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April 1

April 2

  • [Meta] Seventh Day of Passover.
  • [Meta] Good Friday.
  • [TS] April Fools
    • Katsuragi thinks that Gale telling him to stop is the result of coercion and attacks, controlling some of the guards to do so.
    • Steve and Alphos successfully convince the Muse to come back.

April 3

  • [Meta] Eighth Day of Passover.
  • [TS] Kai discusses figuring out a way to hide using the ambient Aura field.

April 4

  • [Meta] Ninth Day of Passover.
  • [Meta] Easter.
  • [TS] Max!Stein is defeated.
  • Katsuragi is caught by Kamui using a 19th Century archaic Poké Ball.

April 5

April 6

  • Silas and Roxy meet Tobias, a Silas from another universe claiming to work for an alternate Kai, and claiming that the J-Team is a threat.
  • Rakash meets with Ian and Kim about their involvement in the CU.

April 7

  • [TS] Rakash invites Ian and Kim to join the Phantom Thieves.

April 8

April 9

April 10

April 11

  • Daydre asks the rest of the J-Team for help getting her belt Auric Medium from Ama fixed.
    • It's discovered that Silas may have made it in Ama's future.

April 12

  • Scarlette and Reaver brainstorm how best to take on Apex, before busting in to rescue Igneous.
  • Silas and Alice discuss the Casino raid and how best to deal with Delta.
  • Tagg reaches the Isle of Armor, and alongside his mons meets Rakshasa the Kubfu.
  • Gale invites her fellow League Challengers for a banquet in Hammerlocke.

April 13

  • Rosemaster hammily goes to the bank.
  • Memito Movie
  • Tagg battles Mustard for an audience with the Two Masters.

April 14

  • Tagg and co are brought to the Kubfu Village.
    • After being introduced to Masters Li Jing and Xuannu, Tagg is tasked with helping Rakshasa achieve his full potential in return for getting them to join the Legendary Council.
  • Silas fixes Ama's medium belt for Daydre.
  • [TS] Scarlette and Reaver defeat and nearly kill Apex, but the Genesect manages to get away.
  • Scarlette informs the rest of the J-Team about what happened.

April 15

  • Gale asks Takcorian for help with the feast.
  • [TS] Gale asks Tagg if he's willing to battle her for the Championship match.
  • Daydre encounters the girl she met at the Turffield gym being interviewed by a reporter. Her name is revealed to be Aislinn as she makes a rather unique request on live television.

April 16

  • [TS] Daydre figures out how to create Constructs, and that she has an odd detection ability.
  • Ian, Kim, and Star end up in the Velvet Room.

April 17

April 18

  • Nothing much happened.

April 19

  • [TS] Hoops challenges Bede for the Fairy Badge.
  • Velvet Room.
    • Igor has Caroline and Justine fuse some demons into the trio's new sub-Personas.
  • Gale challenges Raihan for the Dragon Badge, while Emerald appears at the Black Beautifly.

April 20

April 21

  • [TS] Hoops loses to Bede and decides to try replacing their current team.

April 22

  • [Meta] Earth Day.
  • Gale stars her Hammerlocke banquet.
  • [TS] Shaun and Isbrand's League Challenge.
    • Isbrand defeats Shaun.
    • Isbrand defeats Leon and enters the Hall of Fame.
  • [TS] Mason is revealed to have some relation to Annoski as part of his genetic template.
  • [TS] Shaun reveals to Jessica that he's taken up a teaching job in Castelia.

April 23

  • Kim challenges the Ballonlea Gym.
  • Megan, Hiro, and Abeline challenge Raihan for the Dragon Badge, and win.
  • [TS] Memito OVA.
    • Scramble evolves to Drakloak in order to save Ever from going splat on Wyndon's pavement, and an actual Ever (?)'s soul is revealed to be following Muninn (?) around.
  • [TS] Mason escapes Bren by using the banquet as an excuse.

April 24

  • [TS] Memito OVA.
  • Evelyn has a vision of the future regarding Hoops.
  • Megan meets a mysterious fan.
  • Muninn (?) reveals he's from a universe where he managed to kill Ever and their team during the Orre Arc.

April 25

April 26

April 27

  • Nothing much happened.

April 28

  • [TS] The woman gives the Thieves information regarding her ex's whereabouts.
  • [TS] Kim defeats Bede.
  • Leonard catches Jules.

April 29

April 30

  • Rakash admonishes the newer Thieves for poor opsec before discovering that their Target's Shadow can't be found in Mementos.

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