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June 1

June 2

June 3

  • Nothing much happened.

June 4

June 5

June 6

June 7

  • [TS] Ira appears and the ritual starts.
  • Ryoma and Xander figure out that their Corrins chose Nohr and Hoshido, respectively, and they died during those scenarios.
  • [TS] Following the Victreebel's felling, Takumi evolves into Seadra.

June 8

June 9

June 10

  • Arthur gives Lane his Mega Pin.
  • [TS] Kai, Nix, and Brie find the Yato in the Castle.
  • Denali tells Lucius about himself.
  • [TS] Channah's mons go over the events of the final battle, while Ira is revealed to have ended up inside his sister's Mindscape.

June 11

June 12

  • Noelle and co find a note and Cosmog plushie from someone stating that they've taken Astral off their hands due to seeing the J-Team as too irresponsible to solve things.
    • She then informs the rest of the J-Team about it.

June 13

  • Alice, Kai, and Brie meet to resolve their romantic tension, ending in an open relationship.

June 14

  • Thanks to some jerk J-Team fans, Corrin goes on a rampage while in feral dragon form.
  • Channah sends some apology letters plus gifts to those involved in Room shenanigans, and approaches Tagg personally to apologize.

June 15

  • [TS] Azura manages to calm Corrin with a unique verse of Lost in Thoughts All Alone, before later explaining how people perceive them as fictional in this world.
  • The GM House is forced to deal with another Templar incursion, only for Dune to have to fight himself from another timeline after the Templars are taken out.
  • [TS] Tagg attempts to try telling Channah his feelings, but fails.

June 16

  • Forte meets Polly the Vaporeon User, and ends up teaching the class in order to obtain a Waterium-Z.
  • Tagg and Ever discuss the former's attempt at a love confession.
  • Corrin tells Mason about what happened at the con, while Mason tells her about Naminé joining his team.
  • Possibly Verax warns Tagg about the superbosses in Mobius and Iron's possession.

June 17

  • [Meta] Father's Day.
  • After apologizing to Mason for joining Iron in the first place, Alonya decides she wants to join the J-Team.
  • After meeting up with her again, Lucius tells Alonya about Shard destroying his arm.
  • Kai informs Alice about Lanie's survival after the latter is convinced of her death.
  • Evan is invited to join the Auric Avenger's group.

June 18

  • Deziree tells the rest of the J-Team about her encounter with the alternate Dune, or rather Derek.
    • Lilliana informs Kai that the Dune from her timeline parted with Deziree on bad terms following the birth of their daughter, before going on a spree of violent attacks on science facilities.
    • Dr. Mobius suggests finally dealing with the Criminal before having the two Dunes meet again.
  • An Alolan Vulpix appears and is revealed to be another Blazing Sigil character, Deirdre.
  • Arvis tells Gogie about why he's awkward around his brother.
  • Tagg welcomes Alonya into the J-Team.
  • Diz is defeated.

June 19

  • Leeya shows Tagg the node she obtained from the Glitchy Victreebel, which Alonya theorizes may have something to do with Izaya, before going over what she knows about him.
  • Beep-O informs the Bwahliance that the ruins of N's Castle are currently haunted and Rabbid infested.

June 20

June 21

  • [Meta] Summer Solstice in Northern Hemisphere, Winter Solstice in Southern Hemisphere.
  • [TS] Levi reveals to Lucius the fact that he's a Kyogre.
  • [AU] Team Locke meets Sigurd.
  • As Scarlette meets back with her parents for the first time in a while, Rose meets her own sister Amy.
  • [AU] Deirdre and Sigurd join Gabe and Archer's teams respectively.

June 22

June 23

  • Tagg explains how Shadow Pokémon work to Channah.

June 24

June 25

June 26

June 27

June 28

June 29

  • Forte turns 19.
  • Nana goes to a Denali-staffed Ersatz Alliance.
  • Shutter arrives at the Lumiose City International Airport and speaks to a lady named Aphrodite, one of the backers of the Geographic Society's upcoming documentary series The Pokemon Trainer; he introduces himself as the director and cinematographer for the episode on trainers responding to extradimensional anomalies.
  • Bathory evolves into Zoroark.
  • Mason starts working on a plan to escape from the Macraul Family.

June 30

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