desiring revenge on them for the defeat of his sister.

November 26

  • [Meta] Thanksgiving in the United States.
  • Jacob sends people Thanksgiving letters.

November 27

November 28

  • [TS] Levi decides to give Steven Stone a piece of his mind regarding his grandfather's actions at Sea Mauville decades ago.
  • Gloomtail is felled by Nico's mons after he injures Maggie.
  • [TS] Dvorak evolves into Sceptile.
  • [TS] Eskay gets beat down by Xander for creating abominations.

November 29

November 30

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