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April 1

April 2

  • The Truancy Gang plus Tagg arrives at the now abandoned Poni School facility.
    • Tagg figures out that Gallium sacrificed himself by using The Gates.
    • The group comes across a makeshift memorial made by an unknown New Century Class Batchmate, before entering the true lab.
    • Upon entering they are greeted by Boron's spirit, who ended up there after she died, and learn that other restless spirits haunt the facility.
  • Kendall [goes to Kalos] to fight the League there.

April 3

  • Kec goes to confront Zac Nolan again, while Hoops manages to evolve their mon form to Gyarados.
  • [TS] Poni Facility.
    • The group encounters the ghost of Oxygen, who reveals that he died due to one of No Heart's experiments.
    • The group encounters the ghost of Neptunium, who reveals that she was killed by the New Century Class Hydrogen, and that they and Ununquadium are possibly still alive.
    • Tagg puts to rest spirits encountered in the facility decanting room.
  • Ama and Sofia discuss the former's idea for naming Strontium.

April 4

  • [TS] Poni Facility.
    • The group encounters and puts to rest an amalgam of vengeful spirits.
    • Upon reaching the template room, they find out that the section housing Chiyo's template was inadequately destroyed, Ruthenium arriving to call off more vengeful spirits.
    • Ruthenium explains how she ended up back at the base and how she became an Yveltalist.
  • [TS] Olivia's group is attacked by origami Basculin.
    • Dicot is revealed to have evolved to Roselia offscreen.

April 5

  • [Meta] Beginning of Passover.
  • Dr. Coleman decides that they're better off abandoning the safehouse following Asclepius' failure.
  • [TS] Poni Facility.
    • Tagg and Ruthenium together put most of the spirits to rest, the former binding Boron to a piece of rubble.
    • Uxie arrives and directs the group minus Boron to speak with Tapu Fini in order for Boron to gain the means to help the others.
    • Chiyo and Ruthenium discuss their feelings regarding the facility, while Tagg and Chloe bury the hatchet.

April 6

  • [Meta] First Day of Passover.
  • Pat and Kris discuss heading to Paldea.
  • After meeting Hapu, the Truancy Gang plus Tagg enters the Ruins of Hope.

April 7

  • [Meta] Second Day of Passover.
  • Roxy texts the J-Team regarding the physical similarities between Gabe and the current CEO of Sakura Genetics.
  • [TS] Ruins of Hope.
    • Chiyo encounters the Sunazawas within Tapu Fini's mist.
    • Chiyo explains how she chose her surname.
    • Chiyo meets Curium within the mist.
  • Strontium takes on the name Lian chosen by Ama.

April 8

  • [Meta] Third Day of Passover.
  • [TS] The Truancy Gang meets Tapu Fini, who explains that they were the one who drove the School from the Poni Facility, and gives Chiyo a vessel containing their purifying water to use.
  • Tagg gets roped into playing chicken.

April 9

  • [Meta] Fourth Day of Passover.
  • [Meta] Easter.
  • Kris remembers their first kill as a Templar.

April 10

April 11

  • [Meta] Sixth Day of Passover.

April 12

  • [Meta] Seventh Day of Passover.

April 13

  • [Meta] End of Passover.

April 14

  • Nothing much happened.

April 15

April 16

April 17

  • Nothing much happened.

April 18

  • Nothing much happened.

April 19

April 20

  • Nothing much happened.

April 21

  • Tanya and Vulture talk regarding rivals after the former finds the latter effectively unkillable.

April 22

  • Nothing much happened.

April 23

  • Chiyo discusses recent events with Nicky and Kendra and her concerns about even being able to be a good parent, as well as her deciding to take on the island challenge.

April 24

  • Nothing much happened.

April 25

  • Chiyo is revealed to have beaten the Verdant Cavern trial offscreen, with Beremices spontaneously evolving to Maushold.
    • Chiyo challenges Hala in her Melemele grand trial.
  • Iridium is given an assignment to infiltrate Naranja y Uva Academy, with Lydia acting as her handler.
  • Ever explains to Herbert how Lace was formed from their cast-off emotions.

April 26

  • Nothing much happened.

April 27

April 28

April 29

April 30

  • Nothing much happened.

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