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Since headcanon docs are becoming a thing, I'm writing mine here. There will (eventually) be a Spanish translation at this page.


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Geography and Geopolitics

  • The Pokémon world's planet is somewhat larger than Earth and has three or four major continents and several chains of islands. Unova, Orre and Angela are all in the same continent.
  • The regions of the first four generations are split across two archipelagos: Hoenn (plus other islands) and Kanjoh + Sinnoh (plus other islands).
  • The regions of G1-G4 comprise a political ring / confederation, of which there are many in the world acting more or less like the concept of "sibling countries".
  • Unova and Angela are part of another political confederation.
  • Citizens can for the most part move freely across members of the same confederation, although it is recommended Trainers at least register themselves with the local scientific authorities when doing so for management of their team of Pokémon.
  • Large portions of the world are mostly devoid of tracer of advanced human civilization (urbanization, mostly) and are instead part of wild "Pokémon" nations. One such example is the wildlands directly west from Olivine City, Johto.


  • Each evolutionary line is a single species. Genus might be tied to egg groups.
  • From a biodiversity standpoint, humans are the aliens, having been brought from somewhere else in the universe.
    • My fave cross-franchise interpretation: the SDF-3 (from Robotech), that was rescued from the Neutron-S black hole by Arceus. The humans we see would be the far descendents of the ship's crew.
  • Extra-planetary mons:
    • Clefable line are adventurers and traders who go around collecting "primeval rocks" for worship, including Moon Stones.
    • Lunatone and Solrock are species of unknown origin that drift across the Solar System.
    • Elgyem line come from very far, from a planet thought to be Mercury-like.
    • Deoxys is a virus originated from somewhere that migrates from mon-world to mon-world siphoning the same types of energy that comprise the Jewel of Life; it is, in a way, a JENOVA variant (or depending on multiverse interpretation it might be JENOVA itself).
    • The Latii were also originally aliens from a world with more water, but have adapted to living in this planet.
  • Arachnids, arthropods, molluscs and fishes from our reality are more or less a thing that exists. Plankton as well, and of course various kinds of vegetation.
  • [PEFE] Nidorina can breed perfectly and do that a lot, thanks. Nidoking is (mostly, in the wild) infertile instead.
  • Espeon and Umbreon are considered "feline" mons.
  • Leafeon and Glaceon are considered "canine" mons.
  • Due to the heavily skewed gender ratio in the wild, female Ninetales actively compete for mates and disputed between longlived females become basically witchcraft duels to the death.
  • The "head" in a Girafarig's tail is pseudo-sapient (it has enough sensitive capability for the individual to "fake" it being aware).
  • During solstices and equinoxes, Solrock and Lunatone sometimes become comatose or inert for unknown reasons, and wild ones tend to disappear or fly high to the atmosphere.
  • [Tagg / Pikaninja] Urnagrigus are a thing (of the past, for the most part, but still a thing).
  • [PEFE] Pokémon tend to not mate outside their species, and even in the rare case where they do, they usually stay within their egg group (obviously) and body shape. So, no HSOWA.
  • There are likely only a fixed amount of Golett / Gollurk in existence, with the original procedure to create them lost to time and efforts to produce them artificially ongoing. It is also rumored that a device exists that can control all Golett and Gollurk at a time.

Moves, Abilities and Stuff

  • (Tagg, partly) Pokémon can learn more than four moves, though it can be harder for them to use a move that has been in disuse for a long time. Unique moves are something that is fairly common, ranging from the fantastic to the mundane.
  • The Hidden Power type a Pokémon is born with is not exactly random; among others, Latii can predict calculate the HP a Mon will be born with.
  • "Breeding moves" are actually a mixture of two concepts -- moves for which genetic disposition is passed down (such as developing a omnisac with better fire handling from a Fire-type's genes) and communal tutoring in areas where Pokémon of different species live together.
  • Stantler can have the Illusion ability.
  • A lot of stuff from the TCG are things, such as Crystal Type, the Lost Zone and Pokémon EX / Lv.X.
  • IQ Skills are a thing as well, although in a far more limited manner. In general a Pokémon specimen can only exercise one or two skills from their IQ Group during their lifetime.
  • Weather moves and stuff like Trick Room are nowhere as common and easy to use as the games have it, even as TMs. In particular, because of the amount of power required to exert a consistent effect on a large area, they are functionally charge moves.
  • Within a very close and tightly defined range, about an extra 15% of the Pokémon's surface area, Electric-type moves are almost instantaneous instead of just "slow arcs of light".
  • Limit Breaks / Overdrives / Quickenings of various characters in-RP (or in-fic):
    • Nihilist!Tagg: Gabranth's Quickening from Dissidia; complete with Concurrence: Black Hole. (video)
    • Jemma: Shantoto's Skillchain: Fusion from Final Fantasy ⅩⅠ / Dissidia; selecting one elemental attack in order of Fire, Grass, Water, Rock, Flying and Electric from each member of Rex's (or Silent's or Faith's) teams.
    • Alduin+Tiamat: Golbez's Twin Moon from Dissidia; Twister from Tiamat + Draco Meteor from two of Alduin's heads. (video).
    • Maekrite (with Silent and AU!Basket): Desperado from Dissidia 012; a volatile citrus, Poison Sting and EX Mode.
    • Audrey: Aura Storm from the Smash Bros. series.
    • Shahinne (future/adult): Wishing Star (+ Hyper Beam as Holy?) from Dead Fantasy. (video at ~3:50).
    • Rosary (adult): Gestalt Drive from Final Fantasy ⅩⅢ / Dissidia, with Fury Cutter for the sequence. (video).
    • AU!Inka: Ashe's Quickening from Final Fantasy ⅩⅡ.
    • Squall: Renzokuken of course.


  • Most regions have either a monarchic or democratically elected government; most other forms of government are simply not sustenable in a world of Pokémon.
  • A region's E4 fulfill functions similar to that of Section 9 in Ghost in the Shell, basically "public" specialized police.
  • The Pokémon verse has more or less a common language, which is probably something constructed and regular like Esperanto or Ido. However in speech regional languages are preferred.
  • [WAAPT / Tracer] Blitzball, the sport from FFX, is a mostly mon-driven sport in the Pokéverse.
  • Under certain conditions, trained Pokémon can earn their own wage and acquire goods by contract of law. Most of those conditions involve service to other Pokémon living in its immediate society / environment, such as housing stray mons or assisting in a Pokémon Center.
  • Conversely, under certain conditions a human might be accepted as a "citizen" of a mon society, up to and including having their own burrow and having a clearance to hunt. Of course they also have a "citizen"'s responsibilities, such as helping keep other of their "new species" out of predators's way.
  • Psychic Pokémon serving with the police can not scan a subject's mind by themselves - they can only do so under supervision by either another Psychic Pokémon serving to the subject's defendant lawyer, or by a Psychic from the ADA approved by law.
  • Some human-shape or high-thought Pokémon lines such as Abra and Riolu are allowed to own land in a joint contract.
  • The predominant means of medium mass transportation are train (land), yatches (sea) and zeppelins (air), because trains are nostalgia d'awww and zeppelins make a setting awesome by default; yatches because people tend to stay at ports for long periods at a time.
  • [WAAPT partially] There's no Dark-type Gym. Anywhere. Probably there hasn't been any for a long time. All potential candidates who attempt to launch an official Gym suffer various misadventures that prevent such Gyms from becoming functional. The reason behind this is that someone, probably Annoski, put the concept of Dark-Type Gyms under a curse.
    • Of course, unnofficial Gyms are a thing in canon.
  • [WAAPT] The Gold Conference is a tournament between the four regions of the Kanjoh-Hoenn-Sinnoh political ring that takes place once every two years.
    • Recent champions include Agatha.
  • Of all the starters, Piplup wins the most popularity polls and has the most adoption events. Despite this, of the first 4 generations, Totodile and Chimchar are the most common ones in active status.
  • Hoenn was among the first regions to launch campaigns denouncing the discrimination towards male Kirlia. Kanto followed against discrimination against female Machoke.
  • [PEFE, partially] Among some Pokémon that no Trainer under the age of 13 is allowed to have unless by a special permit are: Fossil Mons, Scyther, Pinsir, Porygon-2 and Porygon-Z, Flygon, Dusknoir, Absol, Drapion, Golett and Volcarona.
  • Killing a wild one of some rare Pokémon such as Ninetales (in particular if male) is a criminal offense that in some regions defaults to life with parole, with nothing short of a Gym Leader's intervention being able to change the veredict.
  • The Battle Frontiers are in a way counterparts to Gym Leaders and E4 who seek out primarily for their own profit and are not beyond political manipulation or hunting Legendaries to achieve it, but still do some social service and stay far within the law than eg.: Team Rocket. They are closer to what eg.: Enron and PG&E were than to a PMC.
    • One of the reasons why their base is a flying airship is to easily circumvent national jurisdictions.
    • Brandon has his own Golem Trio because he was assigned to capture them as a support for capturing and enslaving a Regigigas, which was then to be used as a WMD threat so they could set up their own country and jurisdiction.
    • Battle Frontier agents were the ones who gave Cyrus knowledge of the Red Chain under the table, as a means to test-drive technology to potentially enslave members of the Creation Trio.
  • Political borders are usually defined in terms of the borders of large wild populations, preserves, and critical topographical accidents (such as craters, ravines or mountainwalls). This is to prevent Trainers from using their Pokémon to house and move goods across disputed territory, be it by accident or not.

Trainers Drifting Around the World, Smiting Evil and Stuff

  • Alongside their starter, kids starting their Trainer Leave from school tend to receive as well a TM disc as a gift, with all students from the same class getting the same technique (depending on movepool availability for their Starters). Return happens to be the default / easy choice.
  • Trainers who beat their own regional Conference receive a one-year-valid invitation to face the corresponding Elite Four and the Champion in a prearranged event. If the Trainer is of at least age 16, has a record of exemplary service to the community and the police and manages to beat the Champion, he / she is offered the position of Regional Joint Champion.
    • Red is the only known exception to that rule, having been offered the position at age 12.
  • (Tagg) While actual Pokedexes tend to be rare, it isn't uncommon for trainers to have apps that serve the same purpose like the Strategy Memo from the Orre games.
  • Trainers usually have two "Journeys", the first at age 10 or 11 when they receive their first Pokémon, and is paid mostly by the state. Trainers at this age are expected to at least face and beat a couple of Gyms. The first Journey has a duration of about six months, but most schools allow well-performing Trainers to extend this leave for a whole year provided they continue their education remotely.
    • The second Journey is optional and usually taken at age 13-14. For the most part it tends to involve Gym Rematches and signing up to various small-time jobs such as road guard, escort mission or even Gym Trainer. It can last for one or even two years.
    • Unlike the first Journey, the second Journey usually has to be paid by the Trainer themself by means of winning matches and taking part in public competitions; or otherwise be paid by a legal tutor. Though if they do complete their rematches, they get a free entrance to the next national League conference, all costs paid.

History and Mythology

  • Historical records are kept either on infinitapes (becuase tapes are cool) or in archived printed form.
  • At the time of the events in Generation I the calendar is rolling around Year 3720. What event marked Year 0 is [REDACTED] however.
  • Up until their adoption as starters in some regions, pyrosacs from the Cyndaquil line were considered a delicacy.
  • [PEFE / WAAPT] PEFE as a thing. Its fic!verse incarnation is not as MegaCorp / Portal -ish as in WAAPT though.
    • [WAAPT, partially] PEFE was founded by Tangent, Tagg and Tracer (the "three Ts"). Silent, Anom and Jane were among the first wave of researchers to join.
  • Due to internal disputes over who gets to pet study Espeons, the Eevee article has not been released for 4 years.
  • Kanto was the first region to revivify a Omanyte. Hoenn was the first region to revivify an Anorith. Unova was the first region to revivify an Archen. Kalos was the first region to revivify a Tyrunt.

Ancient History

  • In ancient times, before Humans were brought into the world, Groudon and Kyogre periodically waged wars where they rallied marine and land mons against each other, with results that relatively often led to the extinction of one species or two per war and a fair bit of shaking of the landscape.
  • While the reason why humans were brought to the world is unknown, the official word of the Triforce Trio is that they were brought in to act as "gardenkeepers" in a world that had become too chaotic because of the heterogeneous nature of Pokémon.
  • [WAAPT] Umbramatic's Alakagross Civilization is (was) a thing, long ago; though they met their demise by a different (still related) chain of events.
  • Stantler and Manectric were among the first species to be actively domesticated by humans; whereas Growlithe and Glameow came along pretty much on their own accord.
  • In ancient times some Pokémon and humans made family together and somehow created mixed human bloodlines, which had access to variants of the natural power of Pokémon. This gave way to the eventual existence of Psychics, Aurics, Obscurics...
    • ...and the Harmonia Bloodline.
  • Knowledge of the WEPON that AZ had created some 3000 years ago spawned several territorial wars between humans and societal Pokémon, lasting well into some 1000 years before present time.

Recent History

  • There was a recent time where Aggron was the most common cause of human deceases in the age range of 12-15.
  • Humans have reached the Moon exactly three times. Half the other attempts have been cut to avoid being shot down by Rayquaza, and the other remaining half have resulted in the establishment of a small, semipermanent, low-orbit population.

Now-ish History (ie.: in-game chronology)

  • The awakening of Kyogre and Groudon was nowhere as jolly and peaceful as the G3 games make it be. Just like in the manga, they became fully awakened and had to be barely contained in a battle that lasted for weeks.
    • The warring duo were eventually stopped when Brendan helped heal Rayquaza who was at the time resting atop Sky Pillar.
    • The cities of Sootopolis and Slateport, as well as the settlements of Evergrande and Pacifidlog, were erased from the map.
    • The tally of casualties during the awakening reached the five digits for humans, and at least 400 000 humans and Pokémon had to be evacuated; thus this is considered the largest calamity in recent history.
    • The fossil Pokémon population of the Wales Island preservation -mostly Anorith and Lileep- was nearly exterminated, and survivors had to be moved to the Johto Safari Zone.
    • Slateport was quickly rebuilt from scratch; however at the time of G4 Sootopolis has still not been rebuilt as politicians are debating the senselessness of rebuilding a city within a now active volcano.
    • (WAAPT, partly) The Mt. Pyre caldera erupted during the catastrophe, causing a worldwide catastrophe as the ash cover circled the world twice and covered eight confederations.
    • The seismic activity triggered by Kyogre and Groudon would last for about eight years, leading to, among others, the volcanic eruption that eventually erases Cinnabar Town from the map.
    • Their engagement was also responsible for the eventual near-apocalypse of Alto Mare.
    • For their part in causing such a wide catastrophe, several high-ranking Aqua and Magma officers faced public execution.
  • After escaping Team Rocket and taking advantage of the chaos in the world during the G3 events, Mewtwo started a plan near the Sevii Islands to kidnap, clone and replace several key members of human and Pokémon populations to put himself at charge of the world. He was found and eventually stopped by Red who got the tip and a couple of assists from Arceus.
  • (WAAPT, more or less) The events of Cyrus's attack on the Triforce Trio and Dialga / Palkia open a path for Giratina to cross into the world; the local instability in time and space created by Cyrus however spawned a huge gravitational "Distortion" across central Sinnoh that lasted for about six days.
    • Given the events of G4 and their involvement in the attempted capture of Dialga and Palkia, the members of the Lake Trio got genre savvy; shortly after their recovery they ejected from their bodies part of the powers acknowledged in the 'dex, realized them into three special trinkets collectively called "The Triforce", and scattered them to the winds.
    • (WAAPT) For his involvement in the events of G4, Cyrus was banished to a special timespace loop prison, all for himself, of which Giratina keeps custody.
  • Team Plasbad Plasma and N's campaign for the liberation of Pokémon has been going on since a couple of years before the timeframe of G5 games, and has been much more successful than the games make it appear. Before the events of the in-game finale, N was to be invited to a United Nations conference.
  • At the overall timeframe of the main games, a couple of Legendaries are temporarily in possession of or officially siding with humans:
    • Red captured Mewtwo and has it confined somewhere deep in Mt. Silver.
    • Jimmy obtained and hatched Giratina the Second, who was eventually handed over to Cynthia.
    • While not made official, Rayquaza tagged alongside Brendan for a while after the G3 catastrophe. Together, they fought crime
    • N is officially recognized as Zekrom's trainer by the UN and by Zekrom itself.
    • As a means of atonement, Prof. Sycamore held temporary custody of Yveltal after the events of the G6 games to help it recover.

Notable People / Mons

  • The first Pokémon-ex in recorded history were a Luxray, a Salamence and a Gardevoir.
  • Oak was the Kanjoh Champion at some point, being the second or third person to hold the position before Red. Hence he was available as a battle in Gen 1 by hacking.
  • [WAAPT, Tangent / Rex] Giovanni is not dead. He took a graceful swan dive from Tohjo Falls that earned him a 8.8 from a random wild mon (who was consequently mauled by Nino, his Nidoking).
  • Steven is the actual Champion of the Hoenn League, but Wallace is officially running the position because Steven is too busy running special-ops, with a combat ability that is borderline Jack Bauer.
  • Cilan and the other C-brothers are not only members of the Shadow Triad, but they reached that position by "suiciding" the former holders of those positions.
  • No, Silver, Mars and Roark are not siblings, and most likely not cousins either. The imagery is cute enough though~.
  • [Fic, Dagzar's Mentor] Oak and Agatha were an item, and it is rumored they had a child.
  • Purple eyes is one of the most dangerous figures in the Pokéverse, for whom the International Police has issued both "kill on sight" and "flee at all costs" bulletins.
  • Wally is of Harmonia bloodline.
  • [WAAPT, partially] As a means to help funding and publicize his research, Professor Rowan guest-stars in police procedural shows on TV.
  • (Mezzo) Shauntal writes fanfiction. She also ships N with the Black/White PC (of either gender).

The "player characters"

  • Red (mons include Bulbasaur, Poliwag, Cleffa)
  • Jimmy from Legend of Thunder (mons include Cyndaquil, Sudowoodo, Weedle)
  • Brendan in a portayal closer to the Special manga (mons include Mudkip, Shiftry, Poochyena)
  • Dawn (mons include Chimchar, Bronzor, Shinx)
  •  ????/undecided (mons include Oshawott, Mienfoo)
  •  ????/undecided (mons include Chespin, Manectric)


  • CDs (or DVDs) are used for distribution of TM techniques as tutorials or... something.
  • For personal / persistent information storage, "infinitapes" using the same concept of the Pokéballs are a thing. Because tapes are awesome.
  • Porygon was a joint development between Silph, an important Kanto university and three other worlwide institutions. The project was built from scraps of an older project with the purpose of creating an easily adaptable POkémon entity that could assist in lower-orbit exploration.
    • Silph owns the patents and copyright of the AI code.
    • The older project Porygon was built from was a project to create an autonomous Pokémon entity that could live inside telecom and network transit, with the original codename being "Digimon".
  • Linux distributions are the dominant thing. They tend to have Ubuntu-like names. The following ones are canon in my fic-in-development:
    • Florencian Fraxure.
    • Iridescent Infernape.
    • Solipsist Sandshrew.
    • Uniformed Ursaring.
  • Despite the advanced state of SCIENCE and stuff, predictive models and speculation on areas such as meteorology and economics are as bad, if not worse, as in our real verse. Widespread adoption of Weather moves as TMs doesn't really help matters…

Legendaries's Stuff

  • Power Level of Legendaries: The power level difference between power tiers is abysmal when considered from a human scale. For the most part, any Legendary is at least two orders of magnitude above the power of a well-trained, fully evolved Pseudo; however, in the same way, the power levels of most Legendaries is highly situational.
    • Arceus is way wicked. If he didn't create the universe, he does still have power in a scale that would be considered divine even after humans's expansion of knowledge. Probably enough power to create a small galaxy or something. So no, he's not going to die from a space pebble to the knee, or from a cup of silverwater / asphalt. These rumors were probably originated from Mewian Zealots.
    • Rayquaza. Low-orbit Atmosphere. Solar Beam. PILLAR OF LIGHT DEATH FROM THE HEAVENS!
    • The equivalent of the Tunguska event in the Pokémon verse was Rayquaza trying his Solar Beam during a solar flare.
    • While Articuno is the most powerful of the three birds (Sheer Cold among other things), Zapdos is the one that wins most of their skirmishes, since unlike its counterparts it doesn't need to actually turn and aim at another Bird.
    • Mew bind their power to one attack per type to attain outstanding elemental control; in order to access other attacks of other types, they need to Transform into an adequate shape.
    • The Weather Trio are, in their natural state and power level, basically unstoppable for any human means and for anything other than another Legendary on or above their power level.
    • Regigigas is, when fully awaken and or accompanied by a Golem Trio, basically unstoppable for any human means.
    • In conceptual terms, the Triforce Trio members are unbeatable.
  • Worship of Legendaries: Not all Legendaries are "divine" or anything nearby, not all of them possess power "otherworldly" in a Pokémon context, and not all of them are revered as deities or devils of some sort. Most of them have some sort of usually positive net following worship.
    • The big exception is artificial Legendaries as they have been created very recently and their existence is either largely doubted or just glossed out as rumour.
  • Sliding Panel of Power Level cross Public Worship: given apparent (publicly known) power level and apparent (publicly known) worship:
    • Low apparent power level, low public worship: the Latii, Victini, the Gerbils.
    • Low apparent power level, high public worship: the Muskedeers.
    • High apparent power level, low public worship: the Triforce trio.
    • High apparent power level, high public worship: Ho-Oh / Lugia depending on locality, Arceus (duh), R+Z.
    • Negative worship: the Weather Trio (even worse after G3).
    • No known / apparent power level: Mewtwo, Celebi, Jirachi, Giratina (up to the G4 events), Zygarde. Arguably Unown.
    • No worship: Mewtwo, Genesect, the Golems and Meloetta.
  • Sliding Scale of Singularness versus The Chosen Many:
    • Totally ripping off Highlander: Arceus, R+Z, Celebi (multiple sightings are the same Celebi visiting from different timecoordinates), Mewtwo, Weather Trio, Victini.
    • Small, exactly countable amount of: Mew, Golem trios.
    • Small, changing amount of: Muskedeers, Mirage Birds, Gerbils.
    • Many: the Latii, Shaymin.
    • Truly many: the Unown (one for each consciousness that exists in the universe).
  • Sliding Scale of Gendered versus "Why do you try to categorize me like that, mundane creature?":
    • The Legendary Birds all identify as "female".
    • Dialga and Palkia "are", in a way, female and male respectively.
    • [An-chan & others @ Poké-community] Giratina "is", in the same way, "female" respectively.
    • Mew overall identify themselves as "male".
    • The Triforce trio are and consider themselves beyond the concept of a gender.
  • Slidig Scale of Deity versus Mundane:
    • True deities: Arceus, the Original Dragon, Unown.
    • Gods by any other name: the Weather Trio, Jirachi, R+Z.
    • More like angels or other kinds of godly servants: the Gerbils, the Muskedeers, Regigigas.
    • Somewhere in between godly and natural: the Sprite legendaries except for Jirachi.
    • Cryptids: the Latii; arguably the Golem trio; Zygarde.
    • Only slightly less mundane than a toothpick: Shaymin, presumably Genesect.
  • Legendaries as deities are not exactly "good" or "evil", they just fulfill a role beyond the scope of human lifetimes. For example, Regigigas sometimes has to move an entire continent, which could cause mass destruction and the end of entire civilizations, but has to be done in order to eg.: release pressure from within the planet core.
  • Sometimes a Legendary feels like having fun with their powers and just blasting stuff around for show, in that case they allow themselves to be caught by or merely accompany a Trainer.
  • Three Legendaries of the same Trio can summon all their power and unleash it against another whole Trio, which results in an "Arceus Exhalation".
  • For each soul or consciousness that exists or can exist, there is a corresponding Unown. Killing a Unown (in itself an incredibly roundabout task) kills the linked consciousness, turning its wearer into essentially a mere animal.
  • (Every) Unown can communicate with inanimate objects.

On how (not to!) battle against Legendaries:

  • Some trio members such as Articuno or Raikou can be defeated by a team of Elite or Champion level, or even Ace level, if the team is prepared enough and the Legendary in question feels like doing it for the art. If these Legendaries feel the need to be ruthless, it takes careful preparation and multiple teams that can fight for for enough time to tire them out if one wants to defeat them.
    • Attempting to fight any of the three birds in environments convenient for them is grossly recommended against. If feeling like just ending a battle, Articuno can whip out a snow storm or an avalanche with enough reach that it could endanger nearby settlements and Pokémon populations.
    • Attempting to battle any of the three Legendary Beasts in an open space? You will be lucky if the battle lasts more than three or four "turns" before either your team is wiped out or the Legendary in question simply turns tail and disappears.
    • Made worse because Entei is somnambulist.
  • Members of the Golem trio can be sensibly held back by synchronized teams of Ace or above level, as these Pokémon are not very smart or cunning; still, it takes a team of Elite level or above to actually knock them down.
  • Regigigas is a different story. When not carrying out a Divine Command (basically Arceus's direct order) and still under the effect of Slow Start, it can be held back easily by a Champion level team making good use of the terrain and status attacks. When Slow Start's effect is over and a Divine Command is activated though, Regigigas is unstoppable by all practical teams usually achievable by man, and it takes military or Legendary intervention to slow it down.
    • Or a high enough ledge, at which point Regigigas will probably spend some time thinking if to find a way around or if to flatten the landscape a little.
    • If Regigigas were to assist itself by taking control of a Regi Trio, you and your military have two choices: unleash all your fighters onto them and hope that you can disable the Trio and maintain the attack for long enough for the Divine Command to pass, or just stand aside and let them do as they please.
  • It is very unlikely that Pokémon such as Lugia, Cresselia or Reshiram could be sensibly defeated by a single trainer; however, these Pokémon enjoy the human style of one-on-one battling and challenges, more than they like going into wars, and thus they conduct battles very ceremoniously and fairly. Still, it takes an Elite or above level team to sustain persistent damage from their attacks for more than a couple of minutes.
    • Outright defeating a one of these Legendaries depends completely on whether the Trainer knew in advance the kind of battle they were getting into.
    • Managing to tie or win a battle against one of these Legendaries can be kind of a cursed blessing - even though they'll reward you greatly, you might also become the focus of each of their counterpart's attentions, who will stalk you insisting on a battle.
  • Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza have the opposite behaviour - as primeval gods they love all out warring and dismiss the human style of challenge. Because their large-scale terraforming powers are slow to take effect though, it is possible for squads of synchronized Champion level teams to hold them back and defeat them if they act quickly and summarily. If these creatures go all out, nothing short of full-scale military intervention can hold them back, and once their powers are fully activated there's pretty much not stopping them.
    • Fighting Kyogre is very difficult to handle for humans as this Legendary prefers to battle at open sea and several hundreds of meters underwater.
    • When Rayquaza feels summarily disrespected, he usually issues a warning roar against the offenders, then proceeds to vaporize one of their towns or cities off the map with a single beam from above.
    • In general terms it usually takes another Legendary to be able to properly subdue any of the members of the Weather Trio.
  • The Triforce Legendaries are theoretically outside the capabilities of any team no matter their level to thoroughly defeat. They also take it badly to be faced by multiple opponents. However, it is possible to challenge them to battles and not having to suffer lasting damage if you can somehow prove to them that you are not doing it for your own profit.
    • Having assistance from two or more Unown multiplies the chances of defeating a Triforce Legendary about tenfold, because of their ability to interact more directly with reality that any normal Pokémon can and negate the Triforcers's interference on mind and spirit traits (memory-wiping, will-power, emotion altering, etc).
    • Because of their ability to link directly to emotions and knowledge, they are actually empowered by fighting "balanced" people. It so happens that psychopaths, amnesiacs or Trainers assisting themselves by an AI fare notably better when fighting them than a run-of-the-mill experienced trainer.
  • Latias and Latios are very definitively beatable in single combat, and they can be thoroughly defeated by an Ace or Elite team provided the Legendary does not take you by surprise and does not make use of their more mystical abilities.
    • The fact that it is them challenging Trainers instead of the other way around however means that battles tend not to happen outside of their terms.
    • While they are beatable on their own terms, never under any circumstance let a Soul Dew be a factor in the battle, under your or their possession. If a Latii feels like it has to take a Soul Dew from you, nothing short of intervention from another Legendary will save you from their many tricks - that assuming any Legendary would side with you at all.
  • The members of the Kami Trio can be fought and defeated by Champion level teams, but because of their link to nature any damage done to them is usually not any lasting. In case they need to be halted in a more serious manner, usually intervention at a social scale is needed, such as burning entire crops or leveling entire forests.
  • Single Mew and presumably Mewtwo could be, theoretically, held back and defeated by a Champion level team that had no glaring weaknesses and that had much experience in switching strategies in real time as well as fighting not only against the Pokémon but also against the background / environment. In practice however it takes at least a team including some Pokémon-ex to be able to fight against a Mew properly because of the sheer amount of moves and strategies they can pull off.
  • Celebi, Manaphy and Victini can be fought against and held back by Elite or Champion level teams with proper care not to induce their special abilities. They can also be damaged in roundabout ways just like the Kami Trio can, but given their power you have to pray that they will be weakened enough before they choose to react to your "cheating".
  • Jirachi can not be sensibly harmed directly without extensive preparation. While it is not an exceedingly powerful Pokémon on its own, it does store power for millennia at a time and thus requires special treatment in order to battle properly. In general, challenging a Jirachi requires months of preparation and picking the right time and place.
  • Of all the "sprite" Legendaries, Celebi is the one most likely to challenge a Trainer to a battle, if it (she?) does so, don't be any surprised to tie or even win, as the Legendary is probably comparing your battle information against something else across the timeline.
  • Challenging the Creation Trio directly is pretty much out of the question for anything short of entire teams of Pokémon-ex, unless these Legendaries have been tremendously weakened beforehand, and even then if they decide to use their more mystical abilities it's an instant Game Over. Fancy Mercury three minutes before the Sun goes supernova? Because that's where and when they'll banish you if you annoy them enough.

On dealing with Arceus:

Don't make me laugh. Or, let's see, do try.

Even assuming the godly figure decides to scale power down to the level of lesser Legendaries, you are fighting against a creature that has at least twelve times the vitality and stamina of any of the Creation Trio members, can change type at will and near-instantly, can reshape and mutate energy of any time in the ambient, can know any and all of your planned strategies in advance and can, if feeling irked, just take the elemental energy from any moves your Pokémon use or even from the Pokémon themselves and banish it, or them, to the "Lost Zone", the nonplace of uncreation, forever.

When feeling vicious, Arceus can wipe the floor with Mewtwo or the Creation Trio in under a minute.

If you do perform well enough against Arceus in a prearranged battle and you show to be the right kind of person, though, you might just be lucky enough that He lets you keep one of His Elemental Plates for a long time which can even be your entire lifespan; heck, he will probably even let you choose which one. If He wants it back you better comply though.

Because of Arceus's special abilities it is considered that nothing short of a Trainer with a squad of 20-something Unown and deep knowledge of the Divine Command language could be enough of a match at full force, and even then each move would be at a scale of "who gets to build more of a new planet / solar system before the other wipes it out".


  • Splash does do something. And it would do damage. You just don't get hit with it because you see it usually being used on land.
  • Teleportation tiles do not make you do the swirly dance, it's just an optical illusion due to the way they work, as they warp light in various directions and velocities until finding a "dimension-hole" path to the destination. You'll probably still feel nauseaous afterwards anyway.
  • The reason there are no (notable) firearms, no apparent city-leveling weaponry, and that conflicts are solved with card games Pokémon Battles first and foremost (even when it's a Rocket grunt trying to take your mons) is that some traits were removed from the human mindset by the Legendaries when mankind was allowed to roam free across the planet.
    • The net effect is that mankind in the Pokémon planet lacks some neuronal paths such as the "Lowest Common Denominator" / "do only the minimum effort" / "why don't you just shoot him" ones.
    • The myth of the "man of sword" is a tale of how these traits of human thought were removed; the Sword symbolizes the humans's greed and desire to secure their own welfare violently, as well as the knowledge of very advanced weaponry. The mon who appeared before the human and took the Sword away is Giratina, and it was for this reason that it was punished by Arceus.
  • There is an actual effect where, if you stay within a small determined area for an extended period of time (in the order of weeks at a time), you actually start ageing slower until you leave. It might be related to NPC-ness.
  • There are clear spots in cities and towns marked for usage as flying / teleporting hubs, in a similar way how in Golden Sun you can only teleport from / to specially marked locations.
  • [PEFE] Bulbasaur usually find employment / usage for theather effects.
  • [PEFE] Stowaway Entei!
  • [PEFE] Various in-popular-culture references in PEFE are also canon in fic!verse.
  • Some of the floors of the Cave of Ordeals in WAAPT-verse (subject to modification, of course):
    • Each one of floors 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 holds a Legendary of the Five Elements (Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy and Victini).
    • Floor 21: A team of random PMD-B mons led by Alastor.
    • Floor 22: A selection of 12 Ghost-type mons under command of Nox Giratina (all brought from an alternate timeline).
    • Floor 23: The out-of-universe-PEFE-approved Cynthia team from the Gold Conference.
    • Floor 24: Either Nix or Pleo in their infant forms, determined by the contestant's gender.
    • Floor 25: A Shadowified version of the contestant brought from an alternate universe; the scenario is Navel Island.
    • Floor 26: A horde of 195 Zubat.
    • Floor 27: PEFeDOS, assisted by a team of one brainwashed mon from every type.
    • Floor 28: The goddamn Batman Terry, with full access to PEFE HQ / Batcave equipment.
    • Floor 29: A squad of Marowak led by Hydreigon Marrow.
    • Floor 31: Forte's entire team; the scenario is the PWT stadium.
    • Floor 34: A horde of 325 Zubat / Golbat.
    • Floor 35: Inka in either her AU or fic incarnation; the scenario is a piece of a forest.
    • Floor 37: Two Metagross, a Spoink and four Girafarig, all holding a psychic invisible energy-reflection maze across the cave.
    • Floor 38: Xerneas and Yvelteal in a tag battle (so beating one of them suffices to pass the challenge).
    • Floor 42: A team of Lanius, Rommelperior and Napoleon in their AU incarnations.
    • Floor 45: Simply Roc; the scenario is Reichenbach Falls.
    • Floor 46: A team of a Luxray-EX in gold-plated armor and knowing Gadget Bolt a Salamence-ES and a Gardevoir-EX.
    • Floor 47: [REDACTED]
    • Floor 48: A single Unnerve Joltik with evasion attribute equivalent to an in-game of 512; the scenario is the WAAPT equivalent of Empyreal Paradox.
    • Floor 49: One kitten of each species of feline mon. And you are ordered to nom them to pass the test.
  • [WAAPT / Eskay] There is an actuall effect where people who wear any sort of headgear for extended periods of time during their lives, end up becoming heroes or otherwise being directly involved in heroic events.