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August 11

  • Napoleon's forces move to take over Nimbasa, the Emboar managing to defeat MGMT.
  • Tagg and Luke decide to go to Hoenn to catch the "Gym Leaders" there.

August 12

August 13

  • Napoleon is informed about Die's mortal injuries by Fin.
  • The twin Taggs discuss their lives and the future.
  • The medic Audino explain to Anom about what's happened in the AU.
  • Crewe goes up against "Pryce", who happens to be actually Hecate. and gets her memories fully restored.
  • Mezzo gets her memories back thanks to a trap of Gamer's.
  • Napoleon offers to allow Die to die in comfort in his apartment, but instead takes him to be made into a fur coat.
  • Fool reveals that she was the one who got Anom jailed.
  • Anom and Every comfort Fool and Mezzo as they face what their AU counterparts did.

August 14

August 15

August 16

August 18

  • [TS] Lanius, Rommel, and Lelouch meet to discuss the invasion of Kanjoh and Hoenn.
  • It's discovered that the Gym Leaders are probably being held by a disguised Zoroark, and Zoroarks Red and Blue are recruited to help catch them in the act.
    • The Zoroark and his henchmen after being defeated are captured.
  • The invasion of Kanto begins with Lanius' forces making landfall at Celadon.
  • Rommel's forces begin the Johto invasion.
  • A wild Bulbsaur decides to try helping against Lanius' forces.
  • Doc tries comforting Fool after she has nightmares about her other self's actions.
  • Tagg's mons still at PEFE HQ learn about the invasion.
  • Lelouch's forces plow through Pacifidlog as they start their Hoenn invasion.

August 19

  • [TS] Red announces his intent to return to Pallet Town to defend it, and does exactly that.
  • Tangent and co discuss how to assist in repelling Scolemis forces from Kanjoh and Hoenn.
  • It's discovered that 60,000 casualties were the result of the first day of the Battle of Celadon, compared with 2,000 for Goldenrod.
  • Lake is visited by an feral apparition of himself.
  • The twin Mezzos [argue in their shared mindscape.
  • [TS] Tracer's mons learn about the invasion.
  • The Kanto liberation team reaches Celadon and gets to Tracer's house, only to find it occupied by the Celadon Murders.
  • The Kanto groups gets a Final Boss Preview of Lanius, and a plan is made to defeat Lanius by starving him of supplies.
  • Lake and co encounter Rommel.
  • Some of Tagg's old mons fight against the invaders.
  • The Kanto group is informed about a behavior altering spray.
  • Tangent enlists his parents to help evacuate Azalea ahead of Rommel's forces.

August 20

  • The imageboards do commentary on the past day of fighting.

August 21

  • The Kanto group assaults the Celadon Pokémon Center and liberates it from Lanius' forces.

August 22

The Oblivia Beasts explain the reason for Hearts having super empathy.

August 23

  • Iron Marrow gets a new bone during a Lanius ambush.
  • The Oblivia Bird Trio shows up to stop Lanius' plan to raze Saffron to the ground.
  • Helios uses the Heat Shield technique to immolate Lanius' Praetorian Guard.
  • The Kanto group engages Lanius in battle, and Tracer paralyzes the Samurott below the neck after the battle concludes as punishment for his crimes.

August 24

  • Mezzo and AU!Mezzo have argument inside their mindscape while sleeping.
  • Tagg, Tracer, and company return to the island in the middle of the Sea of Kyogre to offer the marooned Lanius troops two choices, assisting them in taking back Unova from Napoleon and Scolemis or being sent to Oblivia until the war simmers down.
  • Lelouch manages to find PEFE HQ completely by accident.
  • DS' team tells the story of what happened to her in the AU timeline. Unbeknowst to them, however, DS managed to survive and was merely locked in the legendary prison.
  • Napoleon's forces prepare to move on Lacunosa Town.
  • Every meets his doppelganger.

August 25

  • Lelouch Geasses Every into being silent for 24 hours.
  • Randy and Jeff along with their mons decide to return to Celadon to help with the rebuilding efforts.
  • Richard the Zoroark steals Tagg and co's portal equipment and makes them go into the massive storm drains underneath Celadon to get them back, where they run into several hundred of Lanius' straggler goons. After some moments of tension the same deal is made as with the island goons.
  • Mezzo, Shadow, and Sunny try to figure out how to get rid of Every's geass.
  • The decision is made to focus on trying to defeat Scolemis for the time being.

August 26

August 28

August 29

  • Napoleon finally meets his end at the jaws and paws of Kaijudreigon and the souls of the Midori Mons.
  • Kaijudreigon explodes after swallowing the attacks of Reshiram, Zekrom, and the J-Team members involved in the battle.
  • Tagg's mons find Neptune's Crobat, and they start making preparations to head back to Sinnoh.

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