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July 1

July 2

July 3

  • Tagg turns 20.
  • The group celebrates Tagg's birthday, somewhat.
  • Wolf offers DS to try the Armband, and they discuss her evolution.
  • Star and September visit the TM Stand.
  • Luke runs into troubles getting Wulfric and Flare to breed for Tagg's birthday.
  • Anom-in-Pokéform tries to convince the others that he wants a TM from the Stand.
  • As a result of his Ditto wrapping him and retaining some human DNA, Luke finds himself partially also the father of Flare's egg.
  • DS and Wolf have some alone time and discuss things such as spend some time as Pokémon together. During that conversation, DS evolves into an Espeon.
  • Zecora and Sol (at different times) come out to meet Espeon!DS.
  • Espeon!DS's powers go out of control; among other things she levitates Flare's egg out of her control and psychically blasts Maekrite.
  • Realizing Espeon!DS's presence, Mezzo puts Sunny on her head as a tinfoil hat.
  • A confused Maekrite attempts to Thunderbolt Espeon!DS, but Zecora contains the attack; when he latter tries to attack Flare and her egg, he is stopped by Zecora and Tagg's Eelektross.
  • Because of everything going on, Tagg leaves for the moment.
  • Algira, Teala and Audrey find their way to the WAAPT chatroom.

July 4

  • Sunny and Felis discuss being a top cat, in the sense of being a top hat.
  • After a wakeup argument, Nadia and Audrey have a small talk about feeling vulnerable.
  • Tracer 216 POST GET!
  • DS and Luke have a talk about the events of the last day.
  • Sunny and Felis discuss being a top cat, in the sense of being a top hat, and then have an argument over who is Mezzo's signature Pokémon.
  • With Ryder now also lost, Crewe sends out Izzie and Masque to join the search.
  • Tagg receives Flare's egg.
  • Luke finds out his next opponent is none other than Red. Tangent offers some help, as "Oak loves to rub his champion in our faces".
  • Tagg meanwhile finds out his next opponent is Blue GARY M*F* OAK Blue.
  • Velvet officially congratulates Flare for becoming a mother(-to-be).
  • Every still needs to sell 6 more TMs to get out of the TM Stand.
  • Silent goes to Every's TM Stand and gives Rufus a Water Pulse and Dig. He then acquires a Fissure and Rollout for Dintel plus a Grass Knot for good measure. He also gets an old, Gen-2 make Curse TM, but don't tell anyone, it's something illegal that Every would love to do something about when he can.
  • With all the necessary TMs sold, Every is free! And he calls the cops on the stallowner.
  • DS discuss her feelings with the group about the lost battle against Slouch and how she feels she could still be better by transitivity if he loses the next battle against Cynthia. The others commisserate as this is a normal feeling for Trainers.
  • Fool makes a picture with pebbles that imitates the Primal Dialga mural in Oblivia.
  • The group start preparations for a dinner.
  • Algira tutors Lake on Bubble Beam so he can impress Nadia (like IRL crocodiles do).
  • Dintel, dressed in a robe, reveals he has been taking an online course on gentlemanliness by Darach.
  • Tagg distracts (again) the same bystander who comes to try and catch Anom-as-an-Armaldo (again).
  • Tagg races Fool to the top of a hill. He loses. The two then dedicate to Cloud Painting.

July 5

July 6

July 20

July 21

July 30

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