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March 1

  • [Meta] Beginning of Women's History Month.
  • Following a brief confrontation with the local Impidimp Line mons, Star and her mons are deposited before the Galarian Rapidash and Niniane at the Gloaming Glade, who mention that they'd been expecting Star's arrival.
  • Kim battles Allister for the Ghost Badge.

March 2

March 3

  • Star uses Aura Sense while assisted by the power of the Gloaming Glade's Aura Nexus for the first time.
  • [TS] Gale is informed about Tagg's victory over the Galar League in the form of her sponsors wanting her to battle him.
  • Tagg informs the rest of the Thieves about a new Mementos target, a racist Unovan politician.

March 4

March 5

March 6

  • [TS] Jagger evolves to Galarian Linoone.
  • As Star attempts to get back in contact with Tagg for help with her newly discovered powers, the Metaverse app appears on her phone.

March 7

March 8

  • [TS] Kim catches Grohl.
  • Some of the Thieves enter Mementos to track down Lambrakis' Shadow.

March 9

March 10

March 11

March 12

  • [TS] Mementos.
    • Most of the Helhounds fuse into another demon, which is then identified.
    • Hel erects an ice wall to separate Tagg and Daydre from the rest of the party.
  • [TS] Pef and Ever defeat Raihan, Glimmer evolving to Lampent in the process.

March 13

  • [TS] Mementos.
    • Following Marie as Hel taunting Tagg and Daydre with racial epithets, the former snaps.

March 14

  • [Meta] Pi Day.
  • [TS] Mementos.
    • Tagg attains his Initial Persona, Azumi-no-isora.
    • Tagg and Daydre defeat Hel, while the others dispatch Abaddon.

March 15

  • [TS] Mementos.
    • The Thieves obtain Shadow Marie's Treasure after she decides to turn over a new leaf.
    • They then start trying to decide whether or not to bother tracking down Ian and Kim.

March 16

March 17

  • [Meta] St. Patrick's Day.
  • [TS] Daydre mentions to Megan that she has relatives in Galar.
  • [TS] Tagg starts showing Star how to activate her powers.
  • [TS] Mason is revealed to have a Key Stone with matching Garchompite.

March 18

  • [TS] Tagg starts giving Star a brief overview of Auric abilities.
  • Ian and Kim are accosted by numerous demons.

March 19

  • Kim and co are attacked by a Morgrem and Galarian Rapidash duo.

March 20

  • [Meta] Vernal Equinox in Northern Hemisphere, Autumnal Equinox in Southern Hemisphere.
  • [TS] The Shadows choose to attack Ian and Kim after finding their explanations for being in Mementos unsatisfactory.
  • [TS] Hatty goes over her backstory before the fight begins.
  • Hoops, Ian, Evelyn, and Arachna-Guy thwart Malacostra's museum heist.

March 21

  • The Albrights discuss the impact the J-Team and its predecessors have had on the world.
  • [TS] Kim and Ian start awakening while surrounded by hostile demons.

March 22

  • Strummer and Grohl evolve to Amped Toxtricity and Flaafy respectively.
  • Kim and Ian attain their Initial Personas, Triton and Cu Chulainn.
  • Jane and Stephanie catalogue the gemstones taken back from Salem during the latter's failed heist in Wyndon's Natural History Museum.

March 23

  • Nothing much happened.

March 24

[TS] After Star picks up on his emotions, Tagg gives a rundown on how empathic powers work.

March 25

  • Nothing much happened.

March 26

  • [TS] Star reveals to Tagg that she's obtained the Metaverse app, and he explains the workings of the CU to her.

March 27

  • [Meta] First Day of Passover.
  • [TS] Star decides she wants to join the Phantom Thieves.
  • [TS] Grohl and Strummer defeat the opposing Fairy-types.

March 28

  • [Meta] Second Day of Passover.

March 29

  • [Meta] Third Day of Passover.
  • [TS] Mementos.
    • Ian and Kim choose to spare a surviving Pixie.
    • The two decide on their codenames.
  • On the 10th anniversary of 'M's death Tagg revisits the Grey Ruins with his Galar and Unovan mons.
  • Evelyn, Kim, and Hoops proceed to have a three-way battle.

March 30

  • [Meta] Fourth Day of Passover.

March 31

  • [Meta] Fifth Day of Passover.
  • Hoops flashbacks to meeting Evelyn eight years ago.
  • Gabrielle talks to Luca about him joining her small group.
  • [TS] Silas ends up in the world of Resident Evil 2 for April Fools.

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