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March 1

  • Nothing much happened.

March 2

  • Nothing much happened.

March 3

March 4

  • Nothing much happened.

March 5

March 6

  • Nothing much happened.

March 7

March 8

March 9

  • Daydre decides to indulge Neo with a Pokémon battle, which Didit throws.
  • Neo meets Kai again.
  • Didit explains how Neo's accelerated testing regimen was actually an Adelinde-inspired punishment.

March 10

March 11

  • [TS] The mysterious woman is revealed to have caught Ivy.
  • [TS] Risky explains her backstory with Akira and why she wants revenge on him for killing her uncle.

March 12

March 13

March 14

  • Ama and Strontium have a mother-daughter moment where the latter asks the former for a name.

March 15

  • Nothing much happened.

March 16

  • [TS] Beira evolves to Cetitan in the midst of Whitt and Hoops' duel.

March 17

  • [TS] Hoops and Whitt's duel ends in a draw when both are too injured to continue.
  • [TS] Mog is revealed to have caught an odd-looking Rowlet.
  • [TS] Olivia's group finds the Water Vellumental Temple.
  • Owen and Locke both independently decide to head to Galar.

March 18

  • Nothing much happened.

March 19

  • Oganesson, Astatine, and Krypton discuss the merits of children's television.

March 20

  • [Meta] Vernal Equinox in Northern Hemisphere, Autumnal Equinox in Southern Hemisphere.
  • The Freshman trio meets Mukon, a temporally-displaced traveling merchant.
  • Spenser tells Kai about how they became a chosen of Kyogre.

March 21

  • Cof decides to head out on their own to figure out how their Z-Move was pierced during the battle with Whitt.

March 22

March 23

March 24

March 25

  • [TS] Cassidy the Perfected unleashes their Persona.

March 26

  • Haru's Bibarel is revealed to have survived the massacre.

March 27

  • Brad figures out Tagg and Chiyo's plans with the cure.
  • Mukon reads the story of the Byakko of Hijoh.
  • Dr. Circhester challenges Mr. Tenor with subduing his Wyrdeer before he needs to sedate them.

March 28

  • Tagg uses a modified version of the Burst Heart ritual to draw out the spirit of Yan Yu from the Oracle Mask.
    • Yan Yu explains that the curse is out of her control and expresses her desire for her old partner.
  • Templars start making their way towards the Stormchaser.
  • Ronin, the future Cof plans to assassinate King Eran for the death of his father and enslavement of his person.
  • Chiyo and Louise's talk is interrupted by the arrival of Templars.
  • Selene finds Ludmilla in the aftermath of her tussle with Tanya.

March 29

  • Freshman!Molybdenum's Blipbug is revealed to have evolved to Orbeetle offscreen.
  • [TS] Mask Ritual.
    • Daydre offers to take the Mask, an action that Aislinn refuses.
    • Daydre attempt to take the Mask is foiled by Tagg modifying the ritual so that it binds her instead.
    • Daydre escapes by using a Poké Ball filled with seawater to wash herself and the mask away.
  • [TS] Templar Counterattack.
    • The Truancy Gang battles a second Hecatonchires.

March 30

  • [TS] Mask Ritual.
  • [TS] Templar Counterattack.
    • Brad arrives after the cyborg is defeated, revealing that he killed the New Century Cadmium.
    • Adrian is revealed to be Zee's primary template.
    • Dr. No Heart arrives and explains that he used a genetic sample from a Clan Anuenue descendant to create her, and that he plans on tracking down the Prime Node.
    • The Truancy Gang meets the Freshman Iridium, who is revealed to have Tagg as another template.
    • Iridium Jr. is convinced to leave by Ammit.
  • Ronin attempts to kill Eran, but fails, accidently killing Eran's daughter Selica instead, and he is shortly afterwards killed by Eran's guards.
    • Morrigan reveals that she was born from Selica's doll, bathed in the blood of both herself and Cof's.
  • Scarlette and Kai have a randomizer battle.

March 31

  • [TS] Templar Counterattack.
    • Daydre manages to escape with the Oracle Mask with the help of a now Togekiss The Punisher.
    • Tagg learns from Chiyo about the Freshman Class Iridium being derived from both of them.
    • Doc mentions his theory that Molybdenum enthralled Daydre during the base raid.

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